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The most entertaining movie of 2003
28 January 2004
I didn't expect this movie to be so funny before I got into the cinema. Johnny Depp's performance was marvellous. He made me laugh all the way from the beginning till the end. The script was nicely written and there are so many memorable quotes that still make me laugh whenever I read them. People are surprised of the 2004 Oscar nomination for Depp but not me. I think he deserves it and it's been such a long wait for such a talented actor like him. Of course I hope he wins but with strong contenders like Bill Murray and co.... okay, I still hope he wins. I'm glad they're planning to make a sequel but I hope the script is equally great as the original one. Can't wait til the sequel's out!
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Haunted (2002)
Very scary
28 January 2004
Caught this one episode showing on tv last night and it's not bad at all. It's really creepy, dark and quite entertaining. I understand that it might not be everyone's cup of tea because of the dark story lines. It's just too bad that the US tv station cancelled the show. That would mean I could only see a few more episodes of the show here in Malaysia. *Sigh*.
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Gosh, it's so cool!
28 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie in Belfast by myself and I regret I didn't bring any friends to watch it with me. It's such a cool and entertaining movie! Uma Thurman's performance was so good. It would seem like her character's invincible but when she fights, she still feels pain, tiredness and um, she pants after long fights too. It made her character more real.

*minor spoiler* The cartoon chapter of Lucy Liu's character is a real surprise but it's very good. The pace is fast, the scenes and story is nicely edited. It would be really stimulating if it's not made in cartoon because of all the blood smearing and stomach cutting scenes.

Anyway, it's a really cool movie. I just hope Vol 2 will be showed in Malaysia.
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X-Men (2000)
good special effects, but it's too short!
5 August 2000
it's great to see x-men movie. i started out being a fan of x-men after i watched its cartoon series. anyway, the movie is good in terms of special effects and all the casting are really great and suitable especially wolverine--i believe a lot of people will agree with me. off screen, i don't see a bit of Hugh Jackman having any traits of wolverine. it's amazing to see how good he portrayed him x-men movie. cyclops seemed to be a little bit too vulnerable in this movie. i expect him to be stronger but it's a fact that he couldn't do anything when his visor is being taken away--that's the way to beat him, isn't it? i saw only very little intimate scenes between cyclops and jean... i really hope to see more. i also expect on-screen storm to look more mature... rogue is younger than i thought but the character was brilliantly carried out by Anna Paquin. toad is disgusting but surprisingly funny, mystique, *whew*, so sexy! other casting of the characters were fine. the special effects are great too but the movie is just too short that i can't believe the movie ended that soon. i must see the sequel. overall, a fine comic-turn-movie.
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