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Car 54, Where Are You? (1961–1963)
Hey! Cops really are human!
15 September 2004
This is the only police show I remember from those earlier days that shows members of a professional police force in such a light hearted way. As a retired cop myself, I know it was obviously not to be taken seriously of course. In my opinion, a lot of things on that show, though not all, could happen in real life. This is especially true when the cops are off duty and get into situations which include their personal life. Even a lot of the on duty antics are not out of touch with reality, such as when the guys are alone in the locker room. It truly shows law enforcement in a relaxing, humorous way. Cops really are human!
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Keeping Up Appearances (1990–1995)
This show influenced me beyond normal response!
22 May 2004
This is one of my top favorite comedies. Hyacinth, Richard, Onslow, and Daisy all remind me of people I know. This makes it even more fun to watch. I must say one thing that may sound a bit strange, but the constant mention of Bruce and Violet's Mercedes by Hyancinth must have had a real effect on me. For the 1st time after over 40 years of driving, I bought a Mercedes. Of course being on pension I settled for an older, but large and very nice model(a 1986 420 SEL). Before starting to watch this show, I never thought about getting one before! I do enjoy it so. Thanks Hyacinth! I guess something rubbed off of your line of thinking into real life.
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American Dreams (2002–2005)
Brings back some fond memories
20 December 2002
The show takes me back to my own senior year, 1963. It is very accurate even to the clothing styles and amazingly, the name of a long since closed amusement park called "Willow Grove Park" was mentioned once. I won't dwell on this, but I was one of the kids back in 1962 on American Bandstand myself. I have a highly treasured snapshot I took one day on the set of Dick Clark interviewing Sandra Dee. The show isn't all carefree of course, but then life has never been without problems. Despite this, it depicts an era of a certain innocence we no longer enjoy.
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Disappearance (2002 TV Movie)
A new twist on "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or what?
22 April 2002
As one who has gone "ghost town" hunting myself, I thought this would be a neat movie. It was fine until, as others have said, the ending. It sure does leave us hanging. Some mention was made as to mutants from a bomb test in 1948 when folks refused to evacuate. However, that doesn't explain how our tourist family all became active "residents" does it.
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Like a trip back in time!
21 November 2001
The main reason I like this film is that the characters show what real people were like in 1955. It's a little like going back in time to an average american town where one observes various folks in everyday life including a variety of personal problems. Of course, I have always been nostalgic about the 50s as I spent my childhood in that era.
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Pearl Harbor (2001)
Finally, Hollywood has begun to clean up obscene language!
1 July 2001
While noting this was not "R" rated anyway, it was a pleasure to sit through a movie without the "low life" type of language which has always been so annoying previously-even in some "PG13" shows. I never once heard that disgusting "F" word. What a pleasure to have seen such a good current movie where the attack scenes really give the viewer a better sense of being there than Tora! Tora! Tora! did, yet without degrading the script with filthy language as has become too common today. A gentleman can take a lady to this movie without subjecting her to listening to garbage mouths at last. Thank you!!
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I love these 50s teen movies but this one was lousy.
20 May 2001
Usually a big fan of these teenage 50s era flicks, I was not thrilled with this one. It shows the usual 20 something "teenagers" but no one much else is seen in the entire movie. For example, in one scene a phone call is made to the police for help by the owner of the local hangout, but no cops are ever shown in the entire picture. The only good point was the use of real rock n roll music instead of the usual jazz or swing sound which are often heard(incorrectly)as teen dance music of the day.
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Plato's gun was still loaded when he was shot!
31 December 2000
The film is obviously a super classic representing 50s teens in a mostly unhappy light. Of course, it is a drama as opposed to the more happy go lucky teen musical movies of the day. I am glad to have it in any case. Now for the blooper which is obvious to anyone who has even a limited working knowledge of handguns. Near the end, Jim removes the magazine(clip) from the butt of the pistol which contains cartridges(bullets). He then hands it back to Plato who thinks the clip is still in place. The purpose behind this is, of course, to render the weapon harmless. However, the pistol has been fired several times (but not enough to empty it) before the clip was removed and each time a pistol of this type is fired, another cartridge is then fed from the magazine into the firing chamber. Therefore, that gun still would have had a live round in the chamber ready to fire even though the clip was removed. Regardless of the fact that the police did not know about the removal of the clip, in reality the weapon would still have been loaded with one more shot. So contrary to the intent of the writers, Plato did not die with an unloaded gun in his hand.
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Teenage Rebel (1956)
A rare combination of 50s teenage fun and serious drama
15 January 2000
This film is a cut above most 50s teenage movies which deal with music and fun times like "Rock, Rock, Rock" and others. Then there are the ones dealing with a serious plot with little teenage fun times shown. Unlike these, "Teenage Rebel" has the best of both in one film. The kids have loads of fun here. They clown at the malt shop, go to a drag race and enjoy a real fun party with plenty of music and dancing. Yet, at the same time, a serious drama is going on where a resentful girl learns a valuable lesson about the value of her mothers unconditional love for her. This is very intense drama combined with the fun.
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The Crossing (2000 TV Movie)
Good historic lesson but unfit for young student viewing
10 January 2000
This was a long overdue film as there has been so little done on the Revolutionary War. I learned from it and hail the educational value involved in the events. However, I find it most unfortunate that it contains highly offensive language as well as close-up scenes of graphic bloody violence. I am reasonably certain that many young students were watching this on advice from teachers and parents, only to have it turned off by a great many responsible adults because of these objections I have mentioned. Otherwise, it was very well done.
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A film reflecting their best music
25 December 1999
I just watched this again and still enjoy the scenes of the Beatles on stage the most. Sometimes I only watch that portion of the film just to enjoy it over and over again. Their earlier music is, in my opinion, far more enjoyable than that which came later on. I'm not knocking it now, I just like the songs they did previous to 1965. I saw them live on Ed Sullivan in February 1964 while at a girlfriends house and remember that fondly. I was 20 at the time. Finally, I don't think any musical artist(s) before or since(including Elvis)caused that much fanatical reaction from fans worldwide. Just look at those girls in the audience in the movie and judge for yourself! What a special era that was!!
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This movie influenced me as a boy leading to a police career
29 November 1999
I first saw this movie at the theater in 1957. I was 13 and was captivated at the transformation of Sidney(Jerry Lewis). I watched as he went from a goofy, skinny kid(like I was then)to a mature, respected policeman. I never forgot this film and developed an interest in law enforcement. I have been retired for 8 years after a career with the PA State Police. The movie was more than entertainment to me.
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This one has even the older folks rockin'
28 November 1999
A very entertaining film with music that takes me back to my senior year in high school. Unlike most of these rock n roll movies, this one clearly shows middle aged and even elderly adults enjoying the music of teenagers. I find that refreshing, although mostly unrealistic. I also enjoy watching Georgine Darcy's(Madge) and her "brother" doing their dance routine. Georgine is a real pro and makes the show more enjoyable.(I would love to know how to contact her.) A real neat movie!
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A semi-docu-drama on how adults felt about 50s teenagers
11 October 1999
I enjoyed this vintage film because it shows 50s era kids as perceived by adults of the day. It opens with dialogue from an announcer explaining about the plight of todays teenagers, then the story begins showing kids in real life then as they deal with problems about going steady and socializing. Unlike most teen films of the 50s, they apparently used real police officers in the movie as they are credited for this during the film credits. I must, however, criticize the music the teens are playing at their party. It is definitely pre-rock n roll type music when, in reality, they would have been dancing to Elvis, Fats, and many other 1956 era artists. Of course, adults of the day were just learning about the teenage music of choice then.
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Just for pure enjoyment only!
10 October 1999
This golden oldie film, while somewhat shallow in the plot category, is nothing more than just plain entertainment. It consists mainly of good fifties rock n roll music by original artists of the day which really makes the film a joy to view. Also, unlike most of the teenage films of that time, some scenes show kids who are genuine teenagers rather than 20 or even 30 something adults pretending to be teens. This really adds a touch of quality to the movie. Besides the music, the anti-rock n roll adults add to the enjoyment as well. Although their respective rolls may have been intended to be mainly villainous, they come across as so ludicrous in their actions that they are truly funny. This is a movie for fun and enjoyment and not to be taken seriously.
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Some of the best, and worst 50s music in one film.
10 October 1999
The best part of the film is, of course, rock n roll music of the day as done by original artists. On the other side of the coin is some of the worst music as well. To tell which is which, one needs simply to view the movie and it becomes obvious. Also, some of the "teenagers" shown have to be pushing 30 or more. However, all in all, I enjoyed this film for the nostalgia of the 50s which, like many others of it's kind, it does contain.
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Gives the police a favorable image for a change
29 September 1999
This film, while typical of juvenile delinquent stories of the 50s, actually gives some insight into police investigative skill and professional capability. They are shown as being truly intelligent people, a refreshing change from the usually degrading image where they seem a little less intelligent than others. As always, I enjoy these nostalgic teenage 50s films and this is no exception.
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Downsided look at small town life
28 September 1999
While the story centers around teenagers with a lot of nostalgia attached, it seems to depict small town living, at least that one, as unpleasant. My past experience is the opposite of that. One thing which raised my eyebrows a little is the mention of marijuana in this film about high school kids in 1958. I have never seen a teenage film from the 50s infer that kids used that stuff then, even though did it exist.
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Lots of teenage nostalgia
18 September 1999
Yes- I was a teenager when this movie came out. Actually, I was lucky enough to have danced on Dick Clark's American Bandstand on and off in 1962 at WFIL TV studios in Philadelphia. Seeing this movie really helps "take me back" to those carefree days of youth. Of course, the movie shows some problems among a few of the kids, but my enjoyment of it lies in identifying with the happy-go-lucky majority. These are the kids seen dancing, laughing and just enjoying themselves in being a teenager in 1960.
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American Bandstand (1952–1989)
I was there!
27 August 1999
I am very fortunate to have danced on American Bandstand during 1962 when it was live from WFIL studios at 46th & Market Streets in Philadelphia, PA. I was 18 at the time and used to go down there whenever I could get out of school early. I once got on the record review panel and remember rating 3 new releases, one of which was "Do You Wanna Dance". According to my high school newspaper which printed a story about my being on the panel, I rated that one the highest. I still have that school paper in my scrapbook along with a snapshot I took of Dick Clark interviewing Sandra Dee. To this day, I am amazed at how being on that show was something I almost took in stride. What great teenage memories I now am privileged to enjoy!
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Lassie (1954–1974)
A childhood favorite!
9 August 1999
I watched that great series without fail. I always thought how great it would be to be a friend of "Jeff Miller". Of course, knowing he was really Tommy Rettig the boy actor gave me a strong desire to somehow be like him. I even dreamed of getting a part on the show. This was, of course, pure fantasy and yet I remember the intense dedication I had as a boy toward that show. I was not aware, until now, that Tommy had passed away. It saddens me to learn this. I am about the same age as he was.
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The Blob (1988)
Nothing matches the original!
30 June 1999
Typical so called "updated" Sci-Fi film. The original has a flavor all its own which includes a trip back to the actual 50s. Unlike the remake, however, it leaves out the unnecessary blood & guts gore which is all too common in more recent films. My point is that you can let the kiddies watch the original 1958 Blob for enjoyable entertainment without side effects. Finally, as an adult, I see enough real life gore on TV without being entertained by it.
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The Blob (1958)
A movie made near my own back yard
27 June 1999
This is my favorite classic. It was filmed a little west of Philadelphia, PA when I was 13, in 1957, and released the next year. Then in 1970, I found myself working the very same county as a rookie PA state trooper. I have always enjoyed checking out the different places where scenes were filmed. I knew the owner of the Downingtown Diner well, and he had a road sign out front which told all passing motorists that this was the "home of the blob". The theater scene was in Phoenixville, near Valley Forge Park and it is still showing films today!
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Big Red (1962)
The Irish Setter at it's best.
10 June 1999
This classic movie really did wonders for increasing popularity of the Irish Setter, somewhat like the sudden increase in popularity of the Dalmatian breed after the 101 Dalmatians movie a few years ago. It truly shows most of the finer points of owning an Irish Setter. The dog is good natured, fun loving, yet loyal and attentive. The breed is also known for being hardy yet has "head turning" beauty. Although the dog loves people, it has been know to be very protective if necessary. This fact was also demonstrated toward the end of the movie.
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Highway Patrol (1955–1959)
A childhood influence
21 May 1999
This show was my very favorite as a boy, and had such an influence on me, that I grew up to become a Pennsylvania State Trooper. I recently retired from the force after a rewarding career. The stories and action of the Highway Patrol always showed the good guys, the police, prevailing over the bad guys. I also enjoyed the open highway atmosphere in which these stories took place. I would very dearly love to get tapes of this show for old times sake, but have not been able to do so.
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