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Congo (1995)
Silly, silly romp
18 November 2002
Not a serious ounce in this film. From over the top performances through hilarious accents and humourous banter, this film is a charming cheese-fest.

It is almost as if the initial intention was to make a typically dry Crichton film, but then the good nature of those involved took over and they had a lot more fun. Taking it seriously is clearly a bad idea. I mean - the first actor you see is Bruce Campbell for goodness sake!
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19 May 1999
I saw one episode of this dross on a cable channel in Portugal. I would recommend everyone to see this, as I do not believe that worse television has yet been made. The acting was weak, and yet was one of the better features, although the costumes were pretty good, and the sets were okay. However, the dialogue was truly dire. But better than the plot or setting.

The "story" is a nonsense of various science fiction and fantasy cliches, with freedom fighters and wicked overlords and innocent princesses.

The plot (for that one episode) was pitiful. The heroes achieved all their goals, and then decided to carry on fighting for freedom - which they had just won!

I have trouble believing that anything this bad got made - and I must see it again to confirm.
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Did I miss something?
19 February 1999
Thirteen Oscar nominations for an ordinary, slight, nondescript romance? Did we learn no lessons from Titanic?

Geoffrey Rush deserves his nomination, but not for his Jim Dale impression in this film! In Elizabeth he played a character of depth, not a caricature.

Is Judi Dench's nomination an apology for her missing out on Best Actress last year, because there is nothing in this film worthy of such an accolade?

This is an adequately entertaining film which was well scripted and quite cunning, but in no way exceptional. Enjoyable, but hardly worthy of the plaudits. Mind you, it was better than the first 3 hours (or so) of Titanic...
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