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Epicenter (2000)
Eh.. Borrowed a little here and there?
4 June 2002
To keep it simple the movie was put together partially with help from other movies. I'm thinking "Metro" with Eddie Murphy (the scene with the cable car (MUNI?)). They didn't even bother to change the driver. Same guy, same bullet wounds. Next I'm thinking Money Train. The scene were a subway train rolls around knocking down some stilts or something was cut and pasted directly from "Money Train" with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Also, scenes were copied (not cut and pasted, I think) from Speed with Keanu Reeves: the elevator scene, were a person gets rescued out of the elevator in the nick of time before it crashes several floors down.

Wasn't there some scenes pasted from Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones?

Nevertheless, Traci is the most amazing FBI-agent, I've ever seen. Bigger and stronger guys couldn't even go half the way she went. And I especially like the scene where she and Gary Daniels floats down some drain I think it is? Her hair is neatly combed backwards even though they're dropping like hammers down the drain.

A bit superficial and amateur-like, Traci. Don't settle for this. Go I've seen your in your earlier carrier. Well, I'm a guy, aren't I? But you can do more and better?

(Wonder if anyone ever reads this, let alone Traci. But anyway... :)
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Desperately seeking this movie on VHS
1 February 2000
This is the most wonderful comedy I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot. The humor of this movie defines exactly my kind of humor. From the strange remarks of the persons in the movie to the ridiculous comments of the narrator it makes me roll on the floor laughing. It's been about 7 years since I saw it last. So now I'm looking for it on VHS (preferably PAL). Where do I find it on sale? Can anyone guide me in the right direction? If you ever come across it I can only recommend that you see it. Watch any false teeth when you laugh.
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