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Does what it says
3 January 2016
An "Unauthorized Melrose Place" story was never going to be overly exciting, as unlike the predecessor Beverly Hills 90210, there was never any major drama on the set that one could build a story around like the Shannen Doherty/Jennie Garth drama. So they end up focusing on non-issues like Laura Leighton not wanting to step on anyone's toes or Thomas Calabro's supposedly smug New York theater background.

It also only covers seasons one through three and they barely touch upon the fact that Amy Locane was dumped after the first 13 episodes (and shockingly, they don't milk her recent legal troubles).

So, it's a pretty calm movie that chugs along nicely. Nothing overly revealing and a few factual errors, but what can you expect from a made-for-TV movie by Lifetime?
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