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Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
One of the best films ever made.
17 March 1999
It seems that a whole lot of people really love this film. I am thrilled with the new CD of ALL the music. But astoundingly, the movie itself has yet to be re-released. I HOPE THE MOVIE STUDIO THAT OWNS RE-RELEASES IT SOON!!!
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The Time Machine (1978 TV Movie)
The worst remake ever made.
17 March 1999
The 1960 film is so wonderful. Why would they remake it so badly?

The effects aren't perfect in the original Film, but they are a hundred times worse in the TV movie.

The actors are annoying.

The costumes on the Morlocks are amazingly just as bad as the worst sci-fi flicks of the 50's.

Sorry if you like this movie. I just think it's awful.
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Cinderella (1898)
A charming silent film
17 March 1999
This is going to be an unusual commentary. I've certainly never done this before. But I really feel I saw this movie in a previous life. (Of course I could have seen part of it on a TV Documentary many years ago.) Whenever I saw it, it was very sweet and charming. The scenes were mostly dark. The lighting wasn't very good. The sets weren't so good either. But it had an ethereal quality like a true fairy tale from a time long ago. I think I liked the actress who played Cinderella. She had a lot of presence for those days. I must have been young when I saw it. It captured my imagination and the warm feeling stayed with me for many years.
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