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8 January 2002
This is one of the best films starring Terence Hill & Bud Spencer.

The plot is very easy to understand... if you can't understand the plot of this film, take my advise and go back to school!.

It's a very simple but effective film. Great music score by the brothers De Angelis, funny dialogues, great comic fights make it unforgettable.

This is a great comedy only for the intelligent, so if you are unable to enjoy an innocent film like this just turn off your TV set and stay in bed for the rest of your life...

(10 out of 10)
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Let It Be (1970)
10 November 2001
I watched this Beatles documentary for the first time when it was released for the second time in the Spanish theaters in 1980.

I enjoyed it very much in spite of being 10 years old, because a friend of mine had the "Let it be" tape and we used to listen to it very often and we both knew all the songs pretty well. We had a splendid time.

Now I have a copy in VHS of the film and I use to watch it from time to time.

I know it´s mostly a documentary about The Beatles break-up which is kind of sad, but it would be unfair to say the film is not most enjoyable and besides the rehearsals and the arguments, it ends with the very last Beatles concert, (the famous rooftop concert).

The Beatles were four guys who spent some six years together 24 hours a day, "eight days a week" as they would say, working very hard, dealing with all kind of stressing events and it´s logical they split up in the end. Fame is very expensive. George Harrison explains it very well in the last chapter of The Beatles Anthology: "The fans gave the money and the screams, and The Beatles kind of gave their nervous systems...". And I agree with him. It had to be hell!.

None of the four Beatles was to blame for their break-up, that´s something that just had to happen.

If you ever have the chance of watching this film, just do it. It´s a must for all the Beatles fans and all the music lovers.

I hope this gem is released in DVD with lots of extras in the near future!!. Please, release it!!.

Long live the Beatles!.
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Why does a duckling torture?
7 October 2001
It´s curious how Lucio Fulci chose one of the elements of his early "giallo", "Why torture a duckling?" to make this new one. Of course, I´m talking about the duckling... This element is present in both films but for different reasons.

When I was about to watch this film I wasn´t very sure I´d enjoy it since I was convinced the main plot would be wasted by the excess of blood and nasty scenes as it used to happen in his previous films: "Zombie", "City of the living dead" or "The Beyond"... I was wrong, fortunately.

This film has some really nasty scenes but they are justified somehow.

I just want you to know that if you like "giallos" but you hate Fulci´s films like the ones I´ve mentioned, this is a "giallo"... so don´t be fooled.

(8 out of 10)
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What a great film!!
22 August 2001
Well, at last I´ve been able to watch this film thanks to a very good friend of mine, and I must say it´s brilliant.

This film contains all the elements, characters and situations that make a "giallo" come to life. It could have been directed perfectly by the Italian masters Argento or Fulci at that time.

Paul Naschy´s character is splendid, and the three beautiful sisters involved in the story are fine too.

As it usually happens with the good films of this kind, you won´t be able to find out who is the vicious killer until the end. I promise I didn´t guess... and that´s good. That means the script is well-written.

So my congratulations to Paul Naschy and Carlos Aured who really did a great job with this film!.

If you liked "The bird with the crystal plumage", "Don´t torture a duckling", "4 flies on grey velvet", etc. you´ll enjoy this one just the same.

Even the title is great, the Italian way!!...

(10 out of 10)
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The Mel Brooks way!
18 August 2001
This is the great Mel Brooks at his best!.

He revisits this classic film and makes it even crazier than the original, adding a lot of new stuff... (there are 3 numbers where Mel dances and sings, there are clowns, jews and a homosexual hairdresser pursued by the evil and stupid nazis.)

All the actors in this movie, and I mean ALL, are just terrific.

I´d like to state that this is not a remake of the Ernst Lubistch classic, (at least that´s my opinion), to me this is a tribute to the great director and his masterpiece.

I´ve watched the Lubistch "To be or not to be" a lot of times for it´s one of my favorite films, and the Mel Brooks version is completely different from the original. It was made the Brooks way, which I really adore.

So watch this film, you´ll have a lot of fun and won´t stop laughing.

Oh, just one more thing...

This is an asking to 20th Century Fox: When you decide to release this movie in DVD, include the absolutely amazing video-clip: "To be or not to be - Hitler Rap" performed by Mel Brooks please!!. I can assure you that a lot of people will buy it just for that.

(9 out of 10)
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Texas, Adios (1966)
Excellent spaghetti-western
28 July 2001
Ferdinando Baldi is one of those Italian directors who had the magical ability to make great films such as this one.

Franco Nero, one of the best Italian actors ever reaches once more the highest peak in performance in this great Italy/Spanish co-production.

If you don´t like this film, you probably won´t like none of the 500 westerns filmed in Europe, and that means this is not your genre, so then forget all about it and watch stuff like "Star trek" or "2001", you´ll probably find it more exciting.

Action, action & more action is what you´ll get from this excellent spaghetti-western.

(10 out 10)
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15 July 2001
I´ve realized that most people who have watched this film thought they were going to see some kind of biography of Versace and obviously they were disappointed because it isn´t.

As the title says clearly this is the story of "The Versace Murder"!. And this is what the film is about: the murder.

How the murderer manages to give the police the slip constantly, after killing his gay lovers, stealing cars, changing his look, checking in at hotels with a false name since there are posters with his photograph and description just everywhere. It´s a non-stop action film.

I really think that the character of Versace was just an excuse to sell this great drama/thriller/action film directed by Menahem Golan!.

By the way, Franco Nero´s performance as the Italian designer is just great... well Franco Nero is great in every film he appears anyway.

When I knew this film was directed by Golan I said to myself: "this can´t be bad!"... and I was right.

Menahem Golan and Franco Nero had already worked together in the great action film "Enter the ninja" some 20 years ago.

And you mustn´t forget that Golan produced some of the best action films in the 80,s, many of them starring Charles Bronson: "Death Wish 2, 3 & 4", "Murphy´s law", "Messenger of death", "Kinjite, forbidden subjects", etc.

Menahem Golan always delivers!.

"The Versace Murder" is a great film.

(9 out of 10)
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Two Evil Eyes (1990)
Great horror film
15 July 2001
This film dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe contains 2 of his stories. "Mr. Valdemar", directed by George Romero & "The black cat" directed by Dario Argento.

The first story or segment is very good. The second is even better, although I didn´t quite understand the end of it.

If you like straight good horror films then you must watch this one.

But remember you´re going to watch two Edgar Allan Poe stories and no matter who´s directing them, got it?.

(8 out of 10)
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12 July 2001
If Frank Sinatra was called "The Voice", then "Star Wars" is "The Movie" without any doubt. George Lucas is a genius who reached the highest peak in cinema back in 1977. Lucas discovered a great actor: Harrison Ford and re-discovered another two for the younger generations: Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing. I just can´t explain in a few words how much I love this movie. It´s magic!.

"The Movie" will be with you always!.
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Brilliant thriller
4 July 2001
This Spanish films deals with the eternal fear of mankind, loneliness.

But it´s not only a drama, it´s a suspense film as well, really terrifying at times.

A widowed man lives in an old house, with a full size doll as his mate. His life goes by quite normally until a child who is his beautiful neighbor´s daughter gets into his house while he´s away and finds out his big secret. He begs the child not to tell his secret to anybody, but unfortunately she doesn´t!... and the problems have just begun for this tormented and humble man.

This is one of the best films I´ve seen starring the great José Luís López Vázquez. He and Carmen Sevilla are just terrific.

If you like Spanish suspense/horror films, you must watch this. And if you don´t, you´ll enjoy it anyway.

(10 out of 10)
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Zorro (I) (1975)
23 June 2001
A film´s quality cannot be reduced in its main title track...

I even may agree that the song "Zorro is back" is not the best composition made by the Italian brothers Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, but the rest of the film score is very good.

Alain Delon performance is just great along with the other actors. The plot, the script, the photography, the direction and everything is just fine.

For what I´ve read in different places, it seems as European films go really bad when they´re dubbed in English... gee that´s bad luck!. But that has nothing to do with the film... I can´t complain about the Spanish version of "El Zorro". It´s fine.

This is a very amusing, non-stop action film, so take my advice and don´t miss it... you´ll have a wonderful time... because...


(10 out of 10)
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Deep Red (1975)
Brilliant... that´s all.
4 May 2001
I was wrong when I thought that I´d already seen the best giallos... I still hadn´t seen Argento´s "Deep Red".

I don´t know what to say about this great suspense/horror/thriller film. I have no words... you start watching it and just can´t stop until the end... at least that´s what happened to me. The main actor, David Hemmings, who curiously appeared in last year blockbuster "Gladiator", is just brilliant.

Here, Dario Argento went back to his roots, I mean this film is very similar to "Bird with crystal plumage" only it has more action, more actors, and more...blood!. (I must warn you there are some disgusting scenes!).

But without a doubt...I recommend you to watch it!!.

And the killer is *********!

If I had to describe this film in one word, that would be: brilliant... that´s all.

(10 out of 10)
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Excellent horror film!
29 April 2001
This Spanish horror film is one of the best I´ve ever seen!... and I´ve seen quite a few.

In a small village in New Orleans, a maniac starts killing women with an axe... There´s a lot of blood in this film but it´s not disturbing since the violent or dramatic scenes are very well-balanced, at least to me.

This extraordinary film reminds me the great "Pieces" directed by Juan Piquer... so if you like "Pieces" you´ve got to watch this one!. The killer in this film wears a black raincoat, black gloves and a white mask which is quite terrifying...

As in so many other mystery-suspense-horror films, you won´t find out who is the killer until the end, and there are several suspects.

Curiously, two of the actresses in this film: Patty Shepard and Alicia Moro, starred in another great Spanish horror film that same year:

"Slugs", directed by Juan Piquer. And there´s another actor in this film who starred in many Spanish horror films in the 70,s Jack Taylor.

This is a horror film you mustn´t ignore.

It´s a gem.

(10 out of 10)
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Excellent giallo!
29 April 2001
This is Lucio Fulci at his best. If only all the films he made after were like this.

This extraordinary film is as intriguing as Dario Argento´s "The bird with crystal plumage"...

If you´re an Argento fan but you don´t like Lucio Fulci films, like

"The Beyond", "Manhattan Baby", "The House by the Cemetery", etc. this one has nothing to do with the others... this is what the Italians call "giallo"... that would be something like a "who-done-it" movie in a nutshell.

You won´t know who the killer is until the last moments of the film.

But apart from that, there´s the plot: some maniac living in a small village starts killing little boys... A journalist (Tomas Milian), a sexy young woman (Barbara Bouchet), a priest (Marc Porel), his mother (Irene Papas) and a witch (Florinda Bolkan) are the main characters in this tangled, bloody story.

Talking about the actors, I want to say that Tomas Milian is superb (like always), and Florinda Bolkan is terrific as the village witch...

Do you want to know who is the killer?...

I cannot tell you... but I can tell you that you must see this film!.

(10 out of 10)... of course!
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Jason is lurking somewhere...!!
13 April 2001
I think that today is the right day to make a comment on this movie.

The first time ever I saw this film was on TV with my parents one Friday night some 15 years ago... and it really scared me, I mean I enjoyed it and my parents too, and that´s difficult for they don´t like horror movies very much.

After that day, I´ve seen "Friday the 13th" several times... (I don´t know how many), and although I know what´s going to happen all the time I still enjoy it and it still scares me...

The best of the film is its famous unexpected and scary final scene which I´m not allowed to reveal...

If you haven´t seen it yet, just do it... but don´t watch it on your own... just in case.

Jason might be lurking somewhere...

(10 out of 10)
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An amusing science-fiction tale
11 April 2001
I´m afraid I´ll be the only person who will defend this movie. And I have my reasons.

When so many people tell you that a movie is awful, terrible, boring, etc... you´ll probably find it amusing. Yes, and that´s precisely what´s happened to me.

This movie is a mixture of "E.T.", "Alien" and "Gremlins", shot entirely in Spain and performed by Spanish actors. And I´ve seen many many worse movies made in glorious Hollywood.

I just don´t understand what´s wrong with the characters in it. They act the same way so many other characters do in so many other similar movies. The little boy has a normal voice... and there´s not so much fog in it!!...

Good acting, a good plot, good special effects and an adorable extra- terrestrial called Trumpy make this movie quite interesting.

9 out of 10, why not??... I´ve enjoyed it...
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The best giallo ever done...
31 March 2001
This is not only the best film directed by the master Argento, to me it´s the best "giallo" ever done without any doubt.

The ability that has Argento to make you think who will be the killer until the very last moment is just amazing.

Big suspense, fine performances and an excellent rhythm, that´s what makes this film a must to see... oh and the unexpected end of course.

If you like this film, the next one you must see is "Tenebre"... but if you don´t, then I recommend you watching "2001-A Space Odyssey" since although its plot is not precisely intriguing or exciting, at least it will help you to fall asleep.

Enjoy it.
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Great adventure movie
7 March 2001
I just don´t understand what´s wrong with this movie.. I say this due to the comments I´ve read about it.

It´s most enjoyable, the great and unknown David Hatton (the professor) is without a doubt the real star of the movie...

Great photography, fine performances from the entire cast including the guest stars Peter Cushing and Terence Stamp make this movie most amusing and a must to see from time to time.

Perhaps it´s a movie for children, I don´t know. But that´s precisely why I like it so much.

Bearing in mind the movies that Hollywood and even Europe offer at present, I really think that the dose of ingenuity this movie releases is just unpayable.

I adore it.
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Great horror movie
18 February 2001
Juan Piquer Simon made it again.

This Spanish director demonstrates once more that he is able to make an American type horror movie in spite of the fact of being Spanish.

After "Pieces" and "Slugs" this movie is the third Simon`s horror film and it`s as amusing as the other two.

Several young punks kidnap a magician and his two assistants after their show in a fair and make them go to the magician`s house.

First they seem to feel safe in the magician`s old mansion... But the mansion has a secret and our young delinquents couldn´t have chosen a worse place to hide...


Well you must see the movie to find out.

If you like good horror movies, you`ll enjoy this one...
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Just brilliant
6 February 2001
This movie is not only most enjoyable, it´s brilliant thanks to the 13 great actors that appear in it.

Wonderful script, great performances, good music by Dave Grusin, mystery mixed with comedy, I think there´s nothing lacking.

Peter Falk is an American detective, Peter Sellers is Chinese, James Coco is French, and David Niven is of course... English. The plot gets more and more twisted as the movie goes on...

Our detectives are invited to an old mansion where there´s going to be a murder during their stay. But the funny and remarkable thing about this story is they will not only have to expose the murderer, but they´ll have to find the victim as well!!...

I really adore this movie. The all star cast makes it unforgettable. I recommend it deeply.

And I can assure you that you won´t find out who is the murderer until the last seconds of the movie...

Have fun.
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Absolutely thrilling...
18 December 2000
I was just amazed when I finished watching this Italian thriller. Inspired in quite a few American and European movies of this kind, it gets you intrigued from the start till the end. Strange events, mysterious characters, (including the main one who is an amnesic man who doesn´t know who he is or why someone is trying to kill him), the right rhythm and really thrilling moments make this movie one of the best Italian thrillers I´ve ever seen. Absolutely recommended.
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Who find a friend... finds a punch!!
14 December 2000
This is perhaps the Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movie that I´ve enjoyed the most. A solid plot, a superb reggae-style main title track and the two Italian friends in their very best shape ten years after their first world-wide success "My name is Trinity", make this movie most amusing and even unforgettable. Funny dialogues, funny gags, and of course, the essential punches and slaps. A movie to watch and to keep forever.
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14 December 2000
I saw the sequel to this movie in the cinema and enjoyed it very much for it was like a Charles Bronson as "The Vigilante" film but with another main actor. I hired "The Exterminator" in video some time later and I enjoyed it even more!. It´s an explosive film, just what one expects to see when sits in front of a screen to watch a movie called "The Exterminator". It´s not a love story or a children cartoon obviously. This movie gives you what you expect to see. A desperate man who wishes to avenge his best friend who has been almost beaten to death by a punch of lousy punks. Once he has taken care of them, then he finds that making justice with his own hands and his own way is quite rewarding... You will enjoy this movie if you enjoyed "Death Wish" or "Dirty Harry". Punks, take care, The Exterminator is coming!!...
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The Hearse (1980)
9 December 2000
I think that would be the right adjective... confusing. This horror film has a fine start and goes along quite well, but it´s my opinion that the director or the producer didn´t know how to end it, and that´s why I wonder... well, what does this ending mean??... Don´t worry friends, I won´t tell you the ending just because I myself don´t understand it and find it quite absurd. Apart from that the story is intriguing and there are quite a few scary scenes... It´s a shame the ending leaves you expecting many questions to be answered, it´s a real shame...
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A horror film
9 December 2000
Tales from the crypt, just like many other British horror films that were made at that time shows us quite clearly what is a horror film. Modern stuff like "The Blair Witch Project" has nothing to do with this. Any good horror film must have a solid script, the right rhythm and fine performances like "Tales from the crypt" has. "Asylum", "Dr. Terror´s House of Horrors" or "The house that dripped blood" are other examples of great horror films.
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