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WarGames (1983)
A great film for its time
20 May 2001
I remember seeing this when it first came out. At the time, I remember thinking (because I was one of the few that were into computers unlike today) after seeing David's computer, "Why did they use those 8-inch disks?" At the time, 5 1/4" were in use (No, kiddies. The Mac hadn't been invented when this movie came out, so there were NO 3 1/2" disks). Another thing, when Ally Sheedy's character says "Is this because you changed my grade?" They put that line in the wrong place in the movie. Even when I FIRST saw this movie, I thought that line was idiotic at best. If it was up to me, I would have dropped that line. Now that I got the negative stuff out of the way, let me close by saying, as a thriller, WarGames kept me glued to my seat. To this day, if I see on, I'll watch it. A movie that if I owned, I would watch every few years, just to remember a happier time in my life, if nothing else. I mean, after you see a thriller once, how can it be suspenseful again???
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Atomic Train (1999– )
Hopefully, my comments won't be as big a waste of time as this movie was
17 December 2000
OK, Let's see where to begin?

First, I'll say that the only effect I liked (and I personally thought was the high part of the movie) was the fireball when the weapon detonated.

Now, the family JUST HAPPENED to be by those pipes and they ALL had the presense of mind to go in those pipes? Yeah right.

Going backwards in the movie a bit, the chopper's radio kept cutting out. Now, I know something about radios. That simply would NOT have happened, especially as they were getting CLOSER to the crash site.

Now I admit my geography is poor, but isn't Denver THE MILE HIGH CITY????? Is Utah higher elevation than Denver??? I'm being serious here. Is it?? If so, then how did that train defy gravity? (If I'm wrong here, please disregard the question)

Another thing, I saw this on NBC. The host even made a comment: What escape road goes through an abandoned mine? Truer words were NEVER spoken.

AT best this movie was mildly entertaining. Probably good to watch while having a root canal done. I'd give it a D (the only saving grace [No, I don't mean the character] was the aforementioned fireballs).
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Kingpin (1996)
a good movie
21 November 2000
I've read all of the reviews here and I don't have much to add except something I learned when I listened to the director's commentary on DVD. If you don't want me to spoil this, go on to the next review. The directors said that Bill Murray would take the script for the day's shooting, tear it up and ask the Farlleys' what was the gist of the day's shooting. EVERYTHING he did, he improvised. Just a tidbit I thought I'd share here. If you have DVD capability, GET THE DVD!!!!
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12:01 (1993 TV Movie)
A good movie
26 September 2000
This is my my second movie I saw where the day keeps repeating. The first one was a short on Showtime. It was a serious flick. In that one, it was worse; in that movie the same HOUR kept repeating as opposed to the same DAY repeating, not to mention that that flick was NON-comedy. Anyway, I was glad to see that that this film had some comedic elements. I like to find my favorite line in a movie. In this one, it would have to be where his mom calls, and Barry tells his mom "I can't talk right now, mom. The day's repeating" and hangs up. I saw it when it ORIGINALLY came on TV, so I don't remember it much, but I do remember I thought it was 2 hours well spent.

On a side note, I saw Groundhog Day after this movie. Groundhog Day is different enough from this movie so you can watch both and not feel like you're having the day repeat. (sorry, COULDN'T resist).
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Married... with Children (1987–1997)
My favorite episode and some lines I can't forget from the series
21 March 2000
I've read the comments and looks like we all like MWC. I stayed with the show through thick and thin. There were a few years when the writing went downhill, but it came back up during the last 2 or 3 years of the show's run.

Anyway, my favorite episode HAS to be the one concerning the Barbie doll. The scene where Al is stuck in bed with Marcy is a CLASSIC (much like the scene in All In The Family where Archie's neice goes out with Lionel, the black neighbor) and when Jefferson comes in and forces Al out the window is nothing short of hilarious. My eyes are filling up with tears of laughter thinking of that scene.

Now for a few unforgettable lines I like:

the episode where the Dodge turns over to 1,000,000 miles: Al turns on the radio and a cowboy is singing "And that's when my hound dog, started looking good to me"

I forget what episode this was in, but Bud kicks his family out so he can study. He says to Buck the dog, "looks like it's just you and me". Bucks says to himself: "Uh oh. I've seen porno movies that start out like this."

I had an idea for a storyline: Al's favorite strip club, The Nudie Bar, is burned down. Was it accidental or was it set by Marcy "Chicken Legs" Darcy and her anti-male friends?

What do you think of that plot? Could it have worked?

I almost submitted this without saying which of Marcy's husbands I liked better. I like Steve just a little bit better. He had that straight face that never cracked a smile no matter how ridiculous Al got. Jefferson was goo too, don't get me wrong.
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What's the big deal??
21 March 2000
I saw this movie 15 years ago when i t came out. I was 22 at the time. Everyone made a big deal of this movie. Why??? Was high school like this for anyone else? I like realism in my movies. I just didn't find any here. Five kids who had NOTHING in common spend a Saturday in detention become chummy at the end of the movie Yeah, right. Maybe my school experience was different. I don't go into that area of my memory very often or fondly.
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8MM (1999)
Comments here more disturbing than the film
17 February 2000
Warning: Spoilers
I taped the film Sunday night, and had to watch it in 3 times (due to time constraints). I finished it this morning and immediately came here on IMDB.COM to see the comments.

One comment disturbed me so much that I have to comment: One comment (didn't notice who) said that they couldn't understand why Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage) got so emotionally involved. Well, let me ask whoever asked that a question: If he didn't who would??? The police sure as hell is not going to lift a finger on a 6 year-old case. Welles is just giving revenge for someone who can't. I mean, do you actually want people like that walking the streets??

Welles and the mother weren't the only 2 people who cared for Mary Anne. How about the old lady?

For people who said that this movie is NOT disturbing, I can't believe you! You probably laugh at the "Faces of Death" videos (which I have NO intention on seeing thank you very much). Anyway, this movie is good for 1 view only for me. I hate sad flicks. Life is disturbing enough!

SPOILER ****** SPOILER ****** SPOILER ****** SPOILER ******

When I was watching the movie, I was kind of hoping that the wife wasn't there. Then Welles could have started a new life with Mary Anne's mother....just a thought. What do you think?
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