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True Romance (1993)
classic love story
6 August 1999
what could be more romantic than this? gun fights, prostitutes, pimps, murder. not to mention Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. The combonation of the two of them together is nothing less than hot. The film has Brad Pitt as a honey bear pot smoking loser, Gary Oldman as a glasseyeyed pimp, and Christopher Walken as the same kind of bad ass that he plays in every movie. It's not your typical any kind of movie, but that's what's refreshing about it. It's got a little bit of everything.
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Savage Sam (1963)
It is Old Yeller's son
5 August 1999
I can't believe this movie is even listed. i love it, don't get me wrong, but i didn't think anyone else knew it existed. Savage Sam is a great movie for everyone. I used to watch it at my grandmother's house on tape when i was little, but i saw it again recently and loved it just as much as ever. The characters are kind of hokey, but so what. You don't find characters like this anymore. Travis is so cute, with his hot temper and rock throwing. I think that everyone should give it a chance, after all Savage Sam is Old Yeller's pup.
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almost too good
3 August 1999
The Blair Witch Project is without a doubt the most original and unique movie I've seen in a long time. Besides the bone chilling fear inflicted upon me, I left the theater seriously questioning whether the movie was real or not. In all good sense I know that it was just a movie, but since seeing it I've seen a documentary on the scifi channel all about the Blair Witch that insists that there really was three film students that disappeared while doing a documentary on the Blair Witch and whose footage was found. This film has two qualities that are outstanding in my mind, the believability of the characters and my disbelief, against my better judgement, that it was just a movie.
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