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Into darkness where only the bold will go
15 May 2013
Man what a few years of waiting can do to a person. Since Star Trek was rebooted to fun fan reaction and impressive box office numbers, we've waited for sometime 4 years to be exact to get a sequel. Well not only do we get a fully engaging sequel that manages to outpace and out excite the original, but we also get a movie that feels straight on like a Star Trek movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness tells the tale of James Kirk (Chris Pine), a man who feels that the rules of starfleet are and can be broken if it comes in the effort to keep his crew alive. When his last mission causes his immediate dismissal of his command of the Enterprise thanks to a report by Spock (Zachary Quinto), it sets into motion the idea of the basis of the story which ask "What would you be willing if confronted with your own end and how far would you go to protect your crew?".

This question plays off on the main story revolving around John Harrison (Bernedict Cumberbatch), who has as it seems on the surface taken an all out single war against the federation and with the echoes of 9/11 and the Boston Bombings hits closer to home with a lot of us.

What comes from there is a trek to the Klingon world of Kronos to apprehend Harrison after one of Kirks inspiration is killed. Form the moment Harrison is captured, the game is on.

This is a movie to me that does it all, it excites, it causes emotion and is one heck of a pretty looking movie (thanks to really well done CGI, thanks in part to ILM). It's the kind of movie that you go into knowing it looks good and then realizing that it delivers in spades thanks to all the cogs working together.

I give props to J.J. Abrams and the Writers for upping the ante and giving nods to earlier trek movies. This is a movie of the highest order and one of the best of the year.
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Furious 6 (2013)
In life Speed and Family are the two best things
14 May 2013
From the first frame of Fast and Furious 6 we realize that this is not really about a movie about heist and car chases (well okay it has this); no this is a movie about the depths you will go and the willingness to do whatever you can to protect family. Leaving off where Fast five left off, most of the characters are off on there, whether it be hanging in Tokyo, flying pretty ladies to manacu to making people feel low about there rough life to a new baby being born, the crew is in hiding and living the life abroad. It's at the point that the plot ramps up and we get a Dom Terretto going after a would be thief Owen Shaw ( a new type of villain) and trying to save the somehow resurrected Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) who has joined Shaw in his wanting to take over the world. Bring most people back from the Fast Five and you got yourself a movie. This movie isn't what I call the most coherent, it has issues and Owen Shaw's character is kind of one note, but this isn't the type of movie that you need to worry about great story. It's the type of movie that you go to watch and have fun , and watch the unbelievable happen. Everyone In this movie looks like there comfortable being there and seem to be having fun. It's what I would call an audience movie, the type of movie that feels In sync enough that everyone's on board There are plenty of laughs thanks to Tyrese and plenty of drama thanks to Toretto and Brian's relationship and history in the series. They pull together to do the subject justice. I don't want to spoil anything but this movie does lead up to a point that all the films finally have a connecting tissue and what you thought you knew with the bonus scene at the end will lead into an interesting 7th film. Lets just hope James Wan doesn't ruin the good will this series has gained.
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The Roaring Twenties old sport
14 May 2013
Yes this movie wasn't really a surprise to me, more of a oh it's another Baz Lurman film. One that seems to take all the kinetic energy and throw it in your face with a cannon. It's a movie like Speed racer that is full of high octane energy and cg on over drive. What makes this movie so well done and so interesting is it's take on the source material. The Story is well known and has been read by more people than seem to live on this planet. If you don't know well it's the story of one mans obsession to get back the woman he left behind and still longs for and the effects on the world around both of them. Now I haven't read the book, luckily it wasn't a required reading for me but I can see why this book is so well revered. It takes a topic like long lost lovers and throws in the roaring 20's and all that jazz. It makes you realize that even though the world around us changes, we all yearn for that someone and cling onto that perfect on the outside high culture figure. Whether it be Justin Bieber or Elvis or the Beatles or Hugh Hefner or Great Gatsby, all were loved and all were adored or still adored. It's in this fashion that I think Gatsby works well enough, it takes people that we can idolize and turns them against one another in glorious fashion. Now this isn't a perfect film and is extremely long for what is only a 160 page novel. It drags in spots, so much so that I was checking my phone. Some of the characters are great Dicaprio and Edgerton some are not (I'm looking at you Maguire). It doesn't mean there not good, just all not well cooked in the oven. With that though and with any Baz Lurman film, your going to get razzle dazzle and this movie does it well. It's fun to watch the drunken debauchery on the parties Gatsby throws and even fun to see New York Before a hell broke loose with the stock market crash. I think it would be fun to spend a day in this era of time. In the end The Great Gatsby is fun but not perfect. It's a movie that I enjoyed but won't see again.
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Jack Reacher (2012)
Tries to reach new heights but...
20 December 2012
This movie tries to reach new heights but It sadly doesn't come close to it. After last years resurgence of Tom Cruise thanks in part to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Paramount decided to take a script written by Christopher Mcquarrie and run with it, giving Tom Cruise the new term December's king. Thus Jack Reacher is released and suffice it to say two lightning in a bottles is not possible. First lets say that some of the action in this movie is fun, and entertaining but for the most part this is not an action movie, but a center piece on letting Tom Cruise play and outsmart the people that he goes after. It's not to say this is a bad movie, just not a very good one. The plot feels plodding, most of the characters seem wooden or are left with not much to do and the twist are so easy to figure out and so sloppily placed that it runs down a movie that should and could've been something unique and possibly fresh. Now I must note that this film, within the first 5 min sets up a scenario, due to recent events, might hit a little uncomfortable in the chest. Be warned that it will probably bother you a little like it did it's just coincidence and know that paramount is handling this movie the best way they can, with there marketing. From that I would recommend seeing this if you want a throw away movie, don't expect to see logic or excellent character study in this movie. What you get is a run of the mill, movie that tries to ape last years success with Tom Cruise.
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Rob Zombie presents his own fritz the cat.
11 September 2009
Okay we all know Rob Zombie and the way he films, it's all about the uneasiness of the situation, the excessiveness of it all whether it be extreme amounts of gore, language, nudity, fast paced cuts and over the top acting. It's nothing new going into the Haunted world of el superbeasto to think it would be anything different, I knew the moment I heard Zombie was going to do an animated film that he in fact was going for Cool World meets Fritz the cat. The man obviously loves his Woman in seductive form and he loves his exploitation turned to 11. Of course Haunted world is no different.

Now I won't sugar coat the movie, it's graphic, as graphic a comic movie I've ever seen, boobs pop up everywhere, people mutilate themselves and are killed in graphic ways, there's sexual situations at every turn and language so course that it would make a sailor curl in his boots. It's to be expected and to be honest it get's a little old after awhile. I don't understand why Zombie can't just tone it done a little. I know he's really into the horror aspect of it all but sometimes I think Zombie does it just to do it, it distracts from what could be a really cool Animated movie.

Now it's not all bad, in fact the acting is quite entertaining and good, especially Tom Papa as Superbeasto, he's so over the top it's hilarious. He plays a wrestler living a crazed strange world where his characters are all monsters and creatures outside of a few people. What makes the movie interesting and fun is it does detour from his true horror genre, yes it has it's horror routes but the movie is so much different than what you've seen from Rob zombie, I say he should tone it down but the movie as a whole is somewhat fresh, it's somewhat funny thanks in part to Mr. Lawernce and Tom Papa in part writing the script. Instead of having Rob zombie write true cliché character, the characters here are different and entertaining. I especially like the new takes on some of Zombies movie characters like Dr. Satan, which in this movie is skinny, scrawny and has a pet ape and surprisingly is voiced by the most awesomeness Paul Giamatti. You also Spongebob himself Tom Kinny playing Otto the deranged father from Corpses, as well as Sid Haig playing Captain spaulding. Even though these characters are gruesome in the live action movies, there played with quite entertaining delight and goofiness in this movie. Heck they even threw in Rosario Dawson for good measure.

Now on the flipside the story plays a lot like a elongated TV series, being from Starz media I'm almost assuming that this will become a TV show in the future if it catches on. It doesn't make sense all the time and feels like it's too disjointed at some points where the story literally stops to show us some sexual situation or naked woman and man having sex. The story to me is probably it's weakest point, it's not all bad and can make you chuckle if you have a disturbed sense of humor such as myself but still it's like I said earlier, it's almost like Rob Zombie is paying homage to fritz the cat.

On one last note, I expected the film to almost have a Heavy metal feel, in that the animation would be disjointed and raw but instead we get something close in line to Osmosis Jones and Beavis and Butthead, it's slightly disjointed but it's not too extreme, it's just what it is. Trust me when I say it's very cool to look and very well drawn but it still could have used a slightly heavier disjointed feel.

Okay to summarize, out of all the Zombie films I've seen this is the better of the films, it doesn't mean it's all around great because it's not, it has problems, some more glaring than others but within all it's flaws the movie is still fun to watch and I would recommend it with only slight caution, if you get offended easily then be cautious otherwise I give it a 7/10.
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Can The Dark Knight Really Be That Good
16 July 2008
Absolutely, it's not only that good, but it changes the way of movies in a way no one sees coming. Heath Ledger is brilliant, and it's sad that he won't keep going on in his career. Aaron Eckhart is also brilliant and has been forgiven by me. The rest of the cast plays there parts including Gary Oldman who has actually done some of his best work in history. Christian Bale well he's Christian Bale enough said.

The movie itself is hand down one of the best of the year, maybe the decade. It pulls you down, gives you no rhyme or reason, and only at the very end do you see a little light.

Anyways enough of me, go see the movie, and expect to be changed.
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WALL·E (2008)
Not only great, but a new plateau in animation
27 June 2008
I can't say enough about how good this movie, that you probably haven't read, so I'm going to keep this short.

This is the best thing out there in theater's right now, and might just be the best animated film of all time, whether you believe that or not, is your own opinion, but what Pixar has done here, can put companies like Dreamworks, Sony, and Blue sky to shame.

Wall E also may go down as the most lovable character ever to grace the movie screen, I praise Ben Burtt and Andrew Stanton, and the people at Pixar for what they did, and will continue to do.

This is why Pixar is the top studio in the world.

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Speed Racer (2008)
You Don't Need Sugar To Get A Rush Out Of Speed Racer
9 May 2008
Okay where to begin this movie is one of a kind. A what I have now classified as a new genre that i'm calling the acid & coke with out the acid & coke movie. Speed Racer is the first to be inducted into this movie.

It is downright pure adrenaline to the max, a movie that takes you on the drivers seat, and forces you to feel exhausted when your done. I'm not going to go into any story plot, because it's not why we go to movies like this. We go to see the action, and action for the most part is what we get. To the max is what I like to call. The racing in this movie is so unique it's original. It's never really been seen in the way it's displayed before.

You almost feel like your watching the cartoon as live action. I give credit to ILM I thought what they did with Iron man was incredible how life like Iron Man was I thought it was a leaps and bounds movie. Boy was I wrong this movie is the leaps and bounds that proves how truly good ILM is, and why they win the Oscar every year, but this movie takes special effects to a whole other level, there's nothing out there that at least I can see that has this amount of insane cgi. It makes the beginning and end battles of Episode 2 and 3 look quite tame. Trust me it has to be seen to believe.

On that note the movie does play very much like the cartoon with the wipe anime cuts, and the over excess use of vibrant colors. I'm actually reminded of the segment in the Twighlight Zone movie with the kid who creates a house, and a family with his imagination, and it's truly creepy. This is quite like that but on a acid trip gone to the max.

The acting is what it is camped up and sweet, this is a feel good movie with in incredible sense of self worth. If it weren't for people like John Goodman, Susan Sarrandon, Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci and even Matthew Fox (not playing Jack from lost this time) the movie wouldn't be believable in it's values. They Racer family is the perfect whole natural 50's television family, and they fill the parts real well.

I can't say the same about the script, which The Wachowski's have never been known to be very strong in, but they do excel in the same field as the likes of Robert Zemickis and George Lucas they try to push the envelope and try experimenting on ways to make the best look better, and that's where The Wachowski's get there marks, and what makes them unique.

Anyways that's enough of me.

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Hmm and uhhh and woo hoo
23 December 2007
I started wondering awhile back is it possible to laugh out loud I mean I see people do it, but I couldn't tell you from experience. Well I think I just found out thanks to the Mann Brothers and There film Glitter sorry I mean Uchuujin.

If you don't know the story It has to do with a man, A SALESMAN who is abducted by Aliens, and held captive for Five years. He is then beamed down to earth, and told that he shall be the next alien hunter let the craziness begin.

From the opening scene on a radio to the twisting of an ending it's a laugh out loud gross out, offensive funny movie. The Mann brother's make no qualms about there goal for the movie, and they present it with pizazz and well other objects.

I was actually really surprised by some of the characters in the movie most actually made me laugh out loud, and that doesn't happen very often.

I won't spoil to much for you because it needs to be seen to enjoy. I've give credit where credits do, and actually believe if promoted right could be a cult hit, But don't take it from me watch Blair Witch Project... I mean Uchuujin see for yourself if Torgo is as retarded as you think, and can Musashi save the world only Uchuujin will tell.
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"Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" Promises you the closest shave you've ever had, and means it.
23 December 2007
Okay I can't say enough on how brilliant of a movie this was if there ever was an adaption of a musical of this play this would be it. The acting is brilliant the set pieces and costuming and make up are fantastic and who the hell knew Hans Grueber a.k.a Alan Rickman could sing. On top of that it's one hell of a gory time. I think for a movie to succeed it needs great writing, and John Logan who wrote the screenplay did a fantastic job converting it over from Stephen Sondheim's play. Some of the best play moments are in here including Sacha Barren Cohens turn as Perrelli the french barbists who hides a secret until he learns that a shave can be a little to close for comfort.

Kudos to Johnny Depp and Helen Boham Carter for portraying such devilish characters, and praise Alan Rickman and Timonthy Sprall who give a new word to evilness. Two favorite moments Alan Rickman and Johnny Depps duet, and Helen Boaham Carter and Johnny Depps dream like number on the beach were Mrs. Lovett wishes to be together forever with Todd. Okay be warned though this movie is not I repeat not for the faint of heart it's brutally graphic and extremely bloody, but then again it's meant to be it's really satirical in a way.

Take if for what it's worth in this case see now.

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If this is 3 TV episodes put together then....
27 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers might as well make South Park, Spongebob, Family Guy all three part TV episodes because that's basically what a lot of people are saying. My personal opinion is that it's a lot like South Park in the way that it goes above and beyond the television. It takes risk that aren't possible on television.

In the case of The Simpsons movie it's perfect as a stand alone movie. There are so many great moments in this movie that I can't even begin to tell you how great it is.

I won't speak of the plot because it's already been said, but I'll speak more on the writers, and some of the jokes that made the movie the gold standard for television to movie adaptations.

Okay the only way to write a classic TV to movie adaption is to get some of the originally writers. In the case of South Park and Spongebob pretty much everyone involved in the origins of the TV show participated in the movie why because they know the show hands down know what makes it work know why it was loved in the beginning. Simpsons is no different if you look at the list of Writers you'll know with the exception of Brad Bird and Conan O'Brian that most have returned, and it works you have just to name a few John Schwartzwelder, Mike Reiss, Jon Vitti, David Mirkin, Al Jean and Matt Groening. If you notice like I'm sure most of you have that these guys pretty much made the Simpsons what it is today a classic series that has lasted longer than most of you who see it have been alive.

But we can't forget David Silverman. This guy was the first director ever on the Simpsons TV series he helped pretty much create the classic feel of course it's Matt Groening's world, but we get the point.

You then have to have some of the great jokes that made the series what it was, and by gods you need to have the supporting characters that helped the show what it was. In Spongebob and South park a lot of the best characters where left out. It kind of ruined it for me. Not with The Simpsons movie though. Also bringing jokes from the television show that you never expect, but make you giddy makes it all the more worth while. For me it was The Praise Jebus line.

Anyways with that I can definitely say without a doubt that The Crew of the Simpsons have created something rather unique and fun, and also quite different and larger than the television show, and once again it's not a three part television episode I can't stress that enough.

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A disturbing but refreshing end to the greatest scifi series of all time
1 July 2006
I have seen Revenge of the Sith hundreds of times and have never grown old of the movie. Suprisgnly enough I got tired of watching Attack of the Clones and Phantom Menace, but Revenge of The Sith I can't seem to get enough of it's like a good Cd it just get better with each listen or viewing.

I don't know why but at first when I screened this movie I was bothered by it I don't know what it was but I was just bothered by something from the movie. I still haven't determined what the problem is but let's say that I finally after purchasing this movie on DVD that it it hit me this was it the last Star Wars movie ever to be produced. I actually got kind of sad by it. Yeah I know most of you guys out in the world were so upset by George Lucas that you automatically hated this movie. It's understandable he just didn't deliver for most of you, but me personally I have always like the prequels I think they were fun adventure story's. But besides the point.

When I realized that this was it for the Star Wars series I started to examine Revenge of the Sith and have come to some conclusions almost a year later. Number 1 look at the way the movie is presented it's like the perfect prequel to Episode 4 it's got everything that should be in a Star wars movie, great action, sub par dialouge (People trust me Star Wars is not known for good dialogue), great lightsabers battles and the Birth of Darth Vader it's great. Number 2 it has the feel of Episode 5 but darker it's so dark that it's almost disturbing, but this a great thing because it doesn't hold anything back and it makes you feel for all the characters in the movie. Number 3 it's got Yoda doing some serious ass kicking (come on people he does what everyone was really waiting for and steps it up from episode 2). Number 4 it's got some of the most unbelievable Lightsaber battles ever put on screen Yoda fighting Sidious, Anakin fighting Obiwan, Obiwan fighting Grevious, Obi Wan and Anakin vs. Dooku round 2 and so on and so forth. Number 4 Natalie Portman (need I say more) Number 5 It has the emotional state that you feel bad even for Anakin when he has just lost it and given up on everything that he ever loved, Number 6 The movie has some bad ass bad guys. Number 7 CGI top notch. I could go on and on but it would be in the thousands.

I know a lot of you who reads this think I'm crazy but I love this film I love everything about it. To me it feels like the Star Wars movie that should have been made back in 1999. It has everything and still has heart and still makes you believe in a galaxy far far away.
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Yes indeed Superman has returned.
28 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Boy howdy I am not at all a Superman fan. I thought the first two were okay. Before you kill me just let me explain that I have been more of a Batman fan just for the fact that Batman is so down to earth and makes mistakes he's the flawed superhero as I call him. So when I watched Batman Begins last year I was hooked. It had it all, one of the best directors on the market, one of the best cast I have ever seen for a movie, and just did everything right that Joel Schumaker could not do in a million years. Plus it was heartfelt and engaging.

Now when I heard that indeed Superman was making a return I had no faith in the movie, i'll be honest there was really stupid ideas passed around by people like Brett Ratner to MCG to Nicholas Cage. Just stupid ideas. Then a hope of gleam came through, I found out that the Bryan Singer himself was indeed taking on the challenge of making a downright incredible Superman. If you know anything about Bryan Singer he has the talent to make an outright awesome movie. When I first heard that Bryan Singer was leaving X-men 3 to make Superman I was a little disappointed but I moved on and watched as all the right pieces fell into place. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, A script by the guys who did X2 (which was a awesome movie), a good editor and score creator in John Ottman it had the makings of a good movie. Then came the acting possibilities Josh Hartnett to Nicholas cage to play the man of steel I mean it was bad. Then comes along this unknown Brandon Routh he just comes out of nowhere I mean come on I thought at first this is not a good choice, but hey I said to myself I have been proved wrong before (Boy did I eat my words later on).

Anyways the pieces fit and two and half years later what can I say it proved so effective that I even after seeing the first trailer was excited to see it I even bumped it to my top 5 for the year, and remember folks I am not a huge Superman fan. After watching Superman Returns I have become a superman fan. This movie has everything Astonishing acting, Insane Special Effects, Gut wrenching scenes and so on. It's just the perfect superhero movie. I mean not once was I lead to believe that Brandon Routh was trying to rob Christopher Reeves of the success of the early movies. I believe that Bradon was not only paying homage to it but elevating the character to such a level of emotion that to say the Brandon's acting is great is an understatement.

Once again I believe that Kevin Spacey might be the perfect villain for Bryan Singer. He's got everything in being a bad guy. He even has a lot of laugh's that are genuinely funny in this movie. He also has a really dark side to the movie that only compares to his sinister turn in the Usual Suspects. Also I give credit to Kate Bosworth some people believe that she is off base with her character, but me personally I believe she play's the character with real heart, and the kid he's well a kid and doesn't act anything but a kid in the movie. I thought the whole scene where he plays the piano with the bad guy is really cool, it shows how uncorrupted a kid really is, and he doesn't do anything that a normal kid wouldn't do.

I know I have gone on and on about how great this movie is but I will say one problem that I had with the movie is the whole thing at the end with what happens to Superman, It makes no sense and kind of bothered me. You'll understand when you see it. Sorry If I spoil this so don't read until I say it's good. But the Scene where Superman lifts the island with all his force and let's it go into outer space and then falls back to earth might be the most Jawdropping thing I have ever scene, I mean I liked the whole Space shuttle disaster but just the visual of Superman lifting the massive peace of land is oh my god just so unbelievably amazing.

Now it is safe to read. In closing if you have been on the fence about this movie don't be yeah it's long, yeah it'Superman and so on and so on, but if you want my opinion this is a Career achievement for Bryan Singer. To take a series that had been in development hell for so long, and to take a person like me who is not a big Superman fan and move me and just plain rock my socks, We'll I have to give it to them. Anyway's go see it.
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Cars (2006)
7-0 another winner by pixar
14 June 2006
You know never in my wildest dreams would I see a company or a specific group of people shell such high quality entertainment in all my life. I have thought about long and hard and couldn't come up with a single reason not to love these movies. I think with each movie Pixar creates the greater the story tellers they become.

In this next winner the people at Pixar create the story of Lightining Mcqueen a race car with a I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread complex. Well when Lightning Mcqueen blows his two back tires, and the two competiors tie with Lightning a tie breaking game is set to take place in one week in California. Lightning who believes he's the greatest imagines himself in the spotlights and working for the greatest company in the world. He's that much of a prick.

We'll on his journey to California Lightning, the moving truck named Mack that transports him is ganged up by tricked out sports cars and causes the back end door to open pushing Lightning on to on coming traffic. Lightning by mistake end up fowling the wrong truck and ends be chased by a police car to Radiator Springs where most of the movie takes place.

Due to Lightning's arrogance he is forced to re fix the road that he destroyed. In radiator springs Lightning is introduced to a cast of characters that almost rival that of Toy story but not quite. I won't spoil to much more for the fact you must see the movie for yourself.

What makes the movie so great is that it takes a machine a car, and put's so much life into it that you feel for them. YOu feel bad for the town of Radiator springs because this kind of stuff happens all the time in real life. There is also so much great emotion in this movie, You actually feel sorry for Lightning because he is not a mean person he actually has a good side in him that wonders why he doesn't have friends. He actually goes on a life altering journey that proves itself once he returns to California. The ending of the film proves this.

I actually will admit that I get emotional in these movies that Pixar creates because John lasseter and gang take story's that pretty much occur in real life, and incorporate them into the genius story telling. THink about you have been that outcast like in Bugs life, You have been forgotten like in Toy story 2, you have had friends who you depend on through thick and thin like in Toy story and Monsters inc, You have the sense of Danger like in the Incredibles, and In Cars you have had the sense of loneliness and have had your world flipped upside down. One thing that you have in all these films though is Forgiveness and Togetherness. That's why I love these movies and feel emotional towards them.

Kind of Straying of the point. Cars is an exceptional film with exceptional casting, Everyone from Luke Wilson to Bonnie Hunt to Paul Newman to even the Pixar Regular John Ratzenberger are perfect to a t in the roles. Go see this just to see the amazing visuals and breath taking landscapes and exceptional casting and story telling and think about how fantastic storytelling can take even the most silly premises and end up moving you.

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A great fun kids movie
31 May 2006
Dreamworks what can be said about them it's a hit and miss field with them. First they release Shrek a fun and goofy movie. Then comes antz not so good, then comes Shrek 2 a fun filled even goofier film. Then Dreamworks hit's it's slump Shark Tale and Madagascar too me are two of the worst animated films in the last decade, but hey it's only my opinion. Then comes Over the Hedge a fun exciting and quite funny film based on the very popular comic strip.

The story if you don't know star's RJ a raccoon with extremely large appetite and devious nature. When RJ tries to steal food from a bear and causes the food to roll down hill and get hit by a car, he is given a week to return all the food. RJ travels to Suburbia where he meet's up with a group of wilderness animals who have just gotten out of hibernation. RJ convinces the group to take the food from suburbia and shows them that there is many a delectable item's that we as humans take for granted. What the group of animals don't know is that the RJ is just using the group for his own benefit to retrieve the lost items.

What makes this movie so good is that you feel for these characters, you feel that you could be one of them. They act sort of like humans who are just there to survive and rest in peace. They also have the uniqueness that almost compares them to the likes of a cast of characters that you would see in any Pixar movie. What this movie has also got going for it is just that it's so funny. The jokes are so clever that you laugh even when you think that you should not be laughing due to it being a kid's movie. It's also got lovable characters like the hype Hammey the squirrel who is voiced by the extremely funny Steve Carrell. This is also a movie of great character actors, You have everyone from Bruce Willis to William Shatner to Wanda Sykes to Even Nick Nolte, and every part they play is played to perfection.

Another great thing about this movie is just looks visually stunning, I mean everything looks so life like, and suburbia looks like well suburbia many rows of houses and small lawns. Plus the neighbors are just like a suburbia neighbor should be. Also there is some really funny moments with the Verminator vs. the Animals. I think Dreamworks has officially outdone themselves in the visual department I can finally compare this movie to the likes of something like Finding nemo. I still think it will be a while till they get to Cars visual's but even with Shark tale and Madagascar event though they were not great films they looked and felt life like.

In closing I give Over the Hedge a 9 out of 10 for being a smart fun and entertaining film that has it all and handles it with a smart attitude that I will defiantly say put's them into the league of Pixar.
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X-men Halle Berry's revenge.
26 May 2006
We'll what can I say for X-men the Last stand, but that it was about what I would expect from a person like Brent Ratner. Brent Ratner to me is one of those directors that knows what it takes to make a summer movie make money, but doesn't have the kahuna's to take it a step farther, and explore his real talent. Everybody hates on Brent but if you have seen movies like Family man and Red dragon it shows that he has a good directing talent, and a good eye for the camera. I guess all the boozing, women and fast cars are more important.

Everything about X-men the last stand seems to want to bring you in to the x-men world but for some reason you still feel like that outsider that sees a major accident, and slows down to watch. Don't get me wrong there was some good things in the movie, but the whole phoenix story should have been made as it's own story and movie, and instead on the mutant cure and making Jean Grey more of a side note.

I did think the story they used was a pretty good story, and fit into the whole X-men mythology. The whole cure aspect is almost what the Brotherhood of Mutant's has been fighting for decades. That was fine for me and the pacing even though it was short was well done. That's the problem thought the length of the movie should have been longer given characters like Angel and Jagguarnaut and even Jean grey more room to breath. I think the Angel character and even Jaggarnaut are classic fun characters.

The major problem of this movie though is that it doesn't fell all there, it feels like it's missing so much. I remember seeing X-men for the first time, and thinking wow besides the fact of a couple small things this feels like X-men it's fun and wow that's really cool. X-men 2 improved and it was like holy crap that's fn awesome, but X-men 3 just doesn't do it it's almost like the cast and crew were rushed, and from I what I read that may not be too far off the point.

Now to the summary X-men Halle berry's revenge. Why doesn't it surprise me that when Halle Berry want's here way she get's it. To me personally Storm has never been a good character too me. Just didn't like, her character seemed to fake to me. Not only that but the fact the Halle Berry demanded a bigger part or she would not return is ludicrous to me. Actors and Actresses these day's forget there old days when it use to be fun for them. Hey I like to have money and I feel I should get some recognition for things, but I just can't see myself getting like that. Damn you Halle Berry.

Overall finishing up my thought's of X-men the Last stand I will definitely say see it as a popcorn movie and not as a hard core comic fan because if you are that hard core fan then you will want to shoot Brent Ratner for his interpretation of a famous comic series. Other wise see it for what it is a flawed but half way decent action movie.

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The Davinci code forbidden
26 May 2006
Man in all of the movies I have seen in my life I have never in my life seen a movie told forbadum chapter by chapter. This movie was so like the book that it became boring to even watch.

Don't get me wrong I love the book, I think it's fun and is not as controversial as most people make it sound. But the movie oh my god. Tom Hanks just wasn't meant for this role his character acts like he bored to be there. Audrey Tautou was so much better in Amelie and just feels like she is getting a paycheck for this. Don't get me wrong Paul Bettany as Sila's and Ian Mckellen as Lee Teabing are actually really good, and play there characters with heart.

Otherwise this might be the most disappointing movie I have seen in a long time. I actually really like Ron Howard I think when he's on his game, he's really on look at Apollo 13 and Beautiful Mind masterpieces in my opinion, but this movie just doesn't fit for Ron Howard or even Akiva Goldsmith who is also a pretty good writer by my standards.

The things I do like about the Davinci code are the fact that are some really great local's in this movie, The movie is beautifully shot which has always been Ron Howards strengths. But to basically take a book which is the biggest selling book since the bible and basically just almost plagiarize it and put it on screen, It just doesn't work. You almost have cut things out to keep pacing and keep the moving going.

Look at Lord of the rings. It took a book that was really long and very drawn out, and made it into one of the most well written and wonderfully amazing movies I have ever seen. It didn't follow the book forbadium hell there was a lot of stuff cut out, but it was done and actually made the movie better. That was the problem with Davinci code there was just so much that needed to get cut out that didn't.

Unfortuantly for a movie that I was looking forward to just doesn't deliver. For a cast and a director it just doesn't work. IT's such shame.
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one word awesome
16 May 2002
This is what the star wars should have started in 1999. From the beginning of the assassination atempts to the grand finale were we learn about the death star and why count dooku isn't all that surprised about the clones. It seems George Lucas with the help of Jonathan Hales have made the best film of the summer much better that spider-man. This is a must see and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed. Grade 9/10
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Two Thumbs Up(Spoilers)
7 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has got to be one of the funniest movies in a long time I have never even laughed so hard. The movie takes place two years later after the gangs first year in college. We'll people have moved on and the film starts out by taking us into Jim's room where he is making out with a women. We'll out of coincedence Eugene Levy's character as Jim's dad happens to walk in celebrating Jim's first full year of college. Well you can pretty much figure out the rest. There so many funny scenes in the movie it's not funny but the best is between the two lesbian chicks and Jim,Stifler,and Finch totally original. Of course Sean William Scott(Stifler) Takes most of the laughs and Jason Biggs(Jim)get's the punishments of using super glue instead of lubrication to well you know what. I will leave the rest to you to laugh as hard as you ever have laughed before. Beware this movie is not for the weak hearted so be cautioned ,but other wise enjoy the film it's better than the original.

9/10 GRADE P.S. The whole cast is back including Stiflers mom +
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Strangeland (1998)
Worst Film In Along Time
2 August 2001
Everybody I talked to said that this movie would be good and really weird so I figured that I would rent it. Half way through the movie I was thinking to myself what the heck was going on and what is the point to this movie. This movie from start to finish is so bad that even the sick parts of the movie didn't even bother me. I mean what are they going to come up with next Volcano 2 The return of the lava. I mean come on this movie is so stupid the characters are so poorly developed,and eve Robert Englund makes the movie worse I mean he might as well be transformed into Freddy Kruegur and Spook people. I was actually rooting for the bad guy to win that's how bad it was. I mean look the father is a cop he didn't seem to care real much about the fact that his daughter is going through one of the most moments in her life. I mean if my daughter was treated like that I would do everything in my power to keep the guy behind jail. Also it seems kind of obvious that Dee Snyders character would turn bad again. This is one of the worst films of all time right there with Volcano and 8mm. Do not waist your time you will not enjoy it....!

Grade If there were a no grade on this site I would pick that ,thats how bad this movie is!
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This is the best Disney has to offer
2 August 2001
At first I looked at the preview's in the theatre and I said to myself that it does not look that great and I have no real interest in seeing it boy was I regretful when I waited and saw it in on video. The movie is about a stuck up, self-centered young brat named Kuzco(Played by David Spade) who is turned into a lama by his fired Advisor Izma(Ertha Kint sorry for the mispelling of the name) Well from there you will just have to see the film.. This movie is a non stop laugh fest with some of the funniest character since The Little Mermaid. John Goodman who voices Pacha is so good that he lifts the movie I mean the chemistry between Goodman and Spade is unforgettable ,but I have to say that Cronk (played by Patrick Wartburn)is so funny I mean there is not one scene in the movie that his Cronk is in that I don't sit there a laugh out loud that's how good Cronks character is. My other favorite character is Izma as a cat it just so funny to sit there and watch this little fur ball trying to beat up Kuzco as a lama and Pacha. This movie is the best that Disney has to offer and get's better eveytime I watch. This is first rate I applaud everyone.

Grade 10/10 Just one more note Stings songs in the movie are first rate and fit the movie to a T.
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Very Disapointing
26 July 2001
If this movie was not directed by Tim Burton I would concluded as just plain stupid. I mean the original did not cost no 100 million dollars to make and was very original. This time it is the same story with just a few twist which I will not give away. Basically it's about a man who crashes onto a planet which is totally flipped in the ecosystem where the apes are the rulers and the humans are the savages. Sounds Familiar right. Like I said Tim Burton is a great director he does do a good job of trying to make his mark in visuality ,but it's the same old story. Now the only real good thing was Paul Geomanti(Sorry if I miss prenounced his name)he brought a little bit of humor to the story. If your a big fan see it for yourself don't let me stop you if you aren't

then go see something worth your money beacuse this isn't.

6/10 grade
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Speilbergs most Ambitious to date!(Major Spoilers)
29 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
The minute this movie roles you know you are in for something quite different. Something you have never seen Steven Speilberg do before, making something that most people will not like. Originally concevied by Stanely Kubrick the movie centers around the Human flaws of trying to create something and almost giving up on it untill William Hurts character decides to create a real like robot child which will be designed to love,and will also never get older. David as the robot is become to be called is finnaly built and us given to a family who's child is very sick and may never recover. At first Francis O'connor's character resents him and Sam Robards character loves him ,but not long after that the tables are turned when O'connor's character falls in love with David and Robard's character resents him ,and to make matters worse. The real kid who was alling finnaly pulls thorugh and starts to really resent David making David do things that he is not programed. Well enough is enough and O'connors character invites David for a ride in which she Drops him off and leaving David to be killed. Here he meets Giglo Joe(Jude Law) who at first resents David but eventually gives up and helps David in his quest to become a real boy and go to back to his parents. Haley has got to be the best child actor in today's world. He makes you believe that he is not real so much that it sends chills down your back. I mean just him not blinking for the whole movie is amazing. Jude Law is so good too,that it is redicolus I mean they look so real,but they make you believe that they are not. This movie is by far one of this years best films. Alot of people will tell you that this movie is boring and it has no heart. In a sense they could have trimed the ending down a little bit and some parts were slow ,but all together this movie like so many others agree is an odyessy.

It is visually stunning a makes me at least want to go back for seconds.

9/10 grade
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Great for the Role,but very weak!(major spoilers!)
15 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
A soon as the Movie starts you think your in for something special untill you realize that it's like any other action movie. Angelina Jolie stars as the entrepid Tomb Raider Lara Croft. The story basis around a clock which if put together in enough time can let you travel back in time. What makes this movie so weak is the fact that Lara seems to beat everyone to the punch. I mean she has every thing handed to her in the first few seconds. The only real good thing is that Angelina Plays the part real we'll if you have ever played the game it's a perfect fit ,but just at the beggining of the film it just goes way to fast and get's really cheesy in the beggininng and the get's a little better when Lara actually start traveling and fighting ,but she just in there beacuse she looks good and I guess that's all you need. Basically if you like the game you will be hugely disapointed in the movie.

7/10 grade
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Evolution (2001)
Very disappointing
13 June 2001
The only thing that keeps this movie alive is the special effects and Sean William Scott's funny antics. Other than that and a few funny moments with Orlando Jones,this is proably one of the worst movies by Ivan Reitman. The movie centers around two men(Duchovany,Jones) who are chemists who discover a metor that crash lands on earth of course the metor is diseased with aliens and they start growing at a rapid pace. Of course as in every movie the gov't has to get involved and take over everything. I won't say much more because you have to judge it yourself, but You will probably be very disappointed like I was.

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