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Not Cameron's Peak
18 September 1999
I am a big fan of James Cameron. Aliens was probably the scariest Sci-Fi movie ever made. The Abyss was one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. Terminator 2 was a fantastic blend of special effects and action. The original Terminator is a B movie that really shows its age.

Everything about the movie screams, "I CAME FROM THE '80'S!" The characters are all generic '80's characters, the dialogue uses language popular in the '80's, even the future seems '80's with the remarkably bad techno/MIDI music.

The plot is basically a copy of Halloween, which a lot of '80's movies were: Indestructible thing attacking female lead. It keeps on dying and coming back to life, just like in Halloween. I should mention that Halloween also doesn't show its age and is a much better movie.

I guess everyone likes it for the effects, which were pretty cool, but not enough to recommend the movie.

See the sequel.

I gave this a 4 out of 10.
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Kingpin (1996)
In bad taste, yet very funny.
6 March 1999
I'm not the kind of person who likes most of the comedies that come out today, but Kinpin is one of the very few that is actually funny. It's by the Farrelly Brothers who also made the moderately funny Dumb and Dumber and the hilarious There's Something About Mary. Of those three, Kinpin is definitely the best. The laughs keep on coming, even when watching at home on video. Naturally there are a few gags that didn't work for me, but they can easily be overlooked. All the gags that work, work very well and receive long, loud laughs. Another surprise, Chris Elliot is actually funny. He's only in it for one joke, about five minutes, but it works very well. See this movie if you aren't easily offended, and like big laughs.
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Pretty bad.
3 January 1999
My friend brought over this movie to watch on DVD and it was absolutely terrible. The plot constantly repeats itself because it is so thin and all of the '80's references are cheap and very unfunny. I didn't laugh once during this movie and there wasn't anything worth seeing storywise as it was predictable and unbelievable at the same time. I can't believe this movie is so popular.

I gave it 2 out of 10 for the IMDB vote, I must have been in a good mood.
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Mel Brooks' best!
5 December 1998
Blazing Saddles is a classic film that is still uproariously funny more than 20 years later. It's a classic from the time when Mel Brooks was making his best movies. Later that year Mel Brooks released Young Frankenstein, which was also one of his best.
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30 November 1998
The entire movie seems completely ridiculous. Although the idea that people can be tracked by satellites is generally correct, there are so many other things that are impossible. For example, a 360 degree image of something can't be taken from a regular 2D security camera. Also, during the action sequences, the camera seemed too close, which made the scenes more confusing than enjoyable. All this leads up to a very unconvincing and unbelievable ending.
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