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Are You Being Served? (1972–1985)
Very amusing work
5 January 2004
A lot of people like my dad for example think that AYBS is a load of bollocks but quite frankly I disagree. I admit thought that a lot of it is quite corny but Jimmy Perry & David Croft had a way of making these old jokes very amusing. It also like Dad's Army, It Ain't Half Hot mum, Hi-De-Hi and other work by Perry and Croft always had the right atmosphere. It was amusing, pleasent and very sarcastic. The perfect atmosphere for a comedy classic. My favourite character has to be pompous, nose in the air floorwalker Captain Peacock. Reason is that he's the most amusing of the lot, probably the most intellegent and also the way he is tight about his money I think is hilarious. Also Mr Humphries I think is very amusing the he walks, talks and makes jokes not even knowing that he's done it. So like I said at the beginning a very amusing piece of work that is liked, like all Perry & Croft sitcoms, by all ages and will be for much time to come.
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Dad's Army (1968–1977)
Best TV programme ever made
20 November 2003
Dad's Army is my favourite TV programme of all time. It is just a work of genius. Jimmy Perry & David Croft really knew how to write a good script. Like Perry said the cast was right, the time was right, the script was right, the tunes were right and the whole situation was right which was what made Dad's Army a miracle. All the gags, jokes, tunes and atmosphere's are all hilarious, jolly and wonderful. It's why Dad's Army has always and will be one of the most popular programmes in TV history. Set in World War II of course it shows you the hilarities of pompous kind-hearted bank manager Captain Mainweering (Arthur Lowe), charming upper-class twit cheif bank clerk Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), kind old fool and long time soldier now butcher Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn) and many other hilarious characters. With these men of course operating the Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard disasters can of course happen even if at the end of the day it turns out the the platoon is needed to pick up the pieces. The men themselves give the war a brighter atmosphere. With the platoon having the most bizarre members like Private Frazer (John Laurie) being an undertakes, Private Walker (James Beck) being a spinster, Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley) being a retired old aged pensioner and Private Pike (Ian Lavender) being a complete pansy and mummy's boy. Also with the gay and meaning well Rev. Timothy Farthing, the sneaky Verger and the platoons arch enemy Warden & Greencrocer & common git Bill Hodges (Bill Pertwee). Even though situations that the men get into may be a bit bizarre they always come out the other end feeling victorius. And why shouldn't they having proved to the whole town that they are not just a bunch of pomous, twitish, foolish, dirty and some other stuff. My favourite episode of Dads Army has "The Deadly Attachment". Reason is that it has the men coming face to face with the Germans and seeing the hilarities of getting out of it. Also other episodes like "Time On My Hands", "Keep Young And Beautiful" and "No Spring For Frazer" I still find really hilarious and stimulating. The show will undoubtedly go on forever being known as the programme that changed the face of television forever.
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Roland Rat: The Series (1986–1988)
British puppetry at it's finest
12 November 2003
Being British I of course think that Roland Rat is the best puppet show in the world. Roland Rat is of course an English version of The Muppets, but is also taking after another character called Basil Brush and Sooty. "Roland Rat The Series" was actually Roland's first project away from TV-AM. He joined the BBC for loads of money which went on his account but also on the series which also took a year to make. The sketches in this are hilarious especially the "Tale Of Two Cities" and "Dickens Christmas Carol". The show starts off with the title which has Roland driving his infamous pink Ford Anglia known more as the "RatMobile" and entering the studio to a full house and a load of hilarious sketches. Sadly since 1986 it has never been repeated but is on a video cassette somewhere. But there is DVD of Rat On The Road which was one of his TV-AM adventures. But soon once again though you'll be able to follow the further adventures of Roland, Kevin & Errol.
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Top of the Pops 2 (1994– )
Better then the real thing
3 October 2001
I can't stand Top of the Pops nowadays. The only decent thing on is U2 and Jarimoquai. I can't stand these modern artists like Geri Halliwell, Ricky Martin or boy bands. I love to see the old stuff though. I always manage to get home in time for this. What I always like to see is stuff like Roxy and Spandau. Now. That's the real thing.
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