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More stupid racism from the movie industry (May contain spoilers)
12 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I was undecided halfway through this very dirty movie whether I was being entertained or satisfying some sick curiosity I keep chained up in the basement of my lower brain. Don't get me wrong; I'll pay good money to satisfy both appetites. But I made up my mind about this film when it tried to sell needless additional shock value by exploiting ignorant stereotypes. I so sick to death of Black, and now apparently Latino Men being cast as nasty sexual predators. What makes matters worse is these movie bogeymen are always laying in wait for the pure white female youth of America. How frightening this must have been for those of you who found this film a work genius. It would have just been too tame for the white pimp to deflower our white teenage runaway (which is what would happen in reality). No… what's needed here is a really malevolent, un-naturally dark, sweaty, black man to scare the hell out of ignorant moviegoers. I'm not saying minorities shouldn't play the bad guys in the movies, just try to be more creative. Hey, if you liked this theme, you should rent Requiem for a Dream and Traffic as well! It's no wonder the cancer of racism won't go into remission, when you keep ingesting poison like this!
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Hey folks, lighten up. It's a movie, Not a documentary!!
18 November 2003
I passed up on this gem when it first came out and I'm sorry I did. It may not have all the elements of a classic war movie, nevertheless it was still very effective storytelling. The first thing that an intelligent moviegoer should realize, whether the movie is a "period piece" or "based on a true story", is that it can't be all factual. What I believe tripped a few people up about BHD is the almost reality TV style Ridley Scott employed. I'm sure many who are blindly hooked on this genre felt somewhat betrayed. Any drama on a historical event good or bad, realistic or propagandized should inspire one to do his/her own research. These movies sometimes entertain and always raise questions that prompt me to search for more information on the topics raised by the movie.
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Am I the only one who feels this way?
9 June 2001
I must admit I did enjoy the movie. However, I didn't think it was necessary for this film to fall back on old, negative stereotypes. Why did Darren Aronofsky feel it vital to his plot to play on the fears of white America by having the virtues of the addicted "girl next door" defiled by the big bad black man? It seems to be a common theme in these "drug movies" that black men are cast as sexual predators, ready to pounce on the weakness of a daughter near you!! If you don't believe me, rent the movie Traffic, which incidentally netted Steven Soderbergh the nod for best director. In that movie, we have a poor little rich girl who spirals out of control, right into the clutches of the typical drug movie monster. Both movies had good points, and were so entertaining that I believe that they could have stood on their own without this unnecessary ingredient.
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X-Men (2000)
A Pleasant Surprise!
17 July 2000
This was the best movie adaption of a comic book I have seen since the original Batman. I was disappointed with the limited role a star like Halle Berry played, but I can forgive them if they make up for it in the upcoming sequels. In addition I owe an apology to whoever did the casting. I cursed them night and day when I heard Hugh Jackman won the part, I was wrong. In fact he became Wolverine! Right down to the cigar. This movie is a must see for anyone who loved the comic.
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Longitude (2000 TV Movie)
A&E Original Movie Strikes Gold (Again)
9 July 2000
I never fail to learn, grow and believe it or not, be entertained by A&E Original Movies. This movie Longitude is no exception. This movie is historically accurate, educational and just great movie making. No history buff will mind spending the four hours it takes to deliver The Harrision's story to the small screen. Again, Bravo!
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When Trumpets Fade (1998 TV Movie)
A Classic Is Born!
22 February 2000
To those of us who as a kid watched, "Battle Cry", "The Longest Day" and how could I forget "the Battle of the Bulge", I grew up thinking WWII soldiers were men of steel. Not the sniffling, morally challenged, non-patriotic, bloodthirsty draftees of the Vietnam war. Heres a few of those movies for example: "Platoon", "Casualties Of War", "Full Metal Jacket". Movies Like "When Trumpets Fade", put reality of WWII into a perspective did not exist in the movies up to that point. Not to mention, for a lot less money than "Saving Pvt. Ryan". This movie had very human believable characters, like the kind we see in Vietnam war movies. They didn't take a Battlefield objective with soul stirring music playing in the background, but with the sounds of screaming, absolute terror and explosions. This movie was not given it's due, Great acting, great story, simple but effective F/X. I give this show a 9 out of 10, this is a must see for war movie buffs. A sleeper soon to be a classic.
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Rogue Trader (1999)
Interesting story!
19 February 2000
I found Rogue Trader to be a highly entertaining point of view regarding the Barings bank disaster of the mid 90's, from Nick Leeson himself. I once said, "I'm not crazy to see movies that I know the ending". However, I had to start eating my words after TITANIC. Now, I can add this to the list. Barings was the financial equivalent of the "unsinkable ship" and just like TITANIC, I was on the edge of my seat when the unthinkable was finally realized. A must see, minus heroes.
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