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Great Film
30 July 1999
I liked this film a lot even though my expectations weren't that high. I've seen Humphrey in several films that are considered some of the greatest, but I found his performance in this the most enjoyable to watch. While the movie has flaws(like some poor background shots and an unneeded romance) his performance does not. You can see the progression or regression of his character's mental stability as the picture goes on and to me it was exciting. The movie was basically more an analysis of the characters than a war film full of action. There were two great scenes that I will always remember in this film. I can never forgot how Queegs was on the stand and took out the two silver marbles and knowing that right then he was through. Bogart's performance to me was second to only one. See the movie and be a little patient, but the performances are there.
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My Left Foot (1989)
Daniel Day-Lewis puts on the performance of a life-time
30 April 1999
I had never seen such an incredible acting job in a motion picture as I did when I saw Daniel Day-Lewis play Christy Brown in My Left Foot. In fact off the scene his role wasn't even over. He played the role of Christy Brown or at least disabled like him all through the filming of the movie and needed surgery because of the damage his superior acting had done to his back. To me that is remarkable and through all the pain he put up with to act that role I believe it is quite true to say he put on the most Oscar worthy performance in history. He was so masterful in this tough a part that I believe no one could have done it better or with more of an impact than him. Although I cannot say it is the greatest movie of all time I can say that how he played this impossible a role and then kept on acting it until it wasn't even acting anymore is without a doubt the greatest feet I will ever seen an actor do. Probably a man too for that matter.
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