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important, moving experience
18 March 2002
this is a film which all australians, and everyone else for that matter, should see. it powerfully shows us just what went on, shamefully, for decades in australia - that children of mixed (aboriginal/white) parentage were forcibly removed from their mothers and made to live without their traditions and languages in state run settlements. the film successfully shows the heartbreaking consequences of this policy, but also, importantly, the strength of spirit and determination some people show in the most difficult of circumstances. rabbit-proof fence is honest, beautiful and ultimately shows the utter pointlessness and stupidity of racist laws and racism in general. such a pity that our current government will not acknowledge this fact.
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a moving film about life
10 April 2001
ever since secretly watching almodovar's strange and wonderful films on late night tv growing up, i wanted to see his films in the cinema. all about my mother gave me this opportunity. i don't remember having felt so moved by a film before, so involved in its characters and so swept up in its compassion and beauty. although there are typically melodramatic and tragic events involved in this film, it is ultimately an uplifting work which stays with you much longer than you would expect. with its mix of humour, friendship, passion, tragedy and strength this is a truly great film not only about women, but about life in general. for a film to make me cry, it has to be powerful and unique. i had tears streaming down my face as this film just really touched me. it is a generous, warm film with much to recommend it by.
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brilliant episode of brilliant program
5 April 2001
what can you say about hignfy? a lot. this video is testament to the unparalleled wit these men show consistently on one of britain's top rating shows. practically everything is perfect about the format: a simple and humourous dissection of the weeks news by the three regulars (angus, paul and ian) as well as two guests (here, neil and martin). the hilarious banter provided is admittedly sometimes scripted, however there are enough bizarre and clever impromptu moments of brilliance to hold the show together. basically, the reason for the show's greatness is the balance achieved by the three regulars. ian plays up to his "out of touch" role in terms of pop culture, whilst also providing excellent and witty observations about,in particular,politicians and the media(no surprise given his background with private eye).angus is very droll as the compere and delivers his lines in an understated way. both are consistently and rather amusingly sent up by the superb paul merton who usually attacks their somewhat upper or middle class backgrounds, whilst bringing to the program his own wonderful blend of deadpan, bizarre observation,and inspired, if lengthy, tirades. my only complaint is that, as an australian, i've only had the opportunity to see them on two videos (this one included),once when i was in london, and once when i saw merton on parkinson. in australia we were left with the at times wonderful but generally vastly inferior local version (especially towards the end) good news week. all i can say is if anyone gets the opportunity to watch this show on a regular basis - savour it.
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