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It was good... and then it wasn't
29 July 2000
I got to this show close to the beginning. It didn't took much to make me a huge fan. My friend and I were simply addicted: every Friday we got in her house and perform the ceremony of watching it. We collected every picture of the actors, talk hours on the phone discussing episodes to incredible depths, etc. When we found there were fan clubs on the net, of course we've joined them. And it really was a good show - good plots, interesting villains, wonderful lead characters. It combined science-fiction so well into reality, that not even once we said 'Oh god, this is *so* not true'. Never - it all made perfect sense.

And then came the inevitable romance - after beautifully building a delicate relationship between Lois & Clark, things could only go down. The third season was bearable, but the fourth was simply horrible. From two strong, independent souls we got a mush of love, from the worst kind. And he who hasn't seen the brilliant Lois Lane saying 'Oh, Clark...' with her eyes bright from unshed tears - wouldn't understand me.

The drama got back to the origins of Superman - the cartoons. The characters became flat, the villains - one-dimensional.

And I lost the magic hours on Friday afternoon.
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Bridesmaids (1989 TV Movie)
Same old, same old.
22 June 2000
I landed on this movie accidently, and since I'm very fond of Sela Ward, I've decided to give it a chance. What a mistake.

The idea is much like in any typical "girls" movie - "little women", "now and then", even "the first wives club". As always, the best friends meet after 20 years, after each went in her separate way - the dull house-wife, the successful and wit, the one whose husband is cheating on her and the one who desperately wants kids. And of course, secrets from the past will rise, shake their relation-ship, but it will all end well. (There's no spoiler here - if you expected anything else you must be very naive). So - Same old stuff, nothing is new, can't think of anything borrowed, but the sky is blue.
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Worth Seeing.
12 April 1999
I think this movie is worth seeing, especially because of it's script. Pinter, a genius playwright, wrote a brilliant script about the thin line between acting and real life. Actors playing actors playing characters, the movie is full with jokes about actors and playing. The movie within the movie prevents the emphasize that we usually feel towards the dramatic characters, and never lets us forget that Anna and Mike (the actors) are actually Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons. The movie itself is a bit disappointing, and I'm not a great fan of Ms. Streep, either, yet I think it is a good and interesting movie.
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