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Maverick (1994)
Most underrated movie ever
7 December 2001
This is among Mel's best. It has absolutely everything you could want for a hit. Bert...I mean a multi-dimensional character that changes from humorous to serious seamlessly. Jodie Foster is an excellent faux-Southern belle. And James Garner plays the veteran lawman to the T.

This movie has humor, but not gross-out humor. The tongue-in-cheek, James Bond/Lethal Weapon kind of humor. Like Miss Bransford looking in both of their tubs to "compare" the two, without ever saying anything. It has decent action and suspense, and the last 15 minutes has more plot turns that most mysteries.

This is one of my personal favorites, one I can watch over and over again. I believe this gets none of the credit it deserves. It seems to have a stigma because most movies based on TV shows (i.e. Beverly Hillbillies) well, suck.
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Hey Dude (1989–1991)
a great show that brings back memories
27 May 2001
I loved this show. It had a group of actors that all played their parts well. The storylines were (usually) good and the characters were endearing. My personal favorite episode was the Capture the Flag one. I wished this show would have lasted longer. I remember getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch these reruns on Nickelodeon.
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simply magnificent
20 April 2000
This is the most warm-hearted story I have ever seen. A story that shows how much difference one person makes. A story that shows someone who is truly good-natured and saintly get something good for once. In this movie, good things happen to good people. The best Christmas movie ever and one of the best ever made.
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