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I remember a fun comedy
28 July 2005
Apparently the UK writers don't like this movie. I do, and did when I saw it on cable some 20 years ago. I wish a good copy would turn up on DVD. Maybe it wouldn't be so great now, but, I suspect that it would. Maybe it was my single status at the time that made it better. Wishing that I had such a "tough" assignment as this guy. It was meant to be a fun picture, and I think it was. As it's been noted, there no silicone specials here, just natural talent. I think that that helps a lot. Too many of the American made movie of this ilk wind up with a bunch of plastic bimbos bouncing around thinking that their enhanced assets are the sexiest things in the world, NOT. Certainly not a Masterpiece Theater production, but, if you try to appreciate the movie what for it's meant to be, a sex romp/comedy, then you should be able to enjoy it. If not, then tune into Masterpiece Theater.
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I Agree Really Baaaad
20 May 2005
This was a piece, and not a good one. The 'updating' was stupid. The moronic synthesizer was lame, and nothing even close to what was needed. Of course, with what was on the screen, maybe it was the best inspiration that the composer could get, OR, the budget could afford. To have taken what Verne wrote and stayed with that context would have been excellent. This is more like something from Edgar Rice Borroughs, and a really poor attempt at his work. I guess that if you were four years old in 1993 and knew nothing better, this would be a good show. However...... Oh, and the constant narrative by the "hero" was annoying. It would be good to heed the advise of all the others (and me) and pass on this one. You won't regret missing this one.
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Olive Oyl at her worst
12 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I found this Popeye episode to be the one that showed Olive Oyl at her worst as the fickle woman she is. She roared with laughter at all the April Fool Jokes being pulled on Popeye by Bluto, but, when she's the recipient (Bluto makes it look like Popeye's joke, not his), she's enraged at our hero. She, of course, takes off with Bluto. Personally, I'd have let her have the oaf, and be done with her. Popeye certainly deserved better. At the end, after Popeye April Fool's Bluto with a rubber sea monster, she's finds it terribly funny, and is laughing her head off at Bluto now. In other episodes, Bluto has managed to make Popeye out to be a fool in front of Olive, and then walked off with her. And Popeye, really a bigger fool, chases after her, shows up Bluto (like here), and she switches back to him. "Love is blind", they say, and in Popeye's case, it Blind and stupid! I agree, pick another episode and keep this one for later. You'll appreciate the characters more.
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I thought that this was great 50 years ago
19 October 2002
Okay, it's been almost 50 years since I blasted off with Rocky every Saturday morning. And, even then, I can tell you the special effects weren't terrific, and the stories were probably 50's simple, but, it was good entertainment, and an exciting way to start the day. We didn't have Star Wars (etc.) back then, and this was still ahead of Forbidden Planet, so, you didn't expect much, you weren't let down. AND, most kid shows even at the theater were black and white (except maybe Disney), so the black and white TV wasn't a problem. I'm sure that if I viewed this series today, I might cringe at it, but, then again, if you make the effort to try to look at something this old the way you looked at it originally (thru the eyes of a youngster), it just might still be that fine entertainment it was then. Hopefully, someone will put all 39 episodes on DVD, that would be great.
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Poor, Poor Tom
9 October 2002
Spike is teaching his young son the finer art of being a dog. One of the must do, is to scare the cat out of his skin, which Spike does to Tom. Now, it's the boy's turn. Spike, sensing that Tom isn't going to be scared of the little fellow, takes Tom aside, and "convinces" him that he should be scared and run from his son. Tom, wanting to stay healthy, does just that. Jerry catches on to what's happening, and starts imitating the young dog's bark. This keeps Tom scampering up trees, poles, or whatever he can find to get away from the pooch, of course, causing himself much pain by running into anything in the way.

This is different in that Jerry is not inflicting pain or injury to Tom, but, the "violence" is self-inflicted by the cat. And it was nice to have Spike as a more Main Character, rather than the secondary role he usually handled.

I always enjoy the Tom and Jerry cartoons, even now as an adult, they're still fun. They have excellent artwork, and the Technicolor is so perfect. It's hard to say which is better, MGM or Warner Brothers. T & J or Bugs? Okay, maybe Bugs by a hair, but, you can get a good laugh and have some good fun with our friends Tom and Jerry.
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There are SPOILERS here
4 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
First, I'm not out to bash this movie, the marketing did that.

Simple storyline is: Masterson seems to be the only single girl in area that she lives. Blake is the only bachelor of worth in this area. Masterson has the hots for bad boy Bochner, but, he's a card playin', hard drinkin' drifter type that wants nothing to do with marriage. Masterson's mom wants her to marry Blake, and after Bochner turns his back on her, she agrees to the marriage. We are subjected to a drama of Masterson's unhappy marriage.

Now, it is a western, but, not a shoot 'em up, fist fighting, John Wayne-type western. The west is simply a backdrop. It also claims to be a horror story. NOT. If director Donovan had kept the "werewolf" angle, and played it straight, it could have been a chilling, exciting story. NOT. In the first 50 minutes, the most exciting thing happening is Masterson's wedding to Blake. By 55 minutes, Blake has gone outside to spend his first full moon alone since the marriage. Now, in that five minutes, there are some tense moments, and if taken further could have been good, but, there is NO werewolf, there is no further excitement. It dribbles back into the "unhappy marriage, want the other guy" story that we started with.

This is 98 minutes of good acting, good drama, but rather boring waiting for the horror to kick in, and the flame to rage. It just doesn't get there, so if your ready for a drama, it's here, if you want more, check out something else, you'll be happier.
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I love this cartoon
27 July 2002
Having studied piano for years, I can really appreciate the effort to make it look like Tom is really playing this piece, and the wonderful effort to make the action fit the music only adds to the enjoyment. Perfect 10.
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The Zoot Cat (1944)
They did talk
27 July 2002
Here's one fact that I had forgotten. The much lauded "talking" between Tom and Jerry in the feature film a few years back WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY TALKED! They didn't say more than a couple of lines, but, BOTH Tom and Jerry spoke actual words in this cartoon! So much for Hollywood "Myths". I guess the screenwriters overlooked this episode.

It's a fun outing, like most of Tom and Jerry's adventures. Tom's trying to be hep to impress a local female cat, and Jerry's only making things harder on Tom than normal. Good fun, and wild to hear them speak.
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23 July 2002
A race of ancient people are found off the coast of Mexico in 1940. There are about 100 people left out of the hundred thousand that occupied the realm centuries ago. Although the Mexican government wanted troops to go with the expedition, the crew went in alone, and were able to photograph these strange people with no problems. They were almost ready to leave, when the blind and mute shaiman arrived, and through tribal songs, were able to piece together most of the interesting story of this 'nation'.

Sixty years later you wonder what became of these simple folk. How many still survive, as when this photo journal was made, they had stopped creating new infants, and their way of life was set on the road to extinction.

A well spent ten minutes.
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Yankee Fakir (1947)
Fair mystery/western
23 April 2002
The basics: official is killed and visiting traveling salesman helps uncover murderer.

Douglas Fowley, who usually played villains or sidekicks, is the hero here, minus his usual mustache. He's half of a traveling show that's visiting a small town. Fowley's "hustler" persona is used to good advantage here, but, he stays honest all the way through, even trying to prevent the sale of "snake oil remedy" that his partner hustles when ever Fowley's back is turned.

Fowley becomes interested in Woodbury, who runs the boarding house he's staying in. When her uncle is murdered, Fowley tries to help to uncover the killer.

A fair who-done-it with a western background. Fowley makes a good hero, but was really perfect as a slimy villain type. He just had that voice and sneer that made you dislike him, and want justice to prevail.

The rest of the cast fit their roles, and Bevans as the aged prospector who helps Fowley is wonderful in his role. He is kind of "comic relief", and a hoot in this role. Of course, he was always great in the "cantankerous" character role.

Not a great, or memorable movie, and not a terrible one. A fair "B" effort. Having Fowley as the hero is interesting. Worth a watch for that element.
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Mean Mother (1974)
Not A Mean Mother, An Embarrassing One
16 November 2001
I can usually find something good, or worthwhile, in most movies. Here, I can say Lucianna Paluzzi's the best thing about this show. BUT, even she couldn't save it. The stunt work was pathetic, I probably did this good, or better, as a kid and this was supposed to professional???!!! Everything was done slowly, without it being slowed down to show the fast action, it was DONE SLOWLY, poorly choreographed and executed. It was just embarrassing. The black guy, who wound up having most of the action/fight scenes, was SO out of shape you could see why his stunt work wasn't better. The acting was on par with the stunt work. If you want to catch another 70's black action flick because you want to have complete knowledge of the genre, here's the worst. If you want something entertaining, get Black Godfather, Cotton Comes To Harlem, or any Fred Williamson flick, these were at least good, and you'll be glad you skipped this one.
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The Exorcist (1973)
A good movie, but....
11 April 2001
The super classic horror movie of all times??? Maybe. I haven't read all 300 odd comments, so if this repeats someone, sorry. One aspect that cannot be corrected about The Exorcist is the use of the music, or rather the non-use. There were numerous listings during the end title for various music that was "suppose" to be in the show, but wasn't. A joke by Director Friedkin. What wasn't a joke is the fact that Bernard Herrmann was slated to do this score, and was going to compose it on an organ in a cathederal in England. As a fan of Herrmann's music, I can only imagine what he would have done. For the un-enlightened: Herrmann started with boy-genius Orson Welles. Have you heard "Citizen Kane" or "The Magnificent Ambersons". How about "The Devil and Daniel Webster"? Okay, let's jump into the 50's. One of the greatest Sci-Fi scores: "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Many works for Hitchcock. How about the fantastic score assisting James Mason and party on their "Journey To The Center Of The Earth"? He did work on the "Twilight Zone" TV series. He gave us fantasy scores for "7th Voyage of Sinbad" & "The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver". Still don't remember his work, try this the original "Psycho", which was re-used by Danny Elfman (Batman, Sleepy Hollow) for the re-make (Mr. Elfman is a terrific composer, and would have given us, I'm sure, an excellent score to accompany the movie, but, can you really replace perfection?). Again from the 60's, the original "Cape Fear", and, again this score was re-used by Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent Seven, To Kill A Mockingbird) for the re-make. Certainly Mr. Bernstein was capable of giving a worthy score, but, chose perfection again. Unfortunately, Friedkin didn't choose perfection, and we all lost what would probably be the scariest score ever written. THAT would have made this movie perfect, and THAT would have REALLY made it scarey!!! Don't think so, check out the original Psycho (not the remake, please, no offense Mr. Elfman). This score was done entirely with string instruments. No percussion, no horns, no winds, just strings. IF that didn't help scare you, then nothing will. Would The Exorcist be a better picture for this? Your damn straight it would. I'm sure that Mr. Friedkin would put his own spin on this, he already did in an interview years ago with Elmer Bernstein. His choice is what we have to live with, and we can only wonder the possibilites that were passed on. Shame to you Mr. Friedkin. Your movie is good, but dry. A good score, or even better, a great score, a score that would grab you like an icy hand on the back of your neck (does that sound familar Mr. Friedkin) would have REALLY helped here. The Exorcist reminded me of the first time I saw the 1931 "Frankenstein" and "Dracula". No music, and tho both were well made and rather creepy, they were both rather dry, due to the lack of a good score. (Note: Dracula has been updated with a quartet score by Philip Glass, the problem that I have with it is that it's more chamber music, NOT horror music. Sorry.)
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The Coroner (1999)
The Famous Can Kill
17 September 2000
Okay, as pointed out by the other writer, there are ALOT of flaws with this movie. There are ALOT of flaws in MANY movies, and I could spend the length of a book on just the ones that I know of. That point passed, this movie, serious or not, does make a serious statement: The rich and famous, even locally, can be given special treatment, and even overlooked or dismissed as suspect of a crime. Note the infamous Ramsey case which has been botched from the beginning, and instead of being the prime suspects, the heads of the house were not really investigated until the trail to the killer was dead cold. This movie gives you a look at this. A respected female lawyer, who was a victim of the Coroner/Serial Attacker, brings the police to his doorstep. Because they know him, they treat him like an old buddy, not a suspect, and try to get her out of the house rather than listen to her. They do not obtain a search warrant, they don't question his answers, in short, because of his status with the Coroner's Office, they immediately look the other way. Yes, it does have its flaws, but it does makes its statements. There plenty of movies that offer less, and even more that offer more. A viewable movie if you're in the mood to be angered over "special treatment", or laugh at a less than perfect flick. Have a couple of beers and enjoy.
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Assault on Death Mountain (1999 TV Movie)
This is the Video Shadow Warriors
4 August 2000
This is the movie that's out as "Shadow Warriors" on video (Blockbuster carries it as: "Shadow Warriors - 1997 - Hulk Hogan"). Apparently this is the second adventure with this group.

A former adversary who tried to kill Hogan and his men with biological warfare isn't dead, and has re-surfaced. Hogan goes out alone to fight him, and get injected with a deadly virus that gives him only 72 hours to live. The team goes into action to hunt the madman down, stop his evil plan, and save the Hulkster's life.

Not a bad movie, except with Hogan "dying", he isn't his usual kick-butt self. He still takes 'em down, just not as energetically. Tweed and Weathers help keep the action going, and Kove is a trip. It's not award winning material, just good old action fun. Enjoy.
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Chicago Cab (1997)
8 April 2000
I got this film because the video title "Hellcab", and artwork made me think it was a horror movie with a decent cast. This was on the new release wall, unlike the poor guy with the Hollywood Video experience. Maybe he should change stores to one that knows videos. At any rate, the show even starts with a dark night scene, and you don't see the driver's face, he has a hood covering it. Ah, you say, the sinister, evil, demon-possessed driver. Nope, just Paul Dillon, a regular guy, who drives a taxi in Chicago. Okay, so we're going to do a DeNiro/Taxi Driver- type movie. Wrong. This is a look at the types of people he has to deal with. There are the nice moments and rewarding events, but equally or more so is the misery they bring to his life. I agree that there should have been more to each encounter than what was given. I figured that John Cusack's ride, or Gillian Anderson's ride would have had so much more, but, like all the other passengers, they enter, have a very small scene, and are departed before you get to know them. I got to where I didn't care about the riders. They were gone like ghosts too quickly. Some of it was tremendously unnatural. Julianne Moore's character just sat in the backseat, and had a short exchange with Dillon. A person who has just been raped, dealt with the cops (who didn't even give her a ride home!! don't get raped in Chicago), and had been to the hospital, should have been a basketcase. She should have been crying, or fighting back the tears. I think to have had her breakdown and tell the whole story to Dillon would have been great, and given us a chance to see a different side of Dillon as he dealt with this.

I guess this was a success as a play. As a movie, no, unless you enjoy a movie that certainly would not make me want to be a cab driver in Chicago. It's not dull or boring, just not as satisfying as it should have or could have been.

I now understand why the title was changed. Under the original "Chicago Cab", few would have rented it. Under the video title and eerie artwork, you get suckered into it. If you want drama, go for it, if you want horror, take Lake Placid or Bats. They are horror and are better.
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The Return Could Have Been Better
28 March 2000
Van Damme returns to one of his best action roles, with a very weak storyline, and very irritating, stereo-typed characters.

When the action is going, IT'S GOING. Van Damme's aging, but, still has the moves. He's also a widower with a young daughter.

First plot problem, his daughter has access to the "Top Secret Project" building for the Universal Soldier program, and uses it like a daycare center. No other workers had their kids there, so what made her so special, except to put her closer to the action.

Second plot problem, the female reporter. She arrives for and interview, is excorted inside the factility, and when all hell breaks loose, she and her cameraman remain instead of being escorted out. Another excuss to put a character close to the danger.

Third plot problem, the irritating and unreal attitude the reporter has. Instead of showing the least amount of fear over the killing and mayhem going on around her, she's doing her "I-a-reporter-with-a-scoop" dialogue. I was hoping that Romeo or another soldier would take her out.

Fourth plot problem, Kiana Tom, Van Damme's butt-kicking sidekick at the beginning of the movie, is left on the sidelines for most of the movie. Her character replacing the reporter would have enhanced the whole story and added to the action.

If you can overlook the plot problems, the show is at least bearable.
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Grim (1995)
A Ver-r-r-y GRIM Movie
8 March 2000
This IS a BAD movie. People get a couple of bucks together, write a hackneyed script, find someone who attempts to do the latest in special effects, hire some local "talent"(?) and you've got this kind of result.

This show was so loaded with mistakes, you wonder if the people responsible for this show are really that stupid. Have they never seen a horror movie? Did they pay any attention when they watched the movie? It would be nice if these independent types would just try to do something right. Let's face it, there are things that can be done cheaply, and they still come out being pretty good. Look at the works of Sam Katzman, many of the 40's horror movies were made of budgets not much bigger than this, and were tons better.

If you want to sit in disbelief for 86 minutes, having a couple of unintentional laughs, but finally asking "how could anyone do this?", here's your movie.

As Edward Van Sloan said in his introduction for Frankenstein (1931), "Well, you've been warned."
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A Great Work of Science Fiction
2 March 2000
I first saw this movie when it was released in 1954. I was about six. I didn't see it again until @1967/1968, as a theatrical re-release. The big screen did help, but this second viewing, and subsequent viewings on video (I own it), show that it wasn't as perfect as my youthful eyes saw it to be. However, I still consider it a great show. It has the same basic plot of world domination by aliens that other movies of its day had, but, it is so different in it's approach, feel, and delivery, it just never seemed like the same plot to me.

It was also a rare Sci-Fi motion picture. It was filmed in color. Of the eleven horror/sci-fi movies of 1954 (and this list might not be exactly complete), only three were in color. Riders To The Stars (1954), Phantom Of The Rue Morgue (1954), and This Island Earth (four if you put 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) into this group). The remainder of the list range from the cheap quickie to the higher budgeted movie that had some effort put into them. The list is: Devil Girl From Mars (1954), Creature From Black Lagoon (1954), Killers From Space (1954), Godzilla (1954) [this is the Japanese release], Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954), Stranger From Venus (1954), Them! (1954), and Tobar The Great (1954). These black and white shows did have merit in their own way. And, they did what they were made for, to entertain a crowd of kids (and some adults). Almost everyone appreciates color more than black and white, and for a "Kid's" Science Fiction movie to be in color, it made This Island Earth all the more special.

Of course, the special effects, acting, and other aspects of this movie don't match up to today's standards. If it did, it would mean that there had been no advancements in over 40 years. For its day, the special effects are extremely well done. The sets were impressive. The script was intellectual without going leaps and bounds about the child viewer's head. The Mutant really wasn't as good as I remembered, but it was still impressive. Bud Westmore was the master of his day. He, Jack Pierce, and other makeup masters of the past, created the foundation for today's highly imaginative work.

Just think, future generations probably will give negative reviews of Stars Wars, Jurassic Park, E.T. and many of the other groundbreaking movies of our time. They will probably laugh at the "poor" quality of the special effects, or the stilted dialogue and acting just as some of the younger audience does today.

I agree with other writers that point out how much people miss by not watching a black and white, or even just not watching an older movie. They don't come across as hip, realistic, terrifing, or as erotic as today's fare, but, if you really look at these shows, you will find the cornerstone of today's movies created by that moldy oldy from 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years ago.
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24 December 1999
I have seen most of Tim Holt's westerns, and although they used much of the same formula as the other westerns, Tim and crew always made these a little better than most. These were tightly produced Saturday Afternoon fare from RKO Radio Pictures.

In this early entry, he's joined by Smokey, who does the singing (quite well), and Whopper (the comic relief).

One aspect that made this film better was Archie Twitchell's performance as the double dealing lawyer. He was a terrific supporting actor, and at his best as a bad guy. He had a real attitude that made you dislike his character.

There's a couple of fist fights, the bandits only wound the stage driver, and no one, not even a bad guy, gets killed in the shoot out, so the violence level is low for this genre. That makes it pretty safe for the younger crowd to view this show.

Excellent action score by Paul Sawtell, who scored most of Holt's westerns.
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Flaming Gold (1932)
Oil/jungle drama
24 December 1999
William Boyd (pre-Hopalong Cassidy) and Pat O'Brien are drilling for oil in the jungle. Boyd goes to the city to get financing and meets working girl Mae Clarke. They have a great time, fall in love, and get married. The twist, Bill doesn't know Mae was a working girl. When they arrive back at the site, Pat spots her for what she was, and assumes she tricked Bill into the marriage. Thus, the drama unfolds of this friendship/love triangle.

It's a bit dated, and you've seen the plot dozens of times, but, the cast is solid, and the story runs smoothly in it's 54 minute running time.

It would have been better if there had been more danger and excitement about the oil drilling, or life in the jungle, but, it is a drama, not an adventure.

For those that love classic movies, or those wanting to see early performances by the stars.
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Dolly Dearest (1991)
21 November 1999
This was one of those bad movies that had some good effects, but wasn't really scary, except to maybe a five year old.

The acting was good, but, the characters were annoying, and very stereotyped.

The life of the show was the terrific appearance of Rip Torn. He always seems to enjoy his work, and he has that kind of sarcastic side about him that you can chuckle at and not feel bad about it.

So good scares for the young or the faint-at-heart. Otherwise, just a standard possessed-doll-raising-hell-type movie.
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Cripple Creek (1952)
21 November 1999
George Montgomery, Jerome Courtland and Richard Egan are undercover agents in the old west trying to break a gold smuggling ring working out of the town of Cripple Creek.

This is good, solid western entertainment. It's a buddy- western, shoot-em-up, fist-fight, and midnight rides type movie. I found it to be well paced, written and acted. It has some plot twists that make it more adultish than the usual kid-western fodder.

For the western movie fan, there's alot of other familiar faces among the cast, and everyone gives a fine performance.

This has been on Encore's Western Channel. Catch it if you can without commercials, it's so much better.
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Dead Tides (1996)
8 November 1999
This is not your usual Roddy Piper action movie. He plays a multi-dimensional character who has a pretty messed up life. His "girlfriend" can't decide between him and his former buddy, Scott. Of course, Roddy can't seem to decide if he wants to settle down with her. Otherwise, he has a pretty simple life running boats for sale from point A to point B for people. Simple until Tawny Kitaen and her psycho husband Juan Fernandez come into his life.

Roddy shows his romantic, gentle side with both his girlfriend and Tawny. But, be assured that there is plenty of bone crushing, shoot-'em-up, fist fighting action in this flick.

If you would like a different Piper, this is a good show.
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Salem's Lot (1979)
6 November 1999
The cover art for the DVD (and Video) claims "The Ultimate Terror". Sorry, it could have been, but wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I do like the movie, even bought the DVD, but, what could have been the fright of your life didn't happen simply because this, like so much of Stephen King's material, winds up as a Television movie/mini-series.

I read Salem's Lot twice while stationed in Korea, not from boredom but, because next to Dracula, this was the best vampire story I'd ever read (sorry Anne Rice fans, with all due respect, her work doesn't match this book for me). I returned stateside to find that it had been made into, I believe, a 2 part mini-series, and I couldn't wait for its airing. Boy, was I disappointed. Okay, I don't require tons of violence or gore in my movie, but, I like it to be at least somewhat realistic in what it's trying to portray. The downside to this show is that there was either a freeze frame exiting to a commercial, or a freeze frame cutting to another scene whenever a vampire went for someone's jugular. Bad. Really Bad.

The video came, and was drastically edited (about 70+ minutes), and it showed (it has been re-issued as a restored version, I believe). Even without the commercials to disrupt the effect of the movie, there was so much missing that I really didn't enjoy it.

The DVD is restored and complete, minus the commercials. However, one of the more distracting attributes of this version is that the commerical break fade-outs are still there. And, of course the freeze-frame effects are still there. This is not to say that I found it totally BAD. No, the sets were very good. The Teleplay stayed resonably close to the book, as I remember it. And the acting is fair to excellent. It is creepy, VERY CREEPY in parts. Much more so than I remembered. For the horror fan who doesn't have to have tons of gore and violence in his movie, or those who are too young for the R-Rated material, this is basically one of the best to watch. I don't regret purchasing the DVD. Actually, I'm very glad I got it. To see the entire show un-edited again has improved my opinion of this effort. I just wish that Tobe Hooper, or a competant director, will one day take on the task of doing a re-make that isn't overly gross or violent (that doesn't always make it better), and keeps strictly with the story line and characters as Stephen King wrote it. That would be something to see.

DVD is the format I would suggest that you get for viewing Salem's Lot. The movie runs non-stop, and that effect alone makes for superior viewing, as well as the incredible quality of the DVD reprodution.
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6 November 1999
This is a very good western. I have enjoyed all the early John Wayne adventures that I've seen.

You have some twists with this show. One being Earl Dwire as a sheriff not a crook. The worst part of the show is that they tip you off to who's the bad guy early on, which destroys that part of the mystery. Oh, and Yakima Canutt's shirt looks like something that Roy Rogers passed on. Other than these complaints, it's a well made Saturday-Afternoon- at-the-movies type western.
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