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King Kong Japanese Style
18 December 1999
A very pleasing movie, that has a total of 4 kaiju's (giant Monsters) in it. They are King Kong, Mechani Kong, a Giant Sea Snake, and Gorosaurus (from Destroy All Monsters fam). This movie is filled with a lot of action, and goes at a fast pace. The Kajiu fights are great and numerous. And Dr. Huu makes a very good villain, although he is a little trigger happy (he kills every one in the movie with at least three shots from his gun). Over all a very good kajiu movie.
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Godzilla takes the Gamera approach to Movies
26 September 1999
In this Godzilla movie, the series takes the path of the early Gamera movies, in that a kid is the main character, and that the monsters seem to react to him. This movie is by far the most childish of all the Godzilla movies. In that it tries to mimic the life of a Japanese boy, who looks up to Godzilla, as a hero.

This movie, could have been a lot better, if it was not for the fact that the special effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya died while the movie was in production, the budget was then cut, and instead of just canning the movie, stock footage was added to complete it. It really is a sham because with out stock footage this movie would have been a lot better. But still this movie was trying to compete with the Gamera movies, of the time, as they were getting more and more of an audience. So compared to the Gamera movies, this movie is great. But compared to the other Godzilla movies it is one of the worst.

But then again all, of the Godzilla movies can't be winners; I suggest this movie mainly to children, unless you are a Godzilla fan or kaiju movie, which if this is the case, I suggest you buy this movie, to complete your collection.
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A great misunderstood Godzilla movie
22 September 1999
This movie is great, one of the best of the giant monster movies (daikaiju). But sadly this movie is usally overlooked because of the silly opponents that Godzilla fights, like a giant lobster and a giant condor. but if you look past the bad Kajiu designs, and focus more on the plot you will enjoy the movie alot more. Also get the subtitled version, there are too many mistakes in the dubbed version so that it passes on as stupid, and the actors in this movie are really top notch, so get the subtitled version. Defentily one of the most overlooked Godzilla movies.
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The Best of The Mothra Triolgy
13 September 1999
By far the best movie of the Mothra Triolgy. This movie has one thing that the other 2 didn't, a lot of city destruction. Oh and the new King Ghidorah looks so good. And all of the special effects of him flying through buildings is so well done, it has to make you wonder what is in store for us in Godzilla 2000. Also Mothra gets into a new form of course, which I think is the best of them all, that is here Metal Mothra form, it is just so cool how she slices and dices Ghidorah up. If I would have to make a complaint about this movie it would be that a kid is a main character (groan!), and that all of the dinosaurs look really bad in this movie. But still a great movie minus these things.
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Yamato Takeru (1994)
Surprise Hit
13 September 1999
This movie starts out with a great plot and lots of action, it has good special effects, character development isn't all that good. But you still seem to get a bit of "presence" toward each character. This movie would have been one of the best movies I have ever seen, that is if it didn't fall into a "slump". This "slump" beginning after the return from their quest, the movie takes a unseen turn into space, and starts going downhill from there. But still a great movie.
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A great Musical!
13 September 1999
As good as a movie that is about the music in Godzilla can get. Many People will enjoy the wonderful scores put together by Akira Ifukbe, and many more composers who worked on the film. Of course since all this movie is, is music I suggest it only for fans of Godzilla, or Toho in general.
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