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1911 (2011)
Unadulterated Rubbish? No! It's Adulterated
13 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
*****SPOILER ALERT!***** This movie is pre-spoiled. Oh, and the revolution succeeds. I gave it 2 stars because Jackie Chan did get one fighting scene in. That was worth one star. The other star is for... well, I'm not entirely sure what it's for. Effort maybe. Comically bad effects certainly.

I guess this is Communist China's version on Patton. So instead of being epic and exciting it's epic and long windedly boring. Not that it's not entirely worth seeing. There are a few moments, but you have to add your own jokes, like an MST3K flick.

Like the sound effects. They have the same cocking sound for every bolt action rifle, which wouldn't be too bad, except it sounds like a lever or pump action instead. That along with the sound of empty casings being dropped for fully loaded bullets, as well as spent casings, and a ricochet, that seems to be lifted directly from the Rainbow Six video game, used from everything from ricochets to cannons going off completely take you out of the film worse than every grenade in a Chuck Norris movie exploding with a big gas fireball.

There are other things, like the "Go Pee" scene. Jackie Chan is leading one, of many, battles in the film and a Vicker's or Maxim type machine gun overheats and seizes up. He tells the soldier to pee on it. Not that this didn't happen, but he pees on the jacket of the water cooled gun, not in it. Not sure that would have worked for long and it would have been tough to keep a line of soldiers constantly urinating on it in the middle of a battle. And speaking of jackets, poor Jackie Chan has to lead a couple of battles without a uniform. And it seems like as soon as he gets one he gives it away to his politician friend before he even sets foot off the boat.

That's another thing. Every ship in the film looks like a CG shot from Titanic. It's almost like this movie was made with a kit. Every sound and visual effect has a sameness to is. It's almost comical. Did I say almost? It IS comical. Almost as funny as the leader of the communist revolution begging the heads of the "Imperialist Bank" for money to help end Capitalism. Yep, that happens.

So, if you want to see Jackie Chan direct and star in a War Epic sprinkled liberally with comically bad effects, that lots of speeches, and the most propaganda shots since the Battleship Potemkin, this is the movie for you. Otherwise it's a little like the Chinese film industry's attempt to make the Last Emperor from the other side. So despite lots of battle scenes, rather than being exciting, its a bit tedious. So while I feel I understand their attempt to escape oppression better, they seem to have only succeeded in trying to legitimize the new repression, and in making a epically long winded film that would rival and political speech.

And speaking of speech. Jackie Chan has a very uncharacteristically gruff voice when speaking Chinese. Though it fits fine with the tough military officer character he plays in the movie, it makes it all the more surprising and funny when he speaks English and it's the same Jackie Chan from the V-8 commercials on TV.

Goes good with The Last Emperor, 55 Days in Peking, The Sand Pebbles and or Reds.
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Treasure Island (II) (1999)
***Spoiler Alert*** They Spoiled A Classic
10 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Don't watch this version if you loved the classic. Has virtually nothing to do with the original story. The heroes are turned into villains and killed off, along with most if not all of the original dialog. If only they had done this same with this film in pre-production. Having read the book recently, I've gone back and watched the original film and the Disney remake. I thought this might be fun for comparison. Fun is not quite the word. Jack Palance is about as good a substitute for Long John Silver as the Isle Of Mann is for a tropical island with a few hot house plants stuck in the background. What is going on in Canada? I'd say there were some strange films coming from there lately, but this is ten years old and strange doesn't begin to describe it. More like bizarre! And here is the Spoiler of Spoilers in a pre-spoiled mess. Instead of Jim Hawkins sailing back to England with the good guys and the treasure, they kill the bad guys and good guys, and he runs off to Panama with it with Long John and Ben Gunn. Wait? What? That's right. And Long John doesn't even know the names of the sails even though he's supposed to be a sailor. Huh? What? The bad guys are bad. The good guys are bad. Everyone dies. And the last two members of Flint's crew don't know anything about sailing.
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Black Dog (1998)
Road House Hits The Road . . .
3 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One Actor, Two Musicians & One Black Dog! And more wrecked cars and trucks than you'd want to count. Swazye must run a load of illegal gunsto New Jersey in order to save his home and his family. But he's caught between the gangsters and the FBI. I came in in the middle of this on HBO. It was so cheesy I couldn't stop watching it. If you're in the mood for a trucking flick that is a bit more serious than Smokey & The Bandit or Convoy, this is the picture for you. If you can call this serious, and you can call this Made-For-TV (with extra added violence) type movie a motion picture. Worth a gander is you come in past the exposition. Doesn't really need any. Spoilers? pbbt... It's pre-spoiled. Cheese-O-Licious!
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Beachhead (1954)
So Bad It's Good! Soilers? It's Pre-Spoiled!
10 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I give it 5 Stars because it's too bad to be really good, yet so bad it is. Too many things to mention, so I'll hit some of the stand outs. Production, Direction, Writing, Acting, Sound & Effects are all bad, but the location looks great! See how many thing you can find wrong with this picture. No wasting a shot because a cloud went over. Or because the acting was bad, or a scene looks like it was lit with a flashlight. The wind may be blowing like crazy in a scene, but you'll hear nothing but bad dialog and the occasional bird chirp. And isn't it amazing that only a gunshot saves Tony Curtis from walking on the booby-trapped step on the radio shack, but he can miss it and successfully lure the enemy soldiers in without being told which step it is. That a an a few other things like stopping in the middle of the mission to make out with the missionary's daughter make this one of those So-Bad-It's-Good Movies. Yes, "Yondda lies the castle of my Fodda." is the quintessentially bad Tony Curtis line, but you'll find plenty of lines in this film to rival it.
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The Contender (2000)
Ruined By Retoric
11 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film had it's moments. And yet it manages to shoot itself in the foot nearly every time. Which is surprising given it's title character's stance on gun control. She claims she wants every gun removed from every home, period. And then talks about Freedoms in nearly the same breath. If that isn't the proverbial double standard this film purports to be against I don't know what is. First disarm every Criminal & Cop, every Soldier & Savage, Every Villain & Vigilante, then ask The American Citizen to set their arms aside. But they'd better set them aside very close by in case the job wasn't thorough. Even one of the film's own stars railed against this film and refused to give the director the shot he wanted because he knew that was the one he'd use. Can you blame him? The movie was nominated for several awards, but won only one. Broadcast Film Critics Association Award. No surprise there -- and damned few in the film itself. The performances are however first rate, even if the dialogue is, at times, third rate at best. It's like a second rate Oliver Stone movie, only more preachy and pretentious, if that's even possible. If, on the other hand, you're a far left liberal who demonizes anyone else with an opposing view, you will find this very uplifting. If you are anyone else, you still appreciate that Jeff Bridges can be The Dude one minute and The President the next, with Sam Elliot's Stranger thrown in for good measure. Or better yet, just watch The Big Lebowski instead. It will teach you more about Life & America in one scene, than this entire aggrandized propagandized film.
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A Tapsy Turvy World of Talking Racks
21 April 2007
Saul of the Mole Men is Bad . . . but not all bad. This Sid & Marty Kroft parody has it's moments. Like when Saul talks to the Wise Man, or when he's thrown into prison and forced to fight a giant worm. It's not all good. There are scenes in nearly every show that seem tacked on filler. Buta lot of the Bad is Good. Like the deliberately cheap sets, costumes, FX, etc . . . Saul's wig and mustache are particularly bad. But the best part is his Chicago/New Yawk accent, and listening for what words he's going to mispronounce next -- like calling Rocks, Racks. "Da Bears..." After a while it gets to be like Super Milk Chan. The more you watch the more you want. Eventually you wish you had it on an endless loop! Trey Parker of South Park wrote the opening theme. Look for Alex Winter as the King Of The Mole Men.
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Liberal Liberties Taken by Takeshi ***SPOILER ALERT****
21 April 2007
When an actress friend of Shitaro Katsu, the original Zatoichi, asked Takeshi to take on the role, as the new Zatoichi, he hesitated to do it. Shitaro Katsu was the only one to play the character since it's creation. And he is inseparably and indelibly ingrained in Japanese culture as The One & Only Zatoichi. Takeshi agree to do it, but only if he could do it his own way. That's just what he did. With dance troupe extras, a cross-dressing geisha, and a Zatoichi who isn't completely blind, with bleached hair and a bright red sword cane. Look for Tadanobu Asano from the over-the-top gangster flick, "Ichi The Killer", again playing a Yakuza Boss, only this time from the tradition samurai period -- Though this is anything but a traditional Samurai Film. Takeshi plays it mostly for laughs with buckets of CGI blood.
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Air Master (2003–2004)
Ranma On Roids
10 May 2006
This is my favorite fighter series. It's not for everyone. Some say having female fighters is just an excuse for fan service. Some say this series doesn't have enough fan service. But I think it has a good balance. Yes, there is fan service in it, but not gratuitous fan service. Street fighting in a school uniform without at least some up-skirt would just be unnatural.

Maki is a former gymnast who has grown too tall for competition, yet still craves the tension it gave her. So she decides to follow in her father's footsteps and takes up street fighting.

There are some romantic tensions as well, involving one of her girlfriends, and her mystery man, Juliette Sakamoto.

It's not all fighting though. Her little sister, followers and rival provide plenty of comic relief. She's like Girl-Type Ranma on steroids, with less romantic entanglement and more fighting.
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Incredible? No! . . . It is better than that.
26 April 2006
The only actor that is better than Joel Grey, as Chuin, would be Hugh Laurie, as House -- and that's because he fooled me using only a weeks worth of stubble and a trick with his voice. I saw this movie when it came out in the theater, and kept looking for Joel Grey to show up. I had no idea he was under all that Asian makeup.

This is one of my top faves of all time. It's based on the Destroyer action novel series. It has it's flaws, as do the books, both are cracking good fun. I only wish they had shown more of the Master Of Shinanju in action. But he does have some great scenes picking on Remo.

The film makes you wish there really were, pressure-point using, bullet dodging assassins out there taking down the bad guys. The books are far more violent, and would have earned the film an R rating, instead of the PG-13 it got. But it's still action packed, yet leaves you wanting more.

Though it's called Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins . . . it failed to continue. And though the stars (like the cast of Buckaroo Banzai, another 80's flick that didn't have a follow up) may be a bit old for a sequel, it cries out for one -- and entire franchise in fact. Maybe it will be picked up in the future with a new cast.
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So Bad It's Good!
4 December 2005
When I first saw this show I didn't think much of it. Then when I saw it again, I still didn't think much of it. That's when it hit me! Like a a Monty Python 16 Ton Weight! This show is pure genius! It is the South Park of Japan. The animation is poor at best. The kid has a foul mouth, and gets in unbelievably outrageous situation. And every show is the same, but different. It can become so addictive you almost want the whole series running on a loop 24/7. You may read some reviews saying this show is bad. Well, yeah, it is. But just because something is bad has never stopped people from wanting more of it. Super Milk-chan is bad the way booze and ciggies and fattening food is bad. It just leave you wanting more. The more you watch, the more you want.
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WTF? Dept.
1 May 2005
I give this film 10 out of 10. That's because there is no reverse scale for movies that are so BAD they're GOOD! This one is right up there near the top of the list -- right under Latitude Zero. It starts out like The Dirty Dozen, and ends up like Mad Max, with a reference to just about anything, and everything, they could come up with along the way. From Amazons -- "That would be okay by me." To Haunted Houses -- "Who's that? Your Grandmother?" and there's even a Jackie Chan prize fight. Well, why not?

None of this seems connected in any meaning full way. It's like they're at the film studio wandering from set to set -- just making it up as the go along. But none of it it as funny as the two Chinese Scotsmen. Why one of them is wearing a chrome helmet from Jesus Christ Superstar, and swinging a spiked ball on a chain is beyond me, but it fits with all the other wackiness in this crazy picture. Why not open with a musical number in a restaurant? "But first, you must call me Papa." Don't question it. Just turn your brain off, sit back, and enjoy. But don't forget to listen for the bits of soundtracks taken from other films, and "Observe the rules."
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Tombstone (1993)
I'm your Huckelberry . . . and you Sir, are no Daisy!
26 February 2005
This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite westerns. Right up there with Rio Bravo, Stagecoach and The Good The Bad & The Ugly, if for no other reason than Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday.

It is an incredible performance. I thought Dennis Quaid's Holiday was good, but I hadn't seen Tombstone. Quaid was good, which goes to show just how outstanding Kilmer's is. The writing is great and Kilmer brings it to life.

And the interaction between Holiday and Ringo make it worth watching every time it's on. Oh there are flaws in this film, sure. People firing off twice as many rounds as their weapons will hold without real loading, is one that come to mind. But it's still worth seeing if only to watch Kilmer bring the character to life. The other actors are good as well, but Kilmer steals the show.

For the first time viewers, in case you were wondering what the hell Doc is talking about, a "Huckelberry", is a specific man, for a specific job. And a "Daisy", was a used as Blue Ribbon back in those days, particularly in shooting competitions.
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One of the All Time Classic Bricoms
31 January 2005
There's nothing like Reginald Perrin. The only things that approach it are Ronnie Barker's stammering speeches in Open All Hours, or his cockney patter in Porridge, and John Cleese's tantrums in Fawlty Towers. Leonard Rossiter's gift for rattling off a screed like a machine gun is amazing. If Reg Parrin ever did walk into the sea he'd never drown because he never has to stop to take a breath!

Every episode is remarkably simialar. Elizabeth sends him off to work, to which he is invariably late. He fantasizes about his secretary Joan until he's called on the carpet by his boss CJ, who didn't get where he is by . . etc . . . who gives Reg the completely mad assignment of the day.

And then he goes home for the day, where his dinner, which is invariably rizotto, is interrupted by his nutty military brother-in-law's cockup on the catering front, or his pipe smoking son-in-law's latest attempts at nettle wine. And then he thinks about his weekend visit to his mother-in-law whom he pictures as a hippo. I know! It sounds about as boring as anyone's routine. What isn't boring is watching him slowly go into meltdown, and start spouting off like a volcano erupting. It just get's better and better as Reggie's life gets worse and worse.

Reg really does try to make his way through the day. But if you or I had days like his we'd probably turn our hand to eccentric occupations too. But hang on, because with every new twist in his otherwise monotonous road there will be another fall and rise in this roller-coaster ride of a comedy.
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Wyatt Earp (1994)
Wyatt Earp vs Tombstone
4 December 2004
Both of these movies are about the same time, came out the same time, are about the same guys. And I enjoyed both of them. But Wyatt Erp can be tough to sit through. It's an Epic length film and it's paced that way. Both Costner and Russell play Wyatt as the Pistol Whippin' Sonovabitch that he was. But it's hard to accept Kurt mustache even though its real. And as good as Quade's Doc is Kilmer's is that much better. So it kind of balances out. So if you need epic length, my advice it take the beginning of Wyatt Earp, up until they head out West, and tack it on the front of Tombstone. Best of both worlds! It may be tough to see Costner turn into Russell, but you can put Earp's getting shorter and meaner down to getting older. And you'll get to see Quade turn into Kilmer! You can just put his getting skinnier and crazier down to the booze and the tuberculosis.
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Lost On Me
24 November 2004
Everyone seemed to be praising this flick when it came out, though why I'm not sure. I was just watching it again on cable and it just plain lame. The real title should be "Stuck In Hotel". It just doesn't go anywhere. The whole film should have been like that scene when they go out on the town, which is the only good part of the movie. But even that seems amateurish, with shots that are focus pulled in the middle (not rack focus either) and shaky shots and wild camera swings. It looks like it's edited together from outtakes only. And the writing . . . ? Was there actually writing involved here? It seems like it was all Bill Murray improvising, though if he actually had it probably would have been better. And the atmosphere scenes and the scenes of Murray working are forced and paced strangely. I know that Sophia Coppola was going for a disjuncted faded photo album feel here, and on that she succeeded. But was she also going for a boring, pretentious, student film feel as well? Because if she was, she succeeded beyond he wildest dreams. This is also a Chick Flick in a HUGE way, because Scarlett Johansson's character is cheating on her husband without actually having sex. Oddly as much as I dislike this movie, I don't hate it nearly as much as I should. Perhaps I just long for it's lost potential. I long for it to achieve something. This film, like many in modern cinema, crys out for some sort of triumph. Most people get enough disillusionment and disappointment in their everyday lives without having to go to the movies for it. Perhaps Coppola leads such a charmed life that 'Real Life' is what she longs for. The only real triumph in this movie is that Murray and Johansson's characters get a little slice of what a different life would be like.
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The Venture Bros. (2003– )
A Brilliant Blast From The Past!
21 November 2004
If you grew up watching Johnny Quest get ready to bust a gut on this one, and it's hilarious even if you didn't. Every cliché is ripped through like bodyguard Brock Samson going through henchmen. There's even a scene in there of him painted purple like Aqizio, and watching him snap is always a highlight of the show. The Brothers, Dean and Hank, rather then being Wonder Boys, are the complete opposite of Johnny Quest, and are a couple of goobs, regular teens, who take all the Super Science in stride. Dr. Venture himself is something of a failure in life, and yet he is the envy of all the other Super Scientists, because he has so many Arch-Enemies. The show is outstanding, though there is room for improvement. Some of the gags in the first season are hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit you like like Brock Samson! So there is sure to be a second season. Now grab the handle and push the button. Go Team Venture!
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Funniest Movie In Recent Memory!!!
17 October 2004
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie. If you don't find crude humor funny this probably won't be your cup of tea. But if it doesn't bother you, then don't walk, run, to see this movie. You'll bust a gut and your sides will split as Team South Park pulls no punches. Every one is fair game for Trey Parker and Matt Stone's satire as they also slay the audience with laughter. Their puppet sex and violence will make your funny bone will ache and leave you in stitches. It's one of those rare movies that has you laughing about the last scene long after the movie has moved on to the next scene. Don't miss it!
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Vampirella (1996 Video)
Vampirella Sucks!
1 October 2004
Everyone know what Vampirella is supposed to look like. If you don't know a quick image search on Google will tell you. You'll find many examples in both fan-art and cosplay. It's blood red and comes down from the top on both sides to a very low cut bottom with a gold bat. But that's not what she looks like in this C-Movie. They have her in a cheap red PVC two-piece with suspenders that a dancer in a third-rate topless bar wouldn't be caught undead in, that looks like a bad Halloween knock-off of a Vampareilla costume. I guess they spent all the wardrobe budget and most the rest of the movie's budget on getting Daltry to do the movie, after telling him, "You'll be the star of the worst movie ever made!" didn't work. Bad writing, bad lighting, bad fighting, bad acting, bad directing, zero production values. I can't say enough bad things about this movie. Watch it for laughs.
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What the Hack?
12 September 2004
Sometimes Branagh's pretty good. Sometimes he's a hack. Which is what he did in the editing in this thing, sometimes called Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It should be called Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein. Just look at the creation scene. He could have slime wrestled with a naked Helena Bonham-Carter . . . but NooooooOOOOOOOooooo! (I guess he got enough of that at home) He has to do it with Bobby De Niro! Well, he is English. As for H B-C, I guess she'd had enough as well, since she moved on to another director, Burton, who also is sometimes good, sometimes a hack. I guess those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And as many period pictures as she's been in, you would think she'd have learned that by now.
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Tenshi na konamaiki (2002– )
Ah hem . . A slight correction.
26 July 2004
Pay no attention to that man behind the previous post . . . The main character in this anime is not Megumi Hayashibara, as was stated in the previous post. The main character is in fact, Megumi Amatsuka. But he was right about one thing . . . This series is hilarious! And I can understand his confusion (though he could have just looked up at the cast list) -- Megumi Amatsuka is the main character and is played by voice actress Megumi Hayashibara. And like Megumi Hayashibara's most famous character, Ranma, in this anime she plays a martial arts boy who turns into a girl. But it's there that the similarity ends. Because this is no water curse -- where a hot bath or a tea kettle will change her back into a him. He is stuck as a she, until the magic periot that changed him into a her changes him back that is. If the sadistic sprite will change him back at all.

He asked this evil imp to be a Man Among Men. Either the little demon has bad hearing, or an awfully funny way of filling wishes. Maybe he's just plain mean! Either way, Megumi is stuck as a girl until the spell can be reversed. This leads to some very funny High School Hijinks. And what about dating? Yikes! Megumi is not only a Woman Among Women, she's the hottest chick in school! And her suitors, though they want to help her, aren't exactly anxious for her to change back. If you love Ranma 1/2 you love this one too. It carries on the Ranma / Megumi Hayashibara tradition of the "Gender Reversal Genre" admirably.
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One Of Walken's Best
13 July 2004
This is indeed a quirky movie, so Walken is clearly in his element. Griffen Dunne does seem like he's playing the same character in After Hours, only he has fallen on hard times. Dennis Hopper's character, Dunne thinks, holds the key to a brighter future, but only if he can raise the money to turn Hopper's book into a film. That's where Walken's character comes in. But he doesn't want to give him the money directly. He's read Hopper's book too, and wants to help Dunne empower himself, by finding a deal that can help Dunne raise the money, which is where Taturo character comes in. Taturo is a perfect foil for Walken's laid back style. He's no Barton Fink here, but just as weird. If quirky comedies that chug there way over the top are your thing, this movie is for you!
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This Movie Is Great! Or is it?
8 July 2004
You will either love or hate this movie. If you get it it is a barrel of laughs. If you don't get it, you say . . . What the hell is this nonsense? It has been said that it's a comedy with all the punchlines removed. But they are there, you just have to read between the lines. It's kind of like one of those Magic Eye Puzzles. You have to look at it with the right kind of eyes. Otherwise you'll just see it as a crappy 80s sci-fi spoof. But trust me, there's more there than meets the eye. Some of the jokes aren't obvious on first viewing, or the 100th for that matter. You may want to consult the DVD extras or Pinky Caruther's 10,000 little known facts. With a bit of research, you can find out the reasons why that watermelon is there!
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Which One?
14 April 2004
The comparison of WTBR and F & L is pointless. Each actor brings something different to their version of HST, his "lawyer" etc . . . Gilliam certainly brought his own style to the more text based project, but enough of that. You'll see plenty of conflicting viewpoints in the other comments. Which WTBR you see will determine how much you like or dislike this film will depend on which version you see. I've seen at least three versions of this movie, and possibly a couple more. And although essentially the same movie, they're all totally different. The adding of a simple 30 second scene changed the entire tone of the film in one version. In another it was just the soundtrack that was changed. It was as though they lost the rights to the original soundtrack -- or just couldn't keep up the payments -- and had to replace the tunes with some second-stringers. It's amazing how much something like changing the songs in the soundtrack effects the feel of the thing as much as anything happening on screen. The original release is the only one really worth seeing. And you're not likely to. As far as I know, it doesn't not exist anymore. I caught it on cable when it was fairly new. All of the versions I've seen since on TV or video were the inferior versions that have the added scenes and or the adulterated soundtrack. So even if you've mat have seen this movie, you probably still haven't.
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Speed Racer (1967–1968)
Mmmmm . . . That's Good Cheese!!!
31 March 2004
Speed Racer "Mahha Go Go Go" (1967) is arguably the seminal anime of all time. The only thing in the states that predates it, aside from a feature film like, Alakazam The Great "Saiyu-Ki" (1960-61)and other Peter Fenadez efforts like Asto Boy, Marine Boy, Gigantor etc . . . is a series called 8-MAN "Eitoman" (1963). It was an excellent series about an android, who looks strangely similar to Racer X, that "powers-up" by reaching behind the 8 into his chest and smoking a "Power Cigarette". You can see why that series didn't make it out of the 60's. Speed Racer, however, is and remains a timeless classic. Everything is so over the top, on has to wonder if Peter Fenandez and crew even had a proper translation to work from. Maybe they didn't, but it doesn't matter. The have one of the coolest cars in the world! Right up there with the Batmobile, The Green Hornet's Black Beauty and Mad Max's Interceptor is the Mach 5. You can's drive it and not look cool in doing it, especially with Trixie by your side, not to mention Spridle and Chim Chim hiding in the trunk.

But Speed is impetuous. Always trying to win the race by leaping before he looks. But, luckily for him Kabala of Ka-pe-ta-pek (You have to say it that way or it's just not funny) is really Racer X, who is really Speed'solderbrotherRexwhoranawayfromhomeyearsago. (You have to say it that way too. In fact the stilted and slurred together English as the voice actors try to match the story elements to the Japanese lip movements is part of it's charm. That and the fact that the Mach 5 can drive straight up the side of a mountain with little or no problem at all.

And you can never get enough of all the "Joke Names", like Snake Oiler of the Car Acrobatic Team. Speed Racer maybe one of the few anime that's actually better than the original Japanese. As well as the most violent cartoons since the original Johnny Quest (1964). But only the baddies get killed in them. So there's always that rewarding sense of poetic justice, so it's okay. Sure, The Malange or anything equipped with the GR-X engine may be faster, but they're just too dangerous to drive. So strap yourself into the Mach 5 and hold on! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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FLCL (2000–2018)
I Used To Hate It, Now I Love It!
7 November 2003
When I first saw FLCL (Furi Kuri, Fooly Kooly) I didn't like it. But it grows on you. I check out a couple of epis at A-Kon, and thought, what is this? Robots coming out of people's heads? A girl on Vespa running a kid down, and clubbing him with a lefty Rickenbacker bass? WTF? I thought . .. Uh...Okay. Next! But after seeing it a few times, its really great! Plus, thanks to The Pillows, it has one of the best soundtracks in all of anime! Don't try and figure it out. Maybe you'll get it someday, but for now, just sit back and enjoy the weirdness!
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