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Notting Hill (1999)
A pleasure to watch again and again
4 September 2000
This film is one of those where you can relate some of the characters actions to people you know. Spike plays his part perfectly and does exactly what you would expect. As usual Julia plays her part with both grace and style. She is so varied in her films, for those of you who have seen Erin Brockovich her role is a total contrast. The setting of Notting Hill was great, it is a location of contrasts and people and allowed the story to flow very well. This is a romantics film, which most of us are at heart. The plot is simple, easy to follow and this is one of those films you can watch again and again. Each time you can get something different out of it. I laughed more the third time, even though I knew what was coming. An excellent evenings entertainment. Highly recommended.
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Deliverance (1972)
7 April 2000
I watched this on DVD with high expectations. 'The duelling banjos' tune retrieved from the back of my mind. As I sat back to watch I was immediately hit with how dated the film was.

The scenery was great and when they get up into the wilderness to begin their journey and they meet the local boy with the Banjo that tune imediately gets into your mind. Unfortunately for me it is soon after this that the story becomes a little dull. Whilst the story was great back in the seventies it seems to have lost some of its appeal over the last few years. The river scenes make the film but the rapids seemed to be a little tame compared to how I remember them first time round. There is a certain rough quality to the film that makes it worth seeing at least once. The commentary on the DVD is worth watching just to understand how they approached filming in such a remarkable location.
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A wonderful journey
6 April 2000
I was captivated from the moment the film started. The music flowed effortlessly and the scene was set immediately.

Some people may be put off by the use of foreign language and subtitles early on in the film but I found this served to enhance the story and grab my attention even more. It reminds you of the true beauty of language and music and no matter what your taste you cannot help but to be drawn into the story.

The story follows the journey of the Red Violin from its creation and you really feel that something special is happening from the way the red violin is revered. The different people who come into contact with the instrument all have there own stories and you find yourself trying to guess how the Violin will affect them. Sometimes you are right and sometimes not.

Francois Girard has produced a wonderful film and the original score enhances this. This film is one that I will watch again and again and one that should be highly recommended.
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