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Eye candy only
10 January 2001
This film is another in a series of "vignettes" by Siritsky Productions. You can always tell when you are about to see one because the intro includes snippets from all of his similar productions (all involving scandal and revenge), not just the one you are about to watch. In any event, like all the others, this one is just a vehicle to show off the stunning bodies of Regina Russell, Shauna O'Brien, Kira Reed, and to some extent, Kim Dawson. Frankly, I was disappointed to see Kim Dawson in this, as she really does not look good in it (purposefully, I believe), and her acting abilities are more deserving. If you are interested, Regina does a sufficient job of describing the limited plot in the comment below this, but don't forget what the true purpose of this type of film really is.
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Top notch B-film
8 January 2001
This film is a perfect example of the way a B-movie should be made. It contains all of the things that you want to see in this genre of film - a bevy of beautiful actors, prolific full-frontal nudity (including the male lead), a small, but not-unbelievable plot, and numerous but varied sex scenes.

There are three separate beautiful actresses in this film, all of which are seen more with their clothes off than on, the filming is top notch, there is a nice pastoral setting, and the plot is somewhat believable, but unobtrusive. There is also a wide range of sex scenes, from beginning to end. Frankly, you can't hope to do much better in this genre of film.
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Private Lies (2001 TV Movie)
Time to clean out that closet!
15 December 2000
My first thought upon viewing this film was, "Well, there's 88 minutes of my life I'll never get back." Let my loss be your gain. Rather than watch this film go clean out that junk closet or have that elective surgery you've been putting off. Frankly, this film has no redeeming qualities. The set looks like its right out of the 70's (I think I saw an 8-track player in the stereo), the plot is pathetic, the acting is terrible and the sex scenes are uninspiring and poorly acted. I bet even the actors don't mention that they were in this film. I guess it was either that or spend the day waiting tables. This movie is so bad that even the credits are wrong. The main characters last names are not "James" as credited, but "Jennings." Unless you're a masochist, watch anything else.
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Bound revisited
12 December 2000
This film is a direct copy of the mainstream Jennifer Tilly film "Bound," done in B-movie fashion. The main difference is that the Gina Gershon character is played by a male, Jason Schnuit (see also, Club Wild Side 2). Otherwise, the film is virtually identical in plot. The main character, played by Kim Dawson, lately of the late-night cable series "Bedtime Stories," is not the ditsy showpiece of a mobster, but the unhappily married showpiece of a mobster. Jason Schnuit plays her old boyfriend whom she left at the altar. He comes back into her life and together they hatch the Bound-like plan to get out of the desperate situation and be together. The story is unoriginal, as are the mediocre sex scenes. The film doesn't even have the female-female scenes that made "Bound" so interesting.
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Loveblind (2000)
There are worse
2 December 2000
A B-film starring the seemingly very busy Kim Yates (most recently of the late-night cable series "Nightcap"). While the film features full-frontal nudity and all the usual couplings associated with B-films, this movie makes a classic mistake for one in the T&A genre. It's plot, while hardly unique, was difficult to follow at times. It involved dreamlike sequences for the Yates character that were very reminiscent of Alyssa Milano's classic "Embrace of the Vampire". Unfortunately, this film was not as high budget or well-intentioned as that film, and so the dream sequences were just out of place and unnecessary. Nevertheless, there are far to worse films to waste your time on, and the other scenes are pretty well done.
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Better than average
17 August 2000
Somewhat of an a-typical B-movie, as it has something of a plot. The main attraction is, of course, the full frontal nudity and fairly good sex scenes - both in variety and attractiveness. The plot, usually an oversight in such movies, is somewhat credible here. Two couples are vacationing in an unbelievable house in Mexico owned by one couple's hardworking, and unheard from, cousin. Somewhat unbelievable is the writer's addition of warnings from the locals of roaming banditos. Unbelievable only because they are in a truly beautiful house which must, I suppose, be in a safe part of Mexico. They get into the usual softporn hijinks, but are eventually unexpectedly visited by another couple, who join the hijinks and create havoc, which is where the plot takes off. Not too bad a film in my opinion, although there are better B-movies, both in plot and sex scenes.
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The Seductress (2000 Video)
Ho Hum
14 August 2000
There isn't much "tempting" about this flick, other than the usual nude display of two good looking B actresses, Gabriella Hall and former Playboy model, Shauna O'Brien. They are, by the way, the only real credits worth mentioning, as few others actually appear for any length of time in this movie. Other than some so-so male/female scenes, nothing else is worth mentioning. The plot is the usual humdrum nonsense - a police researcher (Hall) believes there is a black widow on the loose (O'Brien), killing off her rich newlywed husband, and then moving on to a new one. I find it hard to believe that there was a Summer Temptations 1, but if there was, it must have been better than this to get someone to make a sequel. There are much better B-movies (including many with the same actresses) to waste your time with.
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If you can make it once, why not do it again?
22 May 2000
The follow up to Club Wild Side, starring the always busy (at least in the B-movie world) Monique Parent. Odd though - she plays the same character in these two films, but has different names. Nevertheless, the story line is similar, which follows the old Hollywood adage, if someone is willing to pay to have it made once, try it twice. This time its a redneck cowboy from the midwest who gets dumped by his girlfriend and urges him to go to film school in L.A. Typically, he gets robbed in his first day there and then bumps in to a Club Wild Side employee who allows him to stay with her. Throw in numerous so-so sex scenes, and the rest is history.
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Typical 90's soft-porn flick
17 March 1999
This is another in a long line of 90's soft-porn flicks. Typical story line with a young naive Wisconsonite girl eager to see a little bit of the world (i.e.: sex) before marrying her boyfriend. Stays in L.A. with a producer friend of the family and his wife, who sleep with everyone except each other. Fortunately, there are half-decent sex scenes every two minutes because the plot line is terrible. There are other films of this genre that are better.
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