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Glitter (2001)
4 August 2002
When I first rented this film, I was not expecting much. I should not have been expecting anything at all, because that is exactly what I got from this film: nothing (other than extreme confusion).I was well aware that the movie had been panned by every respectable critic on the planet and that it was a rent-at-your-own-risk endeavor. But I thought perhaps the magnitude of its stupidity had been exaggerated, and with the same impulse that leads many people to stop and watch a car crash, I rented this movie. What I found was perhaps the most annoying piece of fluff ever created by the media industry. This film has no solid plot or premise. The holes in the story are big enough to swallow the Grand Canyon. I found myself waiting for some kind of purpose to emerge as the movie progressed. I was monumentally disappointed. The movie is either so complex that I as a normal person cannot grasp the symbolism or so horribly shallow that only the feeblest of minds could see any point to this drivel disguised as a movie. I believe unfortunately it is the latter rather than the former. There are many aspects that make this film weak. Let us be honest. To say Mariah Carey is not the greatest actor in the world would be the understatement of the century, but this film's lack of substance does not solely rest on her slender shoulders. A cast of B-list actors who could not act their way through a wet paper bag also add to this failure. In addition are bad writing and plot. There was not one piece of original, inventive material in the whole movie. The whole film seems to revolve around Mariah Carey's appearance. Every other second she is gyrating around in some skimpy ensemble. The success of the film was largely tied to Mariah Carey's cleavage. This approach might have worked if it were a concert special or if the character weren't so two-dimensional and aggravating. The movie is reminiscent of Elvis films of the 50's and 60's in which the music is based around the charisma of a popular performer, but honestly Mariah Carey is no Elvis. Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, bad everything. Don't waste a hour and a half of your life on this movie. WARNING! Rent at your own risk! You have been warned. .0000000000000001 of 10 (because you can't vote a zero)
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Honest, Truthful, Real...Truly Anne Frank
21 May 2001
Anne Frank. A girl like anyone else. Anne Frank. A girl who wanted to travel, to do great things, to be a "modern woman". Just an ordinary girl, who lived and died under extraordinary circumstances. Forced into hiding after the Germans gained control of the Netherlands, she was confined in an annex for two years, and then discovered and with her family was taken to a concentration camp. She later perished there. The only survivor of the annex group was Anne's father, Otto Frank. All that is left of her story is the diary she left behind. Her diary, her legacy to the world, defined the voice of a generation. Her irrepressible spirit and pure heart shine through within its pages. Her words, some of the most precious words in history, have been preserved for posterity in the novel, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. This movie, Anne Frank: the Whole Story, tells this tale with such power it leaves the viewer in tears. From her bright, hopeful beginning to her heart-wrenching end, this movie grows a step further than the diary and really does show the "whole story". Inspiring, truthful, tragic, heartbreaking, yet triumph. 10/10
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Sweet and Funny
27 November 1999
I'll Be Home for Christmas is a sweet and funny holiday movie. The cast works well together to bring you film with easy-going laughs. So if you are looking for an amusing, sweet, and relaxed Christmas movie, you will probably enjoy it. Don't try to examine it like a deep, dramatic film, because Oscar material it isn't. But it is a well-portrayed unpretentious holiday comedy. So just relax and enjoy.
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