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Space Cowboys (2000)
*sigh* Nothing new here. (Minor Spoilers)
8 August 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing that most critics are cynical these days, I'm utterly shocked that this film has been generally praised in both Internet and professional film reviews. While I admit that this film had a few good points, it seemed to have more bad points.

My main complaint is how completely formulatic this film is. As the astronauts entered their shuttle and gave a glance to the crowd, I leaned over to my friend and remarked, `Gee, I wonder which of these guys isn't coming back.' It's completely obvious. I wish the screenwriters had at least attempted to break the mold here and throw a few surprises at us. I must give a little credit to Clint Eastwood as the director, however. There is an interesting effect in the opening sequences in which he uses voice-overs to convince the audience that the young pilots are the same characters as the old ones. While this is a good attempt, it just doesn't work. Tommy Lee Jones' young character was particularly laughable. but nice try, guys. I think they must have realized that it wasn't really going to work, because they made every attempt they could to cover the mouths of all the actors.

Secondly, it seems like a lot of elements were just glossed over. For example, we don't really spend any time with the main character's wife. We meet her in the beginning, but then we don't see her again until the launch (during which she never says a word). It would have been interesting to know what she thinks about the mission. Is she excited for her husband? Is she nervous? How did he break the news to her? Does she not want him to go? Additionally, when a main character sacrifices himself, the film doesn't spend much time on his departure. At least the movie didn't create a typically sappy `goodbye' scene, but in a sharp contrast, the scene seems rather rushed. In fact, the whole space section of the film is rather rushed. And in the end, what happens to the `villains' of the film? Are they punished? Are they even exposed? There's no real pay-off there. (As a side note, why, WHY are NASA and air force guys always chewing gum in films?)

Final complaint, I promise. Why does Hollywood insist on bending the laws of physics and creating sound in space? Can't they find a creative way to deal with this? Let us concentrate on the silence of space for a change or allow us to listen to the film's score. With a film like Star Wars, sound in space is forgivable because the story is a fantasy. Here, we have a film that pretends to be based around scientific facts.

Donald Sutherland does an excellent job, thanks to his fine acting skills and the humorous dialogue in the script. There are some genuinely smart, funny moments in the film, but I'm afraid it just doesn't make a good film. I suppose the purpose was to create just a fun, entertaining film without anything substance. If you like those kinds of films, you'll probably really like this one. I haven't seen Armageddon, but if people consider this film to be significantly better, then I must NEVER see Armageddon!
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A Really Enjoyable Film
28 April 2000
I saw this film well over a year ago at The University of North Texas during a screening of independent films. The only reason I really went was because I was interested in film at the time and I heard the writer/director/actor of the film, Paul Feig, would be there to answer questions.

I didn't know anything about this film before seeing it. and I really, really enjoyed it. The film itself, in comparison to modern day films, is very simple. The entire setting takes place in one field. However, the four main characters within the field add an incredible amount to the atmosphere. Each character has a unique and creative story about why they are there. These back-stories, while far fetched, seem believable and understandable once you get to know the characters. Of course, at the end of the screening, Paul Feig was gracious enough to answer questions and talk about his film. I could tell he was passionate about his work and he seems like a really nice guy.

This movie is an excellent example of the "less is more" idea. It shows how a simple, inexpensive film can create something that is funny and emotional. I sincerely hope this film becomes widely available in the future so that more people can be entertained by it (and perhaps even educated.)

Andrew Langley
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