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Chubasco (1967)
If you liked the James Dean movie `Rebel Without A Cause' you'll love this one.
12 January 2000
This movie will bring you back to a time when you were young and your parents wanted no part of your special someone. Susan Strasberg and Christopher Jones were adorable together. (They were married at the time of filming). The movie will teach you about compassion (with the knowledge that we may be wrong about a person and that people do change). And yes, parents are sometimes wrong, according to this movie anyway. I also gained a lot of knowledge about fishing tuna; I didn't know spotting the tuna was the most crucial part in catching it. Let me also mention that my favorite scene was the part when Christopher Jones was with his grandmother. Mr. Jones' touching performance made it very realistic, he really makes you feel his passion, not just in this movie but in all his movies.
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