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Pitiful effort
10 January 2012
A totally original plot with many connections to previous Jaglom movies, a great group of talented actors, beautiful cinematography and music. And yet... a painful movie to watch. Why? This could have been a great movie on the unique style of Henry Jaglom were it not to be for the unbelievable stubbornness of Mr.Jaglom to cast Ms Frederick as the main lead. Unfortunately she destroys any hope of success by her mediocre acting, her continuous nagging and her consistent ability not to be endearing at all. I am all for artistic freedom and yet, there are factors that have to be considered for the success of a film. Please, please, someone has to get Mr. Jaglom to come back to his senses and get a good casting director.
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Irene in Time (2009)
Great disappointment
5 January 2012
I have been a fan of Henry Jaglom for a long time, his creativity and great storytelling from original perspectives have been a great source of pleasure. This time, many problems arise: casting Ms.Tanna Frederick was a big mistake, she is neither a good actress nor an attractive woman, to make matters worse, she comes across as a spoiled nagging, self centered character that only creates negative feelings. The soundtrack is terrible and the story is totally devoid of human interest. For old time's sake, I still hope Mr. Jaglom will produce great quality work. If only someone he listens to will make him understand...
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Surprise high quality European style dark drama.
31 May 2010
Not knowing anything about cast or director helped me truly enjoy this film, I had no pre conceived ideas or expectations. Except for a few not fully explained issues, the main plot and non conventional story take you to an original situation where freedom, anguish, pain, and a chance for liberation clash incessantly. This movie is not for the standard American public, I can predict it will be very well received in other parts of the world with more sophisticated film tastes. The chemistry between both lead actors is electrifying, the continuous tension keeps your attention fixed. Not knowing how the story will end keeps you guessing multiple outcomes. The sexual encounters are realistic and totally appropriate.
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Show of Hands (2008)
Charming, witty, original
22 November 2008
This opera prima is as good as it gets. Beyond a simple premise, multiple existential and emotional issues are explored in sensitive ways. This is a fresh new approach to intelligent, creative and great quality movie-making. Basic human decency is juxtaposed with greed and treachery in such a way that makes you a better person when you leave the theater. Above all, it keeps your interest all along, you do not want it to end. Life and death, love and hate, aggressiveness and submission are shown within the context of a commercial situation which turns into a whirlwind of twists and turns with totally original and unexpected developments.
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Jet Lag (2002)
Delightful, light romantic comedy
21 July 2003
This delicious, light, romantic comedy is full of surprises and subtleties.

Witfully written and superbly acted, it shows why Juliette Binoche is such a great asset to modern cinema. Outstanding chemistry with Reno makes this theatrical play made into a movie a rewarding experience to be treasured. Juliette Binoche shows her talent in a totally different role to most of the ones she has played before, she is a common girl with many problems and yet her nobility and class shine through. If you like Binoche you will love Jet lag. Don't miss it.
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Meeting of Minds (1977–1981)
Outstanding achievement
14 February 1999
Steve Allen has accomplished an outstanding way to make history fun and understandable, providing a framework to explore morality and serious philosophical subjects. He brings together improbable groups of historical characters of such stature as Emily Dickinson and Gengis Khan, in a lively person to person discussion at the present time. Profound but not boring, funny and touching, it makes you appreciate the beauty of opposing points of view and to discover the basic humanity of seemingly antagonistic positions. This is most certainly the best US television series EVER. At the end of each chapter you feel richer and much more tolerant, ready to appreciate and sympathize a little more your with fellow human beings. I am terribly sorry it did not continue for many years.
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Celebrity (1998)
He does it again!!!
21 November 1998
Woody Allen's imagination is endless. Once again he manages to captivate with this very smart and subtle tale of interrelated stories while delivering a very strong punch of social critique. If you are an Allen's fan you will like it, if not... don't bother. This is only a movie for the initiated.
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