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The best (if not, one of the best) japanese anime of all time.
30 September 1999
Rurouni Kenshin is a historical drama set in the Meiji era of Japan. It is the story of a reformed assassin, instrumental in bringing a new Japanese age, trying to live a life of peace, and trying to forget his life of violence.

Armed with a reverse-edged sword (a katana with the cutting and blunt edge reversed), he waged a silent war to maintain peace and order to a directionless country plagued by opportunists and would-be dictators.

Along the way, he meets a teenage dojo master (assistant master, to be exact, and would-be love interest), an orphan son of a samurai, a disillusioned street fighter, a fallen doctor, an obsessive ninja leader, and his greatest rival (the mysterious Wolf of Mibu).

These people will be involved in twists and plots that will have substantial basis in real historical facts.

The animation is superb, so is the special effects.

It is refreshing to watch a series that is historical and captivating. I've been bombarded by giant robots, fantasy and science-fiction animes almost all my life, and that a series like this will strike me odd.

But it didn't. And I liked it. And it's my favorite. For all time.
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One of the best vintage japanese animation ever
30 September 1999
Voltes V is the story of three brothers in search for their lost father, while waging a war against a horned race of alien invaders.

To fight against the aliens, the three brothers and two friends use five sophisticated attack vehicles which can combine into a powerful laser sword-wielding giant robot.

The theme of the series is not for the average kid, storylines about discrimination, racism and dictatorialism has led to this series being banned in one country.

But the main theme of siblings going against the odds to be reunited with their father has made this series one of the most popular of the vintage anime. It doesn't hurt also that their mecha (robot) is one of the more advance-designed one.

A cult following has ensued in my country. Twenty years after its release, it still hasn't lost its magic. And I for one am thankful for that.
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The best science-fiction animation ever
26 September 1999
When Gundam W first appeared in the late '90s, a whole new generation of Gundam fans were brought in. Combining pretty-boy youths, breath-taking animation and the most striking mechas (robots) ever created, Gundam W is, without a doubt, the best Gundam series in its 20-year history.

But all series had to end. Though, Gundam W ended with a bang, the clamor for more of the Gundam boys grew louder.

And so the long-awaited epilogue to the series, Endless Waltz arrived. It told the never-before told secrets of the Gundam boys and a new danger to the peace of earth and their colonies. With even more breath-taking animation and more striking mechas (especially the Hell Custom), the epilogue made the story whole and the clamor for more will be even louder.

Now that is what I call closure.
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A high-kicking giant robot with an intergalactic love story in the middle.
26 September 1999
When the earth is invaded by winged invaders, a super-powered truck, driven by a teenage astronaut, transforms into a karate master of a robot, and acts as earth's last line of defense.

When Daimos first appeared in the late '80s, it acquired a cult following. The advance features of the robot (compared to the bland look of its contemporaries)made it an instant favorite.

Add to it a Romeo and Juliet storyline wherein the Daimos pilot and the princess of the winged invaders fall in love became an involving subplot.

All-in-all, the series is quite exceptional, if you can overlook the '70s feel.
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Admiration to a great animated feature
24 August 1999
The americans may made animation commercial, but the japanese made it right. As a great addition to the Rurouni Kenshin series.

Rurouni Kenshin in itself is one of the best japanese animation series ever, combining history, adventure and awe-inspiring animation. The movie is also the same.

Kenshin meets a former assassin like himself and befriends him. Later, he realizes how different their paths were taken after they "retired". The showdown at the end is worth the movie. Fans will not be disappointed since most of their favorite characters will make an appearance.
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