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Chris Rock: Tamborine (2018 TV Special)
People being a little harsh but truth is that is not very good.
30 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I saw part of the tour so I was already familiar with the material. It is a comedy routine not political commentary. Sure, some bad taste with killing white kids but there are much harsher jokes out there...say anything by Anthony Jeselnik who I also love. Overall, it is true that this is below Rock standards but he set bar so high with Bring the Pain and Bigger and Blacker. The filming is really cheap and bad. Crowd is constantly show which distracts from Chris as the center of attention. Material is way more personal than before and his divorce comments due give impression that he is doing this for the money. This criticism is accurate. His relationship material (usually the best of his specials) lacks originality and feels stale. Still, there are many gems and I did laugh at many of his jokes. Worth an hour but not nearly as good as previous routines.
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Black Mirror: Crocodile (2017)
Season 4, Episode 3
Complete piece of garbage and embarrassment to Black Mirror series
26 January 2018
Black Mirror is one of the great series of the last decade but this is a total flop. It is unoriginal, unbelievable and says nothing about technology and humanity. It saddens me that this dumb, predictable plot was selected as one of six episodes. Booker completely whiffed on this one and someone on his team should have been honest that this pile of cr*p was not up to snuff.
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Copycat (1995)
Wow, people are really overrating this one.
9 February 2014
This is not even close to Silence of the Lambs. In fact, it has so many plot holes and logical inconsistencies that 6 - 6.5 rating is generous. Acting was good but character development was sparse. We get no background on why this kid kills. He just does. And, the all-knowing psychologist who surmises that he has technical lab job, can't figure out that he has access to sperm samples and get police over to IVF labs? Really? The most unbelievable part of Copycat is that the Dr. gets attacked multiple times in her apt yet police put a single,bumbling officer outside her door time and time again. The movie has some suspense but it is not even close to top thrillers of all-time. Too highly rated on Amazon and by many here..
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Shameless (2011– )
Watch the UK series first then you will notice the weaker U.S. version
11 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe people have not watched the UK version but think U.S. version is spectacular. I could barely get through the first U.S. episode. Literally it was a direct copy of the first UK episode line by line..but without the charm or laughs. Let's see what changed in the U.S. version *Fiona now has supermodel looks rather than a normal girl. *House is huge and immaculate * Steve can't act and has no chemistry with Fiona *The general grittiness of tough, lower class life is lost.

I love WH Macy but David Threlfall is the classic Frank - lazy, drunk, delusional, selfish, hilarious.

Please watch the UK version first.
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Hung (2009–2011)
I watched only because of Alexander Payne but "Hung" is a mess,
10 August 2009
No one does loser-hero characters better than Payne. The story of "big Ray" satisfying rich women was worth a look. Thomas Jane and Jane Adams do excellent jobs but there is nothing else interesting here. The plot lines are all over the place after only 5 episodes. Before the show's premise can even get off the ground, Ray goes from insecure stud, to confident prostitute to falling in love with a customer. His ex-wife goes from rich to poor and from cold to caring. Not enough character development to pull these shifts so quickly. The kids are truly annoying. I don't see how it can recover from that miscasting. Overall, it is not just that interesting. You can wait around to get your "Boogie Nights" thrill but I don't see how HBO could justify more episodes.
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The Wrestler (2008)
Wake up. This was a sell-out by Aronofsky.
15 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The guy is very talented. Pi & Requiem for a Dream were brilliant but made no money. The Fountain was solid but overly ambitious and lacked a Hollywood storyline thus lost about $25 million. The Wrestler is Darren paying back his Hollywood machers. Yes, it is well acted but the story of an aging burnout who can't let go of his past glory is the oldest story in the book. I found the depth lacking and overall it just plodded along until the ultimately cliché ending. Just follow the numbers people - cost only $7 million and will probably gross about $20 - $30 million. This is Darren trying to remain viable in Hollywood and little else.
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In Her Shoes (2005)
Guys, make sure you get credit for taking her to two chick flicks.
31 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers

That is how long and awful this movie is. Two major rules broken by Curtis Hanson:

1. It is well over 2 hours which immediately breaks first the sacred covenant of chick flicks - KEEP IT SHORT (1.5 hours or less). Yes, you hate your sister and your step-mom. Yes, the cute guy cheated on you with your sister. Yes, the nice guy you overlooked in your sensitive knight in shining armor. Move it along, we've seen it all before


I really can't believe it, Curtis. What happened? I can't believe you are not directing better movies than this.
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One of my top ten of the last decade.
9 February 2004
‘You Can Count on Me' is a rare find and one of the best movies in recent memory. It is a mostly sad but sometimes funny look at the family binds that can infuriate us yet often nurture as well. Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo and Rory Culkin were perfectly cast. Linney particularly was Oscar worthy. The story is simple - Linney and Ruffalo play siblings whose parents died when they were children. The movie skips immediately to adulthood and you have no real idea how they were raised after this tradegy. Laura plays Sammy, a single mother with an 8 year old boy (Culkin), who tries to balance her work and personal lives. She still resides in the house she was raised as opposed to Terry, played by Ruffalo, who is a troubled, pot-smoking wanderer. Terry comes to visit and ask for money, but he decides to stay for a while. Soon, he rekindles the ties with his nephew and sister. The addition of Terry allows Sammy to focus on her own life which has become troubled lately due to the pressure of marriage from her on/off boyfriend as well as her tough new boss played by Matthew Broderick. The relationship between Sammy and Terry becomes strained when his ‘honest' nature with Culkin leads to trouble. ‘You Can Count on Me' is the most genuine observation on family I have ever seen. How Lonergan has not directed another movie is beyond me. He struck absolute gold with this work. The ending is completely moving (and I'm not easily moved) 9/10 – the only weak link was Broderick. His acting, at times, was not up to par with the rest of the cast.
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Love Actually (2003)
No plot, no originality, not funny, wayyyyy too long..
21 November 2003
I'll never understand what women see in these movies. This was pure, sugary garbage. Painful movie going experience. The only eye-catching moments were some of the lead women wearing tight lingerie (and sometimes nothing at all). Avoid if you treasure your testicles.
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See it!
12 April 2003
The people below who criticize Moore for splicing Heston's speeches are completely missing the point of the film. We have over 11,000 gun related deaths in this country each year. Canada has 161. Someone mentioned the population differences- if the US is 9 times larger than Canada then we should have approx. 1,400 deaths a year..but we have over 11,000! That is the point. What is it about American society that makes us much more trigger-happy towards one another? Is the blame on music, movies, or video games? The whole world eats that up. Moore claims accessibility, media-created hysteria/fear (Y2K, African Bees) & racism are at the heart of gun issues in the US. 'NRA member' Moore maintains that the NRA is particularly racist and Heston does little to dismiss the argument. He makes some very dumb statements about gun control during his interview with Moore. It's particularly disturbing that he sleeps with loaded guns when he lives on large, gated estate and admits to never being robbed or burglarized in his life. Right vs Rationality needs to be addressed. This movie is bias, sad and important. Regarless of how you feel about "Bowling for Columbine" it is closer to reality than farther from it.
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Spider-Man (2002)
Avoid if you're over 13, terrible adaption of Spiderman
4 May 2002
I don't know where to begin with the mess I saw on the screen last night. I'll start with the acting. Tobey Maguire is a so-so Spiderman sometimes right-on, others just too goofy. Some really bad one-liners in this film. It looks like he's about to laugh when really he's trying to cry- bad acting in my opinion. Dafoe as the Green Goblin was good but the Goblin looked like a Power Ranger character. Dunst is the typical girl role. Kind of average looking but my does she have some assets. I could not believe what I saw during the rain-fight sequence. My lord, the theatre was filled with 8 year olds!! Still my favorite scene in the movie.

The storyline & flow is what really puts this movie in the dumpster. Basically there are none. There's no build-up, the end battle just happens. Overall, a bad script & a bland story with bland acting. The special effects are great sometimes but horribly computer generated the next. Note to Hollywood: Please stop adding Matrix style scenes to every freakin action movie. Also, please stop with the "we love New York, we love America themes". We get it OK. We're dealing with post-Sept stuff enough. It's only placed into movies that are so awful they need it for dramatic overtures.
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Well-made but too slow & not clever
30 April 2002
Quirky characters & solid fim noir style but honestly the Coen Brothers missed the target on this film. It moves at snail speed & there are not enough plot twists to keep suspense. The viewer see the deeds done & really the film goes nowhere for over an hour. Billy Bob does a good job as the very boring barber, Ed Crane.. but no acting chops needed from him. Following up the colorful & entertaing 30s-era "O Brother" with this uneventful 40's era dragger was perhaps (god forbid) cliche for the Coens. Time to get back to the present boys..
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Almost Famous (2000)
Very entertaining; best of 2000.
2 April 2002
This movie is about a very young rock writer, William, on tour with an up & coming band called Stillwater. I'm not sure why some people are discounting this movie as "unrealistic" or "plain". I thought it was brilliant- Crowe's best work. "Almost Famous" is mostly from the view of an innocent, 15 year old boy. Crowe did not ignore the drugs & partying of the early 70's. Everyone around William was doing it except him. The movie is all about innocence lost- a band struggling with fame, William learning about sex/stardom & the complications of love in the 'circus world' of rock & roll. I thought Kate Hudson was perfect as Penny Lane, the angel-faced 'band-aid' coming to grips with partying, love & reality. No, she's not the next Meryl Streep but her face is so soft & sweet I can't imagine anyone else playing that character. Another star of this movie is the soundtrack, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Stevie Wonder...some of the best music ever made. "Tangerine" was such a perfect song to end the movie. It's one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.

That's another point of the movie:

Lester Bangs (the 'uncool' rock cynic & William's mentor, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) says "you've come at a very dangerous time for rock & roll. The war is over. They (record companies) won. You've arrived for the final 'death rattle'".

How true, look at the garbage on MTV or listen to the radio- rock & roll died a long time ago. (I'm only 30 by the way so I've seen both sides of the fence)

Some things I noticed:

  • 'Red Dog' character is based on a real person. He's a long time roadie for the Allman Brothers Band. William has a poster of "Live At the Fillmore East" (the greatest live album of all time) on his wall. If you look on the back of the album, Red Dog is there.

  • William is walking around the hotel hallways and briefly peers into a room where a young man is playing guitar. It's the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan (I mean someone playing the role of Stevie). Nice salute to a master, Cameron.

  • After Stillwater opens for Black Sabbath, you can hear 'Sweet Leaf' in the background. It's supposed to be Sabbath playing the arena but I'm positive it's actually from the obscure album "Live at Last". Awesome stuff!
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Truly visually stunning,but overly sappy at the cost of intellect.
13 March 2002
Real name for movie "Bladerunner for toddlers".

As a Kubrick fanatic, it bothers me that his name appears on this film. Spielberg has tendencies to wrap everything up sappy & neat . AI is truly the worst example of this. How can you approach subjects such as robotic love vs. human love & alien existence then end up turning it into a child's fairytale? The aliens were particularly absurd because he used them just to pull more emotional sap from the audience. Yeah, they've mastered the entire universe but we can only bring back Mommy for one day. Please Spielberg, grow a sack. This movie had potential but Kubrick died before the proper vision could be made.
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10 March 2002
Another overrated movie with Crowe (ala Gladiator). This movie is slow & boring. The dialogue is sparsely entertaining and barely keeps any flow going. Crowe is his usual mediocre-acting self (who will get glowing reviews of course). Connelly was solid but hardly Oscar worthy. The movie was not developed very well especially in the beginning when his genius was in question. I fell asleep & I never fall asleep at the movies. Don't pay $9 for this one. Rent it if you're bored on a weekend. You may enjoy it but it's not a 'can't miss'. The Hollywood hype machine just keeps on rolling..
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Made (2001)
Some laughs but a very average flick.
6 February 2002
I tried not to have many pre-conceived notions about 'Made' before renting it. Then again, having Favreau/Vaughn together again will always conjure up thoughts of T & Mikey. Swingers may well haunt Favreau for the rest of his career. He alluded to that with his guest shot on 'The Sopranos'. It was a special movie, an instant classic which would be hard to top for any writer. 'Made' certainly tries to follow suit with the writing style but it falls flat. Vaughn (Ricky) plays a character who talks exactly like Trent but is more of a lunatic loser who's dream is to give up boxing to be a mob guy. Favreau (Bobby) is the level-headed friend who vouches for him while getting an assignment from his boss (Falk). All he wants is to get some $ so he can make better life for his stripper girlfriend & her child. Basically from there it splinters off into Ricky & Bobby trying to take care of 'the drop' in NYC for the boss (Falk). Ricky's "Goodfellas-like" mentality is causing headaches for Bobby who just wants to take care of business. I thought Sean Combs did a fine job playing himself essentially (a ganster living the high life). Yes, there are some funny lines but overall the movie is just too sloppy. It feels like a low budget flick, the camera work is not very good and the film takes no risks. Characters were not developed & the ending tries to be all sweet but I don't think enough was done to set that up. There were just too many missing ingredients. If Vaughn & Favreau want to do future films together maybe bring Doug Liman into direct it. He did a marvelous job with Swingers and maybe they could recapture some magic. It sure was missing in 'Made'.

Rating 6/10
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Kingpin (1996)
I can't believe I'm the first one to comment on this hilarious movie!
15 September 2000
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in the last five years. The humor is consistently tasteless and always provides a good laugh. The old landlady makes me sick every time. Kingpin has very good casting and a downright side-splitting script. Woody and Randy are a funny pair as the handicapped ex champ and a talented, naive Amish boy respectively. Vanessa Angel is pure eye candy and fits nicely into trio. Bill Murray gets a gem role once again, playing the cocky, deceitful reigning bowling champion. If you want some big belly laughs, you gotta see this one. The Farrelly Bros. have their finger on the funny button and don't let up from beginning to end.
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Pitch Black (2000)
If you truly like Sci-FI, stay away from this movie.
22 February 2000
Top 5 Things I've Learned from "Pitch Black"

5. Glow sticks could save your life someday. 4. Take off your turban when crashing on a foreign planet. Aliens don't like them. 3. In the distant future, when a forward thinking mankind is free to explore the wonders and dangers of the universe, it's still OK to tell a woman to "put a cork in it" or "shut your mouth." 2. Take carpet samples of Predator, Aliens, Terminator then add some strange coloring and panoramic views that would make a Calvin Klein perfume commercial jealous, then a dash of shaking from the Blair Witch, a pinch of B movie effects/acting.voila a SCI-FI movie.

And #1.

1. Listen to my crap detector more closely before choosing a movie.
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Terrifically sad yet brilliant
14 June 1999
This was another movie I had heard a lot about but never I rented 10 PM. Big mistake because this is not the type of film you view before going to bed. An absolute riot one minute and painfully depressing the next- the movie deserves every praise it has received. From script to casting, it works on every level. Like always, Nicholson was fantastic. I have never watched an actor move so seamlessly through a range of emotions- sadness, joy, frustration, rage. My only wish is that Randall could have worked on Nurse Fletcher for one minute longer.

Some call this movie uplifting but I am just not there yet. The tragedies and triumph were nearly meshed-something you don't see very often. The symbolism can looked at from many angles but I took from it one premise: Self-pity and mundaneness are the enemies of salvation. Take a step out of it and the world is new.
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Contact (1997)
Take from it what you want
24 May 1999
I watched the movie and enjoyed it but would hardly call it the greatest sci-fi movie ever made, not even close. It was just wrapped up so neatly with too many over-used hollywood formulas. The "Forrest Gump" filter was definitely on when Zemeckis was making it. I was waiting for the feather to blow by while Foster was sitting atop the canyon.

That being said, the action was excellent as were the effects. The story was thought-provoking but unfortunately it answered it's own questions. Maybe the audience would have been better off not knowing what Allie saw but it's another example of the dumbing of America. Paint the picture and explain it, leave nothing up to the audience. Studios just don't want to take that risk anymore. Too bad..
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A Bronx Tale (1993)
C'mon, this movie was not that good.
24 May 1999
Take the first half hour of "Good Fellas" (during Henry's youth), then take away most of the violence, the drama and good acting. Add in every cliched "Italian-mobster" stereo-type, f words, some poor casting and a lot of predictability and you get Bronx Tale.

The basic flaw, in my opinion, was that the main character, "C", was protected too much. He's placed in the mobster underworld yet always had a bubble around him. I could not get past that.

Overall, this movie is like a Disney version of "Good Fellas". Never goes too far and more sentimental than realistic and,of course, a nice fairy tale ending. Yuck!
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Disturbingly funny
3 May 1999
Stanley Kubrick is the King Midas of cinema. I don't know how he takes such different topics, scripts and actors then weaves each film into a masterpiece nearly every time. I heard about Dr. Strangelove but it seemed too dated since I was not alive during the Missile Crisis and the Cold War was over before my adult years. I just thought I would not "get it". How wrong I was. This movie is totally relevant today because it is not just about nuclear doomsday but about human nature, egotism and the silliness of war.

Peter Sellers was unbelievable. The dialogue from the shoot out scene to the Presidential phone call is some of the funniest I have ever heard. All his characterizations were dead on.

It is a truly unique movie because the film's subject is plausible and simply terrifying yet presented as satire. Don't know how Kubrick pulled this one off but he did.
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Very gripping film.
29 April 1999
One of the most powerful films I have watched in years. Ed Norton was simply outstanding- very DeNiroesque performance in screen presence and spirit.

Simply put, AHX makes you examine your American beliefs. Many times the movie tries to make you feel good in bad ways -like the b-ball game when the skinheads win. The direction and music during these scenes pushes you to feel happy. Derek's "Rodney King tirade" almost makes sense until you realize his rage outweighs the rational side.

AHX compels you to like Derek and justifies it by his change in mind during the stint in jail. The only weakness of the movie was that the turn around in jail came a little too easy. Lamont befriended him quickly and unconditionally- not very realistic given the crime. Overall, it touches many areas of life from general race relations to how personal choices affect the people around you. Great movie.
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Just watched it after reading reviews here.
29 April 1999
I must say it is a fine film but flawed. The first 1:15 mins are painstakingly slow but the last 40 are genius. The eerie twist in the plot is pure Coppola. I must say that Harry did some incredibly stupid things for the 'best surveillance' pro. The whole point of the movie was that he could not let the content of the tapes get out. So what does he do? He leaves them lying on the reels for others to listen or steal.

Overall, you must have patience to watch this movie. There are no shoot-outs or chase scenes. Dialogue is pretty sparse. The movie is more about mood and build-up, and giving the audience pieces but changing it around in the end. Good flick but not as visually stunning as Apoc. Nor gripping as The Godfather.
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Watch it in Doubly Surround Sound
28 April 1999
This movie is hilarious. One of the funniest scenes ever is Stonehenge.(Where the demons laugh and the cats meow)

David : "..the problem is we had a Stonehenge monument in danger of being crushed by a f***in dwarf"

Reiner's direction was brilliant. He made it from the perspective that these were "serious musicians" which made their fall and rise all the much funnier. A true classic which will never suffer from being dated. Now, how do I get out of here?
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