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Entrapment and Crickets
17 May 1999
This is a fascinating little short that tells the tale of two incredibly fleshed out animated characters. One is a winged creature that falls into the trap of the other, a blond monster-person on a tricycle. It's not that simple, however. The imagery, though I don't profess to understand every last bit of it, was striking and surreal. This film targets the unconscious. It seeks to evoke a response through impressions and instinct. The animation is uncanny and beautiful, as these two characters are given grace, ferocity and emotion. The camera itself becomes an implement of the animation as it cuts frantically from side to side, with as much freedom as if a live-action scene were being filmed. This illusion is enhanced further by the deft focusing. This film must have taken such a tremendous amount of vision and effort, and the result is a commendable and evocative short film.
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Guinea Pigs 2 (1993 Video)
Good Lord!
25 February 1999
I can't explain what about Guinea Pigs 2 got to me quite the way it did. You really must see it for yourself! It's the finest Japanese splatter porn about rodentia I have seen, and I like to think I've plumbed the depths of the genre. I won't give away any details. Anything I say would just ruin the endless parade of punchlines. Just see it!
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