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Personals (1999)
Why doesn't anybody know how good this movie is?
19 March 2000
A small, independent film, it's about a writer who spends more time womanizing than writing (Yoba, at his best), so he decides to write about that. His article--30 women in 30 days--is based on research in Personals ads. The movie's a kind of screwball comedy with a soul and brains. The succession of women he meets are all dressed to get laid, and all but one or two(esp. Dash, with a lot of exposed flesh) are strictly played for laughs. The comedy is real, to-the-point stuff, but peppered with pithy, truth-telling dialogue (bravo, Mike Sargent). Unfortunately, Yoba's best friend's wife is the only female who comes off as a fully realized character.
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