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I Love Sci-Fi! Now there is a curious paradox that no one can explain.
22 April 1999
I saw the premiere as a seven year old. My Dad was an extra during a remote shoot on location at the Palos Verdes Nike missile base where he was stationed. I`ve always wanted my kids to be able to share in adventures like the one Timmie had with Robby as well as seeing signs of nostalgia thru the years with Robby`s Cameo appearances (Gremlins, Earth Girls Are Easy,etc..)

One thing has always remained a puzzlement to me and that has to do with the plot. Since the film received an Academy Award Nomination for special effects one could easily get caught up in the Glitter and Glamour and not the message of that era. Incorporating smuggled cargoes of bombs, rocket ships, spies, scientists,and hokum into a very colorful adventure for some. While on a more personal note the film could represent a blueprint for the American Family bringing in the new millennium.
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