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A reach out of the norm for me
27 April 2000
Normally I don't watch just any made for tv movie that comes on the tv. The only time that I do watch them is if one of my favorite actors is on it or if I have prior knowledge about a seemingly interesting plot line, but this movie was completely opposite. I was just flipping though the channels while I was bored out of my mind and saw what seemed to be a "perfect" family sitting down to dinner right in front of me so I watch it. Even though my perfect family analysis was wrong I just couldn't stop watching the film, (and not only cuz the guy who played Rick was fine)there was just something about this family that seemed real(maybe cause they are) and that was something that I love watching. Any movie that shows life as it really is and not how the writers or directors want it to be is worth watching. The acting is great in this movie, you really start to feel for this family. Well that's all I have to say, other then I was the first person to comment oh yeah! Ok BUH BYE!
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Where all your dreams come true....
27 April 2000
This was one of those movie, all is well that ends well. Totally predictable and completely lovable. This movie was added to my favorites list at the age of 8 because it showed someone who wasn't afraid to dream and had the courage to make that dream come true. I'm what people might call a dreamer and maybe that's why I like this movie so much, even now when I'm 16 it still tops my list. This shows a girl who gets the chance in life to do something many of us can't, live her dream. The acting was overthetop great acting with stand outs (of course the lead) Gabrielle Anwar, whom I have to say made the perfect Senora, and Michael Schoeffling, whom I would like to see some more of in the future (and not just because i enjoy watching him, he's so fine, for a guy who played a senior in high school the year I was born) not only does the guy look good, but he can't act. Now this, it you ask me, is a must see movie; so go rent it tonight. That's all, good night, and BUH_BYE!
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Trapped in a Purple Haze (2000 TV Movie)
Too Good For TV.
21 April 2000
Of course if you ask me Jonathan Jackson is the best actor out there, but that's not the point of this comment is it. I greatly enjoyed this most, despite the "storm watch" (that didn't come until 2:00 in the morning) which took up the last 2 minutes of the movie. I believe the acting and writing and everything was superb with the given time limited and "adult content" in which could be shown for a made for tv movie. This is a really strong plot in which they could haven't written more about (like more about what Max was like before, his relationship with his family, etc), but since they had to tell the story in roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes the decided to only use the basics, and in my opinion did a great job. Carly Pope did a good job at her character, and so did the Hanson family. Within 30 minutes you knew a little bit about everyone of them, and that made the story line much stronger. Jonathan Jackson has some of the best facial expression, the kind that shows emotion. He has this way of making you belive that he is that person and he by far is one of the best actors I've seen, but I've already said that haven't I. Well I could go on forever talking about how great Jonathan Jackson is, but who would want that. Buh-bye
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