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Funny Re-Cap From Danny Brown
12 January 2001
I tried to watch a restored letterbox version of the movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Remember that or the TV show? The movie had the same fake sub with 1961 Chevy tail fins as the TV show! After the really long credits ran over an obviously fake "north pole" miniature set the submarine comes popping out of the slow-motion water! Same footage as the TV show.

It starred Walter Pigeon, who made the movie look like they were using left-over scenes from Forbidden Planet because the sub's set designers created a low-budget version of the Martian. Lots of blinking lights and set pieces that looked like those Columbia Pictures "Voyage to the Moon or Mars" rocket-ship interiors. There were some very convincing circular windows in the " nuclear reactor" that had blinking orange lights behind them. They looked just like a nuclear reactor, too!

The other cool touch to the set was the doors that were sometimes those oval submarine or ship doors and then sometimes regular, rectangular, industrial doors with a sprinkler system pipe and cut-off valve. Yes, that really looks they were in a submarine guys.... or in a corner of the sound-stage possibly? Who could tell? It fooled me!

Next we see Peter Lori "walking" an obviously fake shark in a tank of water. I'm sure he had a big role later in the movie as the submarine shark trainer. I'll bet that shark got loose, too! I guess that they contemplated using a real shark and Peter wisely said, "No way!"

Suddenly while guiding the under sea guests who comprised of a Congressmen and a Congresswomen along with the original "don't squeeze the Charmin" guy who was a reporter we hear a "wild, blues trumpet solo." Cut to a full frame shot of Barbara Eden's ass wiggling wildly in a tight "navy" dress. Next we see that it is non other than Frankie A pretending to play the trumpet that we hear. Suddenly it's like an Elvis movie except with Frankie in it!

Barbara Eden is the "only woman on board" so says the second-in-charge guy. He takes Miss Eden out into the hall and asks her to explain her actions (the wild dancing) and suddenly they fall into a serious lip lock. Oh..... they're secretly in love. Was Elvis supposed to star in this in it's original form? All we need are those fake band guys instead of Frank and it would be ready for the King to make an entrance. I'd watch that!

I gave up at this point and watched an AC/DC concert on VH1.
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If You love old Black and White comedies from the 30's, try this one.
22 May 2000
Just watched this and 'Meet John Doe' today on the classic movie channel, very enjoyable double feature. Add 'His Girl Friday' and you have a great newspaper trilogy of B&W comedies from the 30's. I have always thought that the late 30's was a grand time for movie making. I really liked Edna May Oliver as Mrs. Atherton, she stole every scene she was in. It is very hard to beat Herman J. Mankiewicz for snappy, funny, sharp dialog. A great escape for 75 minutes of light hearted fun.
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Good cast, funny dialog.
7 February 2000
If you like Elmore Leonard type characters, then I think you will like this. Some very funny parts and fine acting from a very good cast. A must see for Alec Baldwin fans. Not a great film, but lots of fun and a good waste of two hours. I found it a very pleasant surprise.
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