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Neil Diamond... Hello Again (1986 TV Movie)
Neil Diamond...Hello Again
22 October 2006
Neil looked and sounded great in this 1986 TV special. Guests included Carol Burnett and Stevie Wonder. Carol did her old lady comic routine. Stevie sang "Overjoyed" solo and sang "Sir Duke" with Neil. Neil and Carol sing a long medley of Neil's hits. Among the songs Neil sang solo in a live concert setting were "I'm Alive", "Cherry, Cherry", "September Morn", "Sweet Caroline", "America", "Hello Again" and "Headed For The Future". Lionel Ritchie even made a tiny cameo but didn't do any songs. If you blink, you'll miss him. The length of the TV special without commercials was 48 min. How do I know all this? Because I taped the show when it aired and I still have it and the quality is still fantastic.
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The City (1977 TV Movie)
Great performance by Mark Hamill
17 April 2006
Mark Hamill plays a young man who's father abandoned him as a child and he has always focused his hate on a country singer played by real life singer Jimmy Dean. He actually thinks Dean is his REAL father. Hamill tracks Dean down and tries to kill him. Meanwhile, Robert Forster and Don Johnson are the cops hot on his trail. This is one of many 70s TV appearances by Hamill and one of his best performances. It's hard to say if he filmed this movie before or after Star Wars since they came out at around the same time. This movie was supposedly the pilot for Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected TV series. The theme music was different but William Conrad's narration was used. This narration definitely added a certain quality to the series.
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Well-made western series
14 April 2006
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters was based on the book by Robert Lewis Taylor about a wagon train headed to California to find gold and all the problems they run into along the way. Where else could you find a TV show with Charles Bronson, Kurt Russell and the Osmonds? The stories in this rare, obscure show were surprisingly serious and often very violent. Kurt Russell proved his acting ability at a very young age. Many of the episodes revolved around Jaimie wandering off from the wagon train and getting kidnapped by highwaymen or Indians. Bronson's role was wagon master. Michael Witney was the main wagon master Coulter when the show started but then, Bronson started appearing as the wagon master sporadically with no explanation as to what happened to Coulter. I wonder if his absences from some episodes were strictly to make room for Bronson? This series was last aired on TNT in the 80s and I have the tapes of all 26 episodes from that airing. I've watched them several times and have noted some bloopers in the message forum.
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