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An amazing character study
14 July 2006
I recently saw a work print of this film, and it was simply amazing! The film walks a fine line between comedy and drama, with plenty of great laughs and more than a few unexpected dramatic moments (and one genuine tragedy!). This film is most definitely NOT your typical Bollywood film, and that's part of what makes it so wonderful! Mr. Dutt has made one of the most insightful character-study pieces of the last twenty years! The photography is beautiful, the editing is top-notch, and the performances are wonderful! Overall, this film is one of those rare masterpieces that only a select few will ever know about, much less see, and that's a greater tragedy than anything that happens in this astounding film. If you ever get the chance to see it, don't let it slip away!
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18 October 2000
I had a feeling from the start that this film would be amazing, but I had no idea just how incredible it would be!!! While I enjoy BATMAN BEYOND, I've never felt it was as good as the orginal BATMAN. But this film lives up to the name: it goes WAAAAAAYYYY BEYOND any BATMAN to date!!! I'll spare you the details on animation and voice acting (both excellent) and go on to what really makes this film: story!!! Never before has any adaptation on film been so daring, so bold, and so brutal!! If this film had been released theatrically, the perfect tag line would be "The Kid Gloves Are Off!!". If you want to see Batman being suitable for kids, watch the series(s). But if you are like me and love the comic, then this is your dream come true!! (And just between us, not even Denny O'Neil has ever tried anything as astounding as what this film has in store for you!!). Just hope that WB releases it uncut, because their planned edits will SEVERLY destroy the impact of the most pivotal scene in the entire film!!
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Japanimation for the whole family!
10 April 2000
This movie blew my mind!!! While Pokemon is a concept generally regarded as something purely for kids, this film (not counting PIKACHU'S VACATION) rates right up with such top-notch Anime as AKIRA, GHOST IN THE SHELL, and WICKED CITY. This film contains enough plot, excitement, suspense, action, tragedy, and redemption to appeal to anyone with the guts to brave the stygma of watching "a kiddie flick" and finding out for one's self how stunning this film truly is!! The only problem with the DVD is that it is not available widescreen!!!
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Tank Girl (1995)
studio ruins a great film!!!
10 April 2000
This should have been the best film of the year, but instead the bureaucrats at MGM/UA decided to let "focus groups" (ever notice how unclear these so called focus groups can make a film!?!) decide what worked and what didn't. That's when the studio stepped in and butchered Ms. Talalay's masterpiece! This film would have made so much more sense had the studio not changed the ending and left in the flashback scenes in their entirety (as it is, only one shot remained, and it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER if you're not aware of the BUTCHERING JOB the studio execs did on this film!!!). Still, this is one of the most original films I've seen to date, and think that it still deserves more credit than it ever got! Ms. Talalay and all did a stupendous job!
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