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Necessities of Adaptation
15 November 2002
The film is decent but has some failings. The primary one being that it follows the book too precisely. Alterations need to be made in order to convert a book to a screen adaptation; and due to fears of disappointing fans, these necessary changes were not made. The movie plods along at a turtle's pace. There is no speed up to move faster through slow sections, and a neglect of slowing down through the important sections. For example, an opening scene in which Harry Potter receives his letter to Hogwarts could have been shortened, without taking away from the film. Meanwhile his entire time spent at the school was run through, such that I never got a feeling for Harry's experience. Many comparisons have been made between Harry Potter and LOTR because the movies came out at the same time, and both are adaptations from well respected books. However, LOTR is an excellent example of how to edit the content in the process of conversion. Harry Potter demonstrates how to show a little bit of everything, without removing unnecessary bits and amplifying important moments. Therefore the film plodded through the story, as if performing a chore... Overall I would only recommend this movie if you live preoccupied with the notion that every decent film adaptation is actually blasphemy to the book.
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funniest movie i've seen in a while
18 March 2002
Too bad it's not a comedy. It's been said that movies are about extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances, or ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. This movie follows that latter. However, in its attempt to show how ordinary the characters are it loses any sense of the extraordinary. The movie is like watching a web cam placed in a very dull location. You get to watch band-aids being put on cuts, lots of people eating, and household chores. And sometimes, for artistic effect, this web cam is jiggled. This movie is coming to an MST3K near you.
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What a shame
27 December 1999
What a shame. The story had a lot of of promise but that dwindled quickly. In the beginning we're presented Mr. Ripley, who in every aspects wishes to be something he's not. He hopes to conform himself to the lifestyle of Dickie Greenleaf, and in doing so certain grows too attached to something he can never attain. The movie plods on through many gruesome instances and has the audience waiting for the end. I assumed often that the end was near, but no, I was not that fortunate. I had to sit through more of this dull movie. If I was one to walk out of a movie I would have left after about an hour. Instead I stayed. My recommendation: go for the first hour or so, you'll catch the good parts of the movie, then run!
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