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Another "Brats saving the world" film.
15 July 2018
Of course, adults are incompetent at doing anything to save the world, so the tweens must do it alone. Heard this plot line before? A thousand times? Of course you have. It's not any better this time.

You're not missing anything of substance by skipping this one. Just stick to the original and stay happy.
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Circuit Breaker (1996 TV Movie)
Very possibly the worst sci-fi ever...
14 November 2006
I can think of nothing better to describe this movie than when the IMDb suggested watching "Alien³" if I "liked this movie". Apt characterization...

Awful special effects, awful plot, sub-par acting (though Lara Harris is appealing), cinematic "no-nos" involving the cute kid... I've seen student films that were better. The best thing that could be said about this movie is that it doesn't look like anyone (actors, or crew) took it too seriously.

That said, it's a perfect choice for any "bad movies night" where you and your friends want to sit around and MST3K a movie. So bad, it's good... sort of...
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Groundbreaking excellent movie
10 October 2004
After re-watching the movie 3 years after it was originally released, I'm still floored by the quality of the animation in FF:TSW. There are many scenes which are so close to being photorealistic that you forget you're watching a movie completely developed inside a computer.

I have to laugh whenever I see reviews that complain "The movie isn't like the game" - my response is GOOD! I have NEVER played the FF games, nor do I have any interest in them, and I suspect that many of the people who watch the movie are similarly disinterested in a video game connection.

The main problem with the movie may be that the plot is a bit too complex for the average theatregoer and they probably came away confused. I really enjoyed it though, so despite poor box office performance, it's a DVD in my collection that I enjoy watching with the sound cracked up!
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Good elements, but disjointed
16 July 2004
Princess Blade had some good elements - the main character isn't the typical one-woman wrecking machine (like Uma in Kill Bill for example) and the element of vulnerability that it adds definitely makes the fight scenes better and more suspenseful. She can be injured and hurt - having a main character that isn't necessarily guaranteed an easy win without a scratch is good!

The subplot however, with Takashi and his sister is fairly weak. It gives the character some depth, but isn't really utilized in an effective way. The ending feels like the writers are jerking the audience around a bit.

I imagine many viewers will be left a bit disappointed as the credits roll. The movie has an "unfinished feel" to it and the ending feels about 15 minutes premature - I would've liked to see a bit more closure. As another reviewer mentioned, they probably left the end open to provide the basis for a sequel, however it's not very satisfying.

Worth a rental? Sure. Worth a buy? Not really.
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Alien³ (1992)
Ruins everything good about the first two films
8 June 2002
I'm not going to justify this piece of filth by writing a long review. Alien 3 ruined all of the characters and atmosphere created by the first two movies.

I remember walking out of the theatre wanting my money back.
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The best movie you'll never want to see again
26 August 2001
I had the fortune of being able to see Hotaru no Haka on the big-screen in Seattle a couple of years ago. It was truly the high-point of my film festival excursions. At the end of the movie, there was silence, absolute and total silence in the theater - and then, only an occasional sniffle until the end credits had finished rolling and the house lights came up. It would've seemed almost disrespectful to profane the silence with words.

Seeing a movie like this really changes attitudes about war - about who really suffers, and that the honor and glory is shallow comfort when you contemplate what has been lost in the struggle.

I've made the comment to my friends that if you ever see someone who isn't moved (usually to tears) by this movie, you've found someone without a soul. As difficult as it is to watch, turn off the phone, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in the film with ones you love - you will be a better person for it in the end.

There are many other reviews of this movie, and most of them are probably far more comprehensive than my own - I'll conclude by saying that this movie should required viewing at some point (as should the peace museums at Hiroshima and Nagasaki) for everyone.

When you see war and conflict in the news or read about it in the paper, think back to this movie - your perspective will probably be broadened, and your eyes opened a bit more.

I've only watched this movie about 4 times - it usually takes a year or so to "decompress" after watching it. To see it too often would lessen the impact, and that would be the worst possible thing to do to this movie.
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You'll either love it or hate it
24 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
...And I hated it - and it wasn't because of the ending (don't worry, you'll read more about it in the other reviews here so I won't dwell upon it).


The reason I hated it is that the moviemakers go out of their way to make everything seem "possible", but there's entirely too many coincidences, and everything is just a little "too" neat. All of the breaks seem to go against the "good guy" in a way that really shattered the illusion of reality for me. From the moment things get going, the good guy never has a chance, and it leaves no doubt about the ending...

I gave the movie a slightly higher rating than I otherwise would've because the movie tried some innovative ideas, but I felt the story could've been balanced a bit more.
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Panic in the Skies (1996 TV Movie)
So bad, it's good!
19 August 2001
This movie is the best bad plane movie I've ever seen! I mean, they have all the cliches - Pregnant Woman, Pilots Dead (crispy!), A computer guy plugging his Laptop in to run the autopilot, the discovery of a felon onboard, etc. Just when you think the cheese can't get any better, it does!

Lots of awful acting to boot, horrible special effects, an attack by a angry dog, etc. If you watch it (ack), or rent it (ACK!), be aware of what you're getting yourself into!

Great to watch with friends who like to cut movies apart though!
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MI2 - John Woo, Thandie Newton, Tom Cruise pull it off!
25 May 2000
Without a doubt, John Woo saved this movie from being another "Tom Cruise" scenery chewing vehicle like the first MI.

For the record, I couldn't stand the first Mission Impossible movie. As a longtime fan of the original series, it was extremely disappointing in that it had no "style" - simply a hacked-together mess of action sequences.

With the new movie, you have to understand and acknowledge that Woo has a trademark action style that you either love, or hate. I think it worked very well in MI2.

I'll say right out that I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, however he WAS good in this movie - this is the movie that the last Bond movie should've been.

Who could end a MI-2 review without a note about the remarkable Thandie Newton, who I havn't seen before this feature. This girl is talented! Besides being absolutely, stunningly beautiful, she IS a very talented actress who I'm sure is now well on her way to super-stardom. (I love her British accent as well - certainly adds an elegant, playful style to her character)!
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