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Ghulam (1998)
its not as bad as all that
11 December 2002
Sure, its formulaic, but personally I think there is an element of spoof in it. Look at some of the dance routines. Especially the one where they are in a log cabin. They are not taking themselves too seriously here. And it does have a charm about it. My favorite song in it is the one about going to Chandala. And the scene where he enters her window about 16 stories up - it is completely ludicrous but is hugely entertaining and I feel for the right reasons.

Amir Khan also appeared earlier in "andaaz apna apna" which was very much a comedy, allthough it did tend to veer to much towards farce at times.

Although there was some sort of an action story and a moral theme to it, i think much of it was meant to be a light comedy romance, and those parts of the film worked quite nicely.

Sure its not a particularly memorable film and isnt ground breaking cinema, but its not actually a bad film, as long as you arent expecting too much out of it. And its quite watchable.
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I make marbles out of your eyeballs.
11 December 2002
Allthough often it has a tendency to veer towards the farcicle, occasionally this film has some genuinely very funny moments. The character Crime Master Gogo steals all of the scenes in which he is in, as a sort of inneffectual zorro inspired bandit, with the catchphrase threat of "I make marbles out of your eyeballs". I would love to know if this catchphrase has the same meaning in the original language.

The rivalry/friendship between the 2 lead roles is entertaining, and the tricky schemes that they come up with to get the girl provide a lot of the comedy.

The only real criticism I have for the film, is that sometimes it became too farcicle (uncles and evil twins being mistaken for each other, and being bonked on the head), and I think a couple more songs wouldnt have gone amiss.
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