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A story about Freddie, because it's the only one worth telling
3 November 2018
Let's face it, the only interesting life story out of the 4 members of the band is Freddie's and naturally, it's the only one that is told in pretty much 90% of the movie. The movie does mess up the real life events in terms of chronology, but considering that this is a movie and not a TV series, Freddie's story is too short to be told in 134 minutes. But it's enough there to make Queen fans like me realize how much we miss Freddie and his voice, although for the latter, Marc Martel's voice does soothe our need to hear Freddie somewhat. I am not a movie critic or a bot (feel free to check my IMDb profile which says that I've been a user for 19 years), but at the end of the day, there is only one feeling that matters when you step out of the theater and that is, did that movie entertain you? And I have to say, yes.... yes it did.
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Young Sheldon (2017– )
What are you guys complaining about?
12 November 2017
I think it's a funny show. Every episode, there are moments that would make giggle. Always. I think that you would not enjoy this if you're single and haven't had (or not planning to have) a kid. But if you do, you'd understand on why Young Sheldon is funny to people like me. Don't just watch the first episode, give it a few more and then you decide. I for one, love it!
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Wonder Woman (2017)
A roller coaster of a movie, not in a good way
31 May 2017
First of all, I'd like to point out that I have done reviews before and therefore, rest assured that I am not a bot, which now made me suspicious of all the good reviews that have been written for this movie prior to its worldwide release. This movie is a hot mess. I went in with high expectations after reading all the reviews praising this movie. At the end of the first act (you'll know which one I'm talking about when you see the movie), it felt that the movie should have stopped right there and probably leave Ares to a sequel or something. But no, it slowed down and then moved on to the next villain. And when you think it's over, another villain slapped you in the face and made me think, "oh yeah, there's another one that they haven't addressed yet". In total, this movie has 3 climaxes, all arguably equal in terms of power and and at the end of the movie, it is similar to the feeling of stepping off a nauseating roller coaster ride with dramatically steep ups and downs in terms of the pacing of the movie. I would also like to point out that I am not a comic book reader but an avid moviegoer and therefore, no... I am not a Marvel fanboy which many people would say biased my opinion. I want to go to a movie to feel entertained and sorry to say, this movie did not entertain me.
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Game of Thrones + Lord of the Rings story lines with Snatch + Lock Stock dialogues and editing
11 May 2017
Will keep it short and simple. If you don't get/understand the (British) humour (i.e you don't think the jokes are funny), dialogue and fast "flashbacky" editing style presented in Lock Stock and Snatch, you will hate this movie. Easy as that. For us who understand what constitutes a Ritchie movie will be more likely than not, like the movie.
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The Medallion (2003)
One of Jackie Chan's worst movie
14 November 2003
i never commented on any film before... but this movie is so baaaaaaad.... i can't help but to comment on it.... this is Jackie Chan's crappiest movie... horrible fighting scenes, crappy love story, bloody lee evans and the one thing i really can't stand is that Jackie actually used WIRES for his stunts and fighting scenes ( which he never did on his previous film, but i don't know about Tuxedo because i haven't watched it yet ). I can't emphasize this enough... HE USED WIRES FOR HIS FIGHTING SCENES!!! he even used wires for jumping a bloody low fence!! i don't know what was he thinking when he agreed on using those wires.... it is really not like the Jackie Chan i know in the movies... he never used wires for his movies... some of the stunts he performed on films like Rumble in the Bronx, Operation Condor and Accidental Spy and many of his other movies make perfect sense...but the stunts in this movie are absolutely crap... i'm really disappointed on the this movie...
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The Patriot (2000)
A Brilliant Masterpiece
11 October 2000
Bravo, of the best movie ever created. The storyline is excellent, the acting is marvelous, and the directing is incredible. The Patriot is the second movie that can make me sob. It's true. And i love the acting of Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs. Mel's acting ability is better on war movies e.g BraveHeart. And Jason Isaacs, one of few actors that can make me hate him as the Bad Guy. I know it's not me because when Col. William Tavington(Jason Isaacs) was shot by Gabriel(Heath Ledger), somebody is the audience cheered "YES!". And what more can I say, I would've given it an 11.
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Early Edition (1996–2000)
I it...i mean LOVE it....
1 September 1999
Usually, i don't like drama...but "Early Edition" melted my heart...the story is unique and good...too bad it's already over. I never missed it because it's a kind of entertainment that i like. I hope the producer will make the sequel of "Early Edition". I hope...plzzzzz
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The Mummy (1999)
This is the best movie I've ever seen!
30 August 1999
This movie has more comedy than action scenes...this movie is really good. One of Brendan Fraser's best movie. The story line is so good that makes it not a simple movie nor a complicated movie. In conclusion, this movie is the best.
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