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Destricted (2006)
The "art" in the porn
2 October 2006
Certainly politically correct, that is a danger sign in any film. Politically correct by focusing mostly on men and porn. This film was almost just like any other porn film. The tiny difference being the "art". Strobe light was the "art" in We alone (it was way too long. I got the "message" after 5 minutes). The "art" in Death Valley was none what so ever. Just a guy masturbating outdoors. I read on IMDb that the "art" was the fact it was shot in that particular valley. If you use your imagination, you can see art in everything. That is wonderful. Hoist was least like a porn, but 15 minutes of a man rubbing his penis to a machine shaft was OK ("art" and everything) for 5 minutes. In the film Impaled we saw the audition room instead of the "bed". It was amusing to see the young guys expressing their sexual desires. The "art" in Impaled was the bad lighting. I would have chosen the virgin. I went to the film expecting nothing, and I got nothing. A man cannot ask for more on a night at the movies.
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Hostel (2005)
Excellent puke
15 November 2005
One of the best horror films I've ever seen, the clever script is the backbone, and Eythor Gudjonsson is a wonderful representative of Iceland. His presence and light spirited humor, is a great asset to the film and makes a good and poetic contrast to the latter part. Now we all know what "sneepur" is. I'm still feeling a little sick after seeing the film, and am unable to go to sleep, both because I'm afraid I'll get one of those nightmares and the adrenalin level is too high! There are many very good twists and turns in this film and it is never foreseeable. Many solutions in the script are brilliant, to say the least. Eli Roth is doing a perfect job. I can't even remember when I saw a decent horror film. This film is like a long awaited rain (of blood) in the desert. To set the story in the murky eastern Europe is a good move, because who knows what's going on out there? For all I know there might be such a thing going on right now. I mean, Count Dracula was alive and kicking once, or still is, in his native Romania. Where there is smoke, there must be a fire.

I would recommend this film to anyone... except my grandmother.
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Oh my god!
21 July 2003
This movie is terrible. It absolutely makes no sense, the script is laughably stupid. Franka Potente is very, very attractive and likable and the filming and framing is very professional. What absolutely makes this movie as bad as it is, is the story. How anyone could actually come up with this nonsense and get to film it is a mystery.
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2 July 2003
Wow! This movie is an experience like no other. It was wonderful to dive into world of this story again and meet the Terminator as crazy as ever, John Connor and all the surrealistic but great elements of this science fiction. Car-chases get a whole new and deeper meaning and all Femme Fatale of history grow pale compared to this one. Cameron's elements of story-telling are kept alive and embraced. The humor was not far off either. So I must say, this is one of the best action movies in a long time. Compared to the first one, this one lacks the originality and surprise, but in other ways it is as good as both the predecessors, if not the best.
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Sheer brilliance
9 April 2003
This movie is brilliant. Ten out of ten for sure, because it is nothing short of brilliant. Yes, brilliant is a key word here. And it should also be mentioned that sex is an issue in this film in a very good way, monstrously good way. Only thing that bothers me is that the beautiful girl is called OLDER LADY in some comments. She is rather young, at least she looks young, maybe 30, not older. She is very sexy, and it is understandable that the boys, or should I call them kids, are hot for her. Older lady, means grandmother to me. Two guys and my granny, now that is a movie I wouldn't want to see. How this simple road movie manages to be so good, is a mystery. But I think that the direction and the cast and the humor and the wicked sexy dialogue, i.e. the script, all help to push it in that direction. I cant wait to see the next Harry Potter movie. He's coming of age isn't he?
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Charade (1963)
Wonderful, wonderful masterpiece of a movie. Wonderful, wonderful masterpiece of a movie.
12 January 2003
This is such a wonderful movie. Audrey Hepburn is perfect, she must be one of the most beautiful women ever born. She's so funny, so lovely, so sweet, so marvelous, so humorous, so good an actress. And the clothing she wore, boy, what a design! Cary Grant is perfect too. This movie is one of the best movies ever made, so well written, the chemistry between Grant and Hepburn is apparent. No matter how I look at it, it marvels on every level. This movie kept me bursting out with laughter over and over. Wonderful, wonderful masterpiece of a movie.

The only thing not so good was the sound, I think Madacy Entertainment could have done a better job on this DVD release.
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Insomnia (2002)
Great story told in a less great way (possible spoilers)
30 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
The story is excellent, but somehow the fast editing (Mtv style is not appropriate for this quiet Alaskan town) and all those extreme hand held close ups managed to alienate me again and again. It was particularly annoying in the beginning, when information about the crime was given, to have all these silly split second flash backs (or just flashes) pop up on the screen. Because of this the movie never got to that stage when I forgot about the camera and editing and followed the story. Sometimes it was obvious that some of the dialogue had been cut, it sounded like a commercial: no pauses between sentences. There were however good moments there, especially the lumber scene, the fog scene and the scenes with Dormer in Finch's apartment. Also the scene with the girl at the hotel when she talks about two kinds of people moving to Alaska. Hillary Swank did a great job as the blue flaming police officer; modest and clever. Pacino somehow was the same as always (Any Given Sunday for example) and Williams was OK.

The ghost of Dormer was extremely well done as well as the logic of the whole story. The scene near the end when all the information had to be given to Burr was a bit awkward, but worked. The bottom line: great story, but not so great direction/editing. The credit goes to the writers, Nicolaj and Eric.
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Memento (2000)
surprisingly bad (possible spoilers)
4 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers
If you find something complicated and strange, you are in danger of

loving it. Just think of someone of the opposite sex you've been

interrested in but didn't get. Memento is something of that nature.

it is a tragedy that tells us the main character is on a doomed path

but doesn't show it. That has never been considered as a good

filmmaking. Split second sceenes that most people miss and lame

unraveling of his tragic state is not convincing. The filmmaker should

have thought out how to show what Teddy tells in the end. And why

did Leonard attack some people and not others? He forgets where

he is, but doesn't forget who the enemy is. Is attacking a default

mode in his character? Those stylish tattoos were also unconvincing,

he could have placed them all on his right arm. Then he wouldnt have

to undress to remember something. And Teddy, why was he helping

Lenny to kill innocent people? Ask the filmmaker...

If you find a film confusing and complicated it is because the

filmmaker doesn't know what he is doing. That is probably the case

with Memento.
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Good adaption
1 August 2000
Very good adaption although I would have liked to see the

scene at Dorsia when Bateman has no reservation and pretends to be someone else. It is a key element in the

book; one has to find out his limits. I also missed the urinal

cake scene. It is a vivid example of his emptiness and

cruelty. In fact there was to little of his relationship with

Evelyn in the movie. There could also have been more of

his voice on all the things filling his existence, clothing,

tech, women etc. Lack of this makes the movie a bit slow


It seems that Batemans attitude towards women was dampened in the film, in the book he is much more sarcastic and sometimes funny. I missed the comments on his secretary. Maybe it has something to do with the fact

that the director is a woman.

The soundtrack is brilliant and reminds me of Hitchcock.

The girls wardrobe was a disappointment, they all seemed

out of style, even for the eighties. Somehow beautiful girls

(Reese Witherspoon, Samantha Mathis) loose their sex appeal. In general the over all look of the picture seems to

be suffering from a low budget.

Christian Bale does a wonderful job on being Bateman, his

vampire-like mouth and expressions signaling insanity are

very inspiring.

But most important: Thanks for not ruining one of my favorite novels.
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Happiness (1998)
2 September 1999
This movie is to me more comedy than drama, a great comedy. The funny sides overshadow the dark sides. Even though they are rather dark. In Happiness Solondz manages to tell a story of many protagonists and does it better than I have seen before. The characters are very real and attractive, especially Joy and Helen, and none of them is left undeveloped. Being a Woody Allen fan, I very much liked to see his former wife, Louise Lasser, since I have not seen much of her these last years. And talking about Allen, Happiness is not so far from him, dealing with people with sexual frustrations, perversions and miseries, in a somewhat funny way. This film is among the best films I have seen, is far better than Secrets and lies for example and ranks as high as Allens best
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Foreshadows his later works
4 August 1999
Peckinpah is getting to what he later mastered in movies such as Wild Bunch and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid; outlaws with deep emotional scars who live in the past and wander around like the Flying Dutchman. The scar is made physical as Yellowleg is unable to raise his arm when shooting, which leads to a tragic accident. In Deadly Companions we also see similar character as Bob Dylan played in Pat Garrett; the little boy playing his harmonica. Deadly Companions is a bit clumsy a movie, sometimes it is difficult to see what is actually going on, but the story is good and the characters are real. It's a must see for Peckinpah fans.
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Show Me Love (1998)
Neatly built story in mythological terms
28 July 1999
Not like Hollywood but like Hollywood. This story is neatly built and is a good example of how powerful the Mythological school of Christopher Vogler and Joseph Campbell is. It starts with a cocoa spilled all over and ends with a cocoa not spilled (reminds me of Ordinary People). Fuckin Amal bites its tail like so many Hollywood movies and has a happy ending. The Resurrection sceene is among the best I have seen, although I would have liked to see more violent responses from their schoolmates when they walk out of the "closet". It would have been more dramatic.
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