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One of the Cliff Richard gems!
24 October 1999
This movie is one of those enchanting old movies, filmed when musicals were a rage in Hollywood. Sir Cliff Richard totally wows the audience with his immense onscreen charisma as well as his smooth dance moves.

This well-cast movie also has Cliff Richard singing the theme song, albeit a cheery one aptly named "Summer Holiday". Great entertainment and very fun to watch. Gimme Cliff over Travolta anytime!
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A total waste of time and money.
23 October 1999
Fann Wong (Yes, weird name) . Just because some industry bigwig thought she was photogenic and popular with teenagers, she was cast in this picture. Peter Ho is a singer by trade and this is his first time acting. Though they look like they could sell toothpaste together, they certainly can't sell movies. This movie was a thorough waste of time and it nearly bored me to tears in the cinema.

"The truth about Jane and Sam" is a totally shallow work employing the oldest plot in the book. A cynical, jaded woman (Fann Wong) in Hong Kong, meets Singaporean journalist(Peter Ho). At first they don't like one another, then he finds she is actually a sweet, nice girl inside. Then they end up going to bed. The next morning, POW! she is in the kitchen (how domestic) , making him breakfast.

This is just a movie to cheat impressional teenagers of their allowances. By the way, the soundtrack sucks too. Thank goodness they didn't let Fann Wong sing the theme song. . Watch this movie at your own peril.
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Barbra: The Concert (1995 TV Special)
Fantastic Showcase
23 October 1999
This concert was one of the best I have ever seen. Barbra's superb singing, her appreciative audience (they gave her so many standing ovations you wouldn't believe) and her impressive stage presense was a marvel to watch. Only regret that I couldn't attend that concert and the approaching millennium one in MGM Grand. Will be dying to get that LD too though! Go for it Barbra!
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