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CG creates a huge distraction to a fairly OK story
13 January 2009
Rented it out of pure curiosity, I've seen all the movies but never played the games, then again, I don't think one needs to have read the books, played the games, or watched the original in order to enjoy a stand-alone movie if written well.

Which this feature did, there wasn't any moments that made me say "huh? ", things were pretty well spelled out, maybe a little to well at some points but I can live with that.

What made this movie a really rough watch was the animation. Oh geez it was almost painful at some points. Everyone moved like they used the original Star Wars action figures from the 70's as reference for articulation, and the lip-synch… I understand that motion capturing of the mouth is the hardest thing to do but at least they could try and get some of it right rather than just have the characters move their lips in random ways in hopes that'll match up with the dialog.

As for the scenery – things were just a bit to clean, everything came off looking like smooth plastic, including, faces, monsters, décor, and explosions. No texture was really added, not even a mild attempt at it.

Like I said, the story is fair, nothing outstanding which helped keep my attention but the visuals were a huge distraction.
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Death Race (2008)
who needs a plot when there's explosion and mayhem?
21 August 2008
2012 the economy has hit bottom, broke through and has kept on descending. Along the way prisons have been handed over to the private sector that have chosen to make a profit by broadcasting gladiatorial style death matches starring the inmates, with the reward to the inmates after 5 victories – FREEDOM Enter Jensen Ames (Jason Stratham) a recently unemployed steel worker and former race car driver who lost his license but no matter how bad things are, he's a happy man as long as he has his family.

That is, until he's set up for the murder of his wife, imprisoned, and forced to compete in Death Race if he ever hopes to see his daughter again.

But enough of the plot! A paragraph blurb at the start and 8 minutes of character development is pushing the limits of this flick and that's not why a person would see a W.S. Anderson/Jason Stratham action flick and besides, a plot would allow "plot holes" and who needs to deal with that headache? The rest of the movie takes place in the 3 days of Death Race. The first 2 days are competition/elimination rounds reminiscent of Mario Kart as if it was designed by some rogue member of GTA on a disgruntled day but who loved the hidden short cuts and power-ups.

Amongst all the adrenaline filled action, Anderson makes sure to toss in the occasional character development or when he's feeling really daring he'll toss in some pseudo-dramatic realization our hero comes across which helps remind the movie-goer that the movie has a plot rather than just a string of explosive action sequence. All of this is done with the utmost use of cliché and designed to inspire the excitable little 12 year old boy in many of us to stay riveted in our seats as we wait for Jensen to strike with angry revenge for all he's been through.

The movie is everything a modern day movie aficionado should not like. It's brainless, sexist, ridiculously violent, and lacks any redeemable qualities. These are also all the reasons why I had so much fun with the movie. I went seeing what I expected and that's exactly what I wanted to see!
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A sign of the times
23 August 2007
This is part of a double feature disc I got (for I Am Legend staring Vincent Price).

The other day I was a little bored and finally decided to give it a look... WOW, if you haven't seen this one yet and just want to see how much times have changed in the past 45 years FIND THIS MOVIE! A quick rundown of the plot: Nuclear war breaks out while a family is leaving Los Angeles to go on a camping trip.

Now picture how that would occur in a modern day move and disregard it all! Yup, back in 1962 it was OK to step out and watch the blast from a distance, also, the enemy wouldn't bathe the US in a nuclear strike, they simply bombed a dozen or so major cities, other than that the rest of the country would be just fine. Also, people are civil enough that in their massive retreat from the major cities they would still stop by local diners to sit down and grab a bite to eat, what could is a major exodus if you have to do it in a rush and on a empty stomach? Luckily Dad had good enough sense to stop by an out of the way town to stock up on 3 weeks of food and hardware because he knew that's how long it would take for everything to get back under control.

The only dangers the family had to deal with after finding a good spot up in the mountains were the nearby hooligans, other than that, they were far enough not to worry about nuclear fallout or contaminated anything. Once again, Dad made sure that everyone maintained their normal daily routines... like grooming because if they don't groom, civilization as we know it will come to an end.

Basically, the movie just follows the families "struggle" to make it through the first few weeks of the war which of course ends with letting us know that our way of life is strong enough to over come nuclear holocaust.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the movie, I actually found it pretty interesting, mostly because of the mentality portrayed in the movie. Like I said, if you want to see how times have changed, give this movie a viewing!.
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it was mildly alright
8 October 2006
This is one of those movies that I've seen the title of popping up a lot lately. I caught it mentioned on a few message boards, noticed wallpapers for it on deviantart and I saw some guy at a tattoo shop wearing a t-shirt. So I finally gave in and decided to give it a viewing. While waiting for it to show up in the mail I read over the reviews for it, both on IMDb and RT, basically what I saw: either people really liked it or didn't.

Last night, after having the movie sit next to my DVD player for the last 4 weeks I finally decided to give it a viewing.

eh... I'm about Luke warm with the movie, it was alright but nothing that didn't make me go WHOA! Or have me wonder when the movie would end. It was mildly entertaining and to a small degree I was able to overlook how choppy the storyline got but at the same time I was a little annoyed with the feeling that some things were over explained meanwhile other things were excessively glossed over.

The situations the twins got themselves into were entertaining, a bit over the top but it worked well for the movie, especially their second successfully blundered hit on the Russian mob bosses So many things were just sort of tossed into the movie... the big angry lesbian at the start of the movie or the bartenders turrets syndrome that sort of came & went, the twins spoken languages, the hokey non-explanation of Il Duce or the extremely skimmed over capture of the twins by the Italian Mafia.

The movie seems heavily inspired by Quentin Tarantino, specifically Pulp Fiction but sadly the writer didn't understand that story is a key element in a good movie, not just the basis of the idea.

Like I said, the movie was alright, I didn't come out hating it but at the same time I can only give the movie a 5/10
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Ultraviolet (2006)
All (bad) style and no substance
1 July 2006
WOW! I saw the scores, I read the reviews and I'm not a fan of Wimmer or Equilibrium but because I'm masochistic I had to rent Ultraviolet. Actually, to tell you the truth by the time I was popping it into my DVD player I was kind of figuring I would be getting a good laugh from the movie (note: this is an upswing in my pre-mood for the movie) The movie starts off with this pseudo Marvel comics intro, it even goes as far as tries to be like the intro of Mallrats but instead of using the actual artist to do comic covers it goes with a bunch of knock offs.

I have to state that this movie jumps right into the story; it's even quicker than any of the Romero Dead flicks, but then again those movies were actually 'written' when you compare it to Ultraviolet. Beside the well known studio editing they seemed to have re-dubbed over half the movie, at some points I was wondering if I was actually watching a movie that was originally filmed in English with all the excessive out of synch lip movement I saw going on.

The rest of the movie is just schlock crap, honestly. The v/fx reminded me of Sci-Fi Channels quirky commercials, all of which looks rushed and half ass but in UV they decided to over-compensate the blue screen by going with all blue lighting in hopes that this would fool the audience into thinking that it's not crap but style.

After watching the movie I could see why the studio pulled the project from Wimmer and just decided to do what they could to try and make a buck. It's as if Wimmer sat down to Blade, Blade Runner, 28 days later and a few episodes of Aeon Flux, picked out a few gimmicks he really liked and wrote a movie around them. The movie constantly seemed to contradict itself especially with the how easy it was to spread the disease. Honestly, if it was as communicable as they kept saying in the movie, I think we'd be seeing people in a lot more plastic bubbles, not just walking around with their SARs masks on, especially with Six, if he had something in his genetics that was as deadly to them as they claimed than they should've been worried about his dead skin cells as they flaked off his body. But like I said at the start of this, this movie just attempted to look good and cared nothing about the story.

I can't get over how the movie just seemed to castaway any sense of believability in hopes of thinking the viewer would be dumb enough to buy any of the crud appearing before them. Someone honestly thought that the general public would sit there and ignore everything that didn't make sense and be overpowered with the thoughts of "that's so cool looking" when even that wasn't an option.
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tonight on Springer....
8 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't see R. Kelly making this 'series' out of seriousness, actually I think he made it on a dare or something to prove to his friends that his fans will eat up anything he puts out. So R. Kelly drank a bottle of laxatives and squeezed out 42 minutes of a musical. This thing covered EVERYTHING in way to much detail and seems based on a collage of Springer guests.

The reason I say all this is because I couldn't take it seriously and I can't imagine anyone else doing the same, each sequence just goes on & on, really, why does it take 10 verses to describe a man opening a closet door? And that's just an example; this sort of things goes on through out the whole series.

The best and worst part of it all, the 12 segment ends with a sort of cliffhanger, letting you think that R. Kelly just bought another bottle of laxatives and is stewing up another 6 or 12 segments to this all.
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Equilibrium (2002)
what a disappointment
6 January 2006
Equilibrium This is a movie that lacks any and all sense of creativity. All it does is swipe from much better movies that use the Dichotomy theme, but in return, robs the audience by adding nothing new to the genre. Instead we get a movie that tries to take itself so serious it doesn't realize what a joke it is.

The basic plot of the movie is that society figured out emotions is what causes crime & war, so they create a drug that squashes emotions, therefore eliminating war. Of course they have to deal with those that are against it and refuse to take the suppressant drug are eliminated by "Clerics", basically, really chic cops in leather trench coats that use Gun-Kata.

This leads into the most annoying flaw of this movie for me, the 'lack of emotion' crock, for a society that lacks emotion; there sure is a lot of it. You see it in the architecture, clothes, sculptures and in the screaming & greedy people. It's not just the leaders who show emotion, which would be a fine example of hypocrisy, no; it's the folks working the menial jobs that get to run around and wet their pants in fear.

The movie also tries to cash in on popular Hollywood-Fu by creating it's own martial arts called Gun-Kata, the name itself already brings back horrible memories of Gymkata and the Gun gimmick isn't any better then the Gymnast on a concrete horse fighting 'crazies'. No, the concept behind Gun-Kata is that a well trained student of the art can jump into a room of armed assassins and not get hit by hundreds of rounds flying all around them, especially when they are dead center in the room. Then on the offense side, the Gun-Kata expert will be able to figure out exactly where his enemies are at and nail them dead with stunning accuracy with out even looking in their direction or needing them to be in his line of site.

Honestly, I rented this movie because it kept getting referenced by people as being one of the best over looked movies ever, sometimes I check back at those posting to see if I misread them saying "swiped from some of the best movies ever".
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The Fog (2005)
worst remake of 2005
15 October 2005
This has got to be the crappiest remake of 2005. I really can't believe I paid full price for this movie.

Apparently, in the remake they thought that the audience wouldn't understand how a boat load of lepers got screwed over by the founding fathers and had all their valuables taken, so instead they intertwine this complete crap ass back story because the modern day audience is considered to stupid to figure it out from the explanations of a drunken priest and a recently discovered journal. Then to entice pubescent boys & girls they decide to throw in a completely useless shower scene, nothing was shown except for Tom's nipple, which being a straight male is not really my thing. The biggest kick to the head was the lame ass idea to change the purpose of that attack from greed to 'lost love'. Let me point out something about how stupid this part is, just in case you're not getting it, they both died at the same time! Why/How the hell would Elizabeth be separated? The movie just f/ckin blew, worst of the year that I've seen, things just didn't make sense, and characters were next to useless, why did they show the fisherman get leprosy, while no one else was infected? Why the hell did the fisherman show up at the car wreck? He was just plain stupid! Then you have the lamest token black character EVER in a movie! Did they not get the hint while watching South Park that the "Token Black" character is played out? It was almost like the Producer one day said "you know what this movie needs, a funny black guy, kids love that these days!". The Priest was another useless character, in the original he was the one that explained everything, he was more of a functional drunk, in this one, and he was just sitting around waiting to be killed… LAME.

On a final note: what the hell was the purpose of the burning vehicles? They weren't in accidents, they just where curbed parked and on fire… STUPID! Be warned, I never try to tell a person NOT to see a movie, but I will say "DON"T PAY FOR A MOVIE TICKET ON THIS ONE!"
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Fantastic Four (I) (2005)
Things I would've done differently
22 July 2005
...or at least liked to have seen in the movie

I thought the FF movie was a bit to slow for a comic to film adaptation. Instead of all the endless chatting about pitying regarding The Thing, watching Reed & Sue fumble thru a relationship & seeing Johnny trying to be a big stud. They could've picked up the pace & at the same time keep the story they wanted in tact.

Things should've been more on-the-fly, instead of this endless slow pacing there should've been sequences of them being forced into their superhero roles against low end super powered villains & your common thug. I wouldn't have them attack these situations as a team, mostly as individuals & maybe the occasional duo, fumbling their way into saving the day and learning their powers at the same time.

With this pacing, things wouldn't have gotten so boring for me, Johnny would've learned how fly way ahead of the game & instead of making his ability to fly an (un)exciting moment at the end of the movie they could've instead chose to make it his ability to control what part of him burst into flames (i.e.: saving some hot chick from a deadly fall by shutting off the flames around his arms and catching her) Sue & Reed could've fallen in love when Sue noticed that Reed is a man of action in the heat of an intense situation, instead of the generic walks on the park and discussion of problems.

As for Ben Grimm, it would've just been cool as f/ck to see him get into a super-powered bar room brawl on Clancy Street.

The ending would've pretty much gone the same way, they join together as a team and fight doom, but it would've been a lot more interesting, and the battle would be more complex rather than each doing 1 single power ranger move. It would've been heavier attacks by both Doom & the team with a much more climatic ending.
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a sad example of a loss of roots
14 March 2005
I really don't know how 'offended' I should be by Heidi in this documentary. When I 1st heard about it, all I really got was how this 'Nam baby was raised in the states and turned her back on her birth mother. With that in mind, I was really ready to be annoyed by her.

Instead I got annoyed with the environment she grew up in. She really had no cultural diversity. There was a large black community and a large white community but nothing else… unless you want to include the Klan. The people she grew up around where something out of King of The Hill, basically if they never even noticed that she was different, they just figured she always just had a tan. I guess unless you have an actual accent or a non-American sounding name, they just aren't going to notice.

So basically she grows up in this overall sheltered bubble, never being exposed to her actual culture. But she finds the need to go & finally meet her birth mother, sort of as a need for closure. What she doesn't really realize is that the rest of the world doesn't really function like Tennessee.

What we end up following is a woman going back to her roots but facing culture shock, she doesn't understand or really comprehend the hows & why's of the way people interact in Vietnam. This really disturbed me since the Heidi came to the states when she was about 6 or 7, but every bit of her Vietnamese side has been burnt out of her. In turn, her birth family is confused because she's one of them but doesn't understand why she doesn't want to accept their family ways.

The hardest part for me was her misunderstanding of their request for them to take care of her birth mother; she refused to help financially either by mailing money or just by taking her back to the states and taking care of her in Tennessee. I do understand that to her, this woman is pretty much just a stranger, but than again, this woman gave up her daughter for her own daughters' safety. Probably the hardest thing a parent could ever have to choose to do.

The gratitude her mother gets from her daughter is to be completely cut off. Heidi, even though she's exposed to the hardships that her maternal mother faced/faces, she still doesn't get it. She doesn't understand that in an Asian culture it's expected that the children take care of the parents when the parents are old. Basically, a very respectful thank you for all the years they spent raising and sacrificing for their children. Unlike America that it's more dependent on how well the parents saved up & how well their retirement plan is that a person bases on whether the parents should live in a retirement community or a house that they paid off. Options that her mother, realistically, does not have.

At the end of this all, I can only hope that Heidi sees this documentary and sees the reflection of herself, in hopes that she'll find the desire to learn more about her roots & take on her rightful responsibilities and roll for her mother.
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Dracula II: Ascension (2003 Video)
Cheesy Madness
11 December 2004
I didn't even knew this movie existed until shortly after seeing Blade: Trinity, I was messing around on the Trinity board when I saw some user mention how the Wes Craven series is a lot better then the 'crap' that's Blade, So I did my quick research: Checked the scores on IMDb & RottenTomatoes for Dracula: Ascension, and somewhere along the search I found out that this is a sequel to Dracula 2000. I also noticed that within the Wes Craven Dracula boards there was a real strong following for this movie which is a big contradiction to the scores I was seeing.

Now let's take a quick personal recap here. I remember seeing Dracula 2000, and I remember not liking it at all, and then seeing the scores of Dracula: Ascension just lowered my expectations even more, but then again, I'm the type of person that truly needs to watch the movie myself (any movie) so that I can form my own opinion.

A couple of things I went in knowing when I started watching this movie was that it's low budget, so because of that, I'm going to have to ignore a lot of the v/fx and just figure it's going to compensated by story & acting, I was also slightly impressed by some of the casting in this movie (Jason London, Roy Schieder & Jason Scott Lee)

Oh geez… This movie was CHEESY! But cheesy can be entertaining at least, I found it pretty fricken laughable, the bad audio synch from the re-recording of dialogue in a FEW scenes, the stupidity of the characters in this movie. Sure they all knew about vampires and some of the basic things, Luke even had a book on it, but did it prevent them from wanting to purposely get 'infected'? Nope, this is worst then slasher flicks where the girl has to get out of the shower and check out the noise she hears with nothing more than a towel on.

I also must've blinked at some point, because I'm not sure how 'Dracula' got clothes on his body, especially since he's big wild and angry & I figure if I was in that situation, I wouldn't want to be the one dressing him.

So the movie ends like any middle movie of a trilogy… it doesn't, instead it's a 'Cliff Hangar' where I now get to wait for the 3rd installment 'Legacy'. Oh the entertainment value of Cheesy movies.
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Even kids dislike this movie.
24 November 2004
A friend of mine asked me what I thought of this movie, I told her that it really wasn't that interesting, it felt like a lot of the situations in the movie that were just designed to fill up time. She told me that I probably felt that way since it's aimed for kids. I had to disagree on this one since I noticed a lot of the kids were getting restless while watching this movie.

A really easy way to judge if a 'kids' movie is a good 'kids' movie is simply watching them in the theater. About 30 minutes into Polar Express I noticed that the kids around me (ranging from about 4-12) started doing more then just ask their parents basic little kid questions, they started wiggling around in their seats in that 'I'm bored' fashion little kids do. Then throw in they started asking the really confused questions since they couldn't tell visually what was going on (little kids don't really pay much attention to dialogue unless it's a really funny one liner or mixed in w/ slapstick humor)

Now if you're about to jump all over me stating that this is just what little kids do, since they've got the attention spans of goldfish, I'll have to disagree. The week prior I saw The Incredibles, and the reaction of the kids in that audience was the complete opposite of what I sat thru in Polar Express. In The Incredibles the only thing I really dealt w/ was kids hoopin and hollering to all the excitement, action & slapstick going on. I don't remember any kids breaking out in tears because they started getting bored, or bothering anybody w/ goofy questions because they couldn't tell what was going on. Instead, they just sat back & had a really good time.

So what have I learned from all this… My general opinion of this movie fits the general opinion of the audience it was aimed towards. The movie is drawn out and boring.
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Underworld (2003)
Nothing new (spoilers)
20 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
We all knew that this movie would be using a lot of flavoring from both The Matrix & from Blade, but I didn't realize it was going to be using look-alikes from some rock bands and a real live version of Battle Angel Alita, so here's my review, and bare w/ me.

Vampires & Lycans (werewolves) are at war w/ each other over a reason, shrouded in mystery. The division of Vampires that we get to see is lead by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, & the primary warrior of his crew is Gally from the movie Battle Angel Alita. The Lycans are headed up by Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie is hunting after Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Christian Rock band Creed. Supposedly he's got a special blood type that is all but a myth.

Of course as luck has it, Gally falls for Scott Stapp and gets booted out of her club for conspiring w/ the enemy. This leads her into the typical superhero storyline of proving herself right and also getting to do the I-told-you-so thing when it all goes to crap for her home team.

The rest is about as typical and you already can guess the ending. On a plus side I do want to speak highly of the visual f/x, excellent for the viewer who needs to study that rather then the story.
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A great flick that no one gave the chance.
29 December 2003
I rented this one pretty much as a joke, just to say I finally saw it, turned out I thought the movie kicked ass! I didn't realize that both Parker Posey & Alan Cumming were in the movie, nor did I realize that an upcoming Missy Pyle was so fricken funny! The biggest thing that probably killed this movie was the MTV tie-ins, this movie was so pimped on MTV, and I couldn't help but think all I was going to see is some 90 minutes of MTV marketing hype.

I was semi-right, but in a really cool way! Instead it's a movie that's actually anti-marketing, in both music and movies. The basic plot line is how a music producer lays in subliminal tracks on little pop groups for their easily manipulated fans to go out and buy everything they're told too. Then we get the never tiring jokes of all the product placements through out the whole movie, everything from Dawn soap in an airplane to McDonalds in a shower scene. You'd think with so much product placement the studio made all its money back just with that. Actually, it turns out that they felt that taking money for the products was hypocritical to the plot and took nothing at all.

I really do recommend the movie, the cast is brilliant their rolls, did I mention yet that Seth Green plays a member of a boy band? As a final note; I do recommend taking a look at the music video extras on the DVD, Du Jour kicks butt!
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Maguma taishi (1966– )
oh the memories of TBS
1 May 2002
This is one of those pre-power rangers shows that Mr. Turner got the bright idea of bringing over for the american kids. This show is a real blur to me, but I do remember liking it ALOT! There were 3 robots, a big golden one (about 50ft) his wife, who was normal height (go figure that one out) and their son who was the generic best friend of the little boy who would summon them in times of danger. All of them transformed into planes and fought the big monster aliens.

this show was kewl, Turner was a genius at one time
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eXistenZ (1999)
A waste of time
29 June 2001
I really had high hopes for this movie, I've never heard of it before, but the name began popping up everywhere lately, plus with a cast like Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Willem DaFoe and David Cronenberg directing it sounded like a good one that I must have missed in theaters. Now I know why I never heard of it, this one bit-the-big-one. It was a complete bore and all the actors seemed so unenthused about their roles the only person who actually seemed into this movie was Dafoe or maybe it's just because he's such a good actor he can pull stuff like this off.

Yes, I did understand the concept that it completely takes place inside a cyber-game and the reason for all the CHEESY acting is because just like any game; all the characters are supposed to be one-dimensional except of course the hero and heroin of this movie but only up until the end and then for some reason they become flat characters. But it doesn't mean I could handle it, especially if you take in consideration that a lot of the characters where also real people playing the game. The storyline was a pitiful attempt to take something simple and try to make it more deep and heavy, but if you take a step back and look at the whole, it could've easily been done in your standard ½ hour segment of The Twilight Zone or if they really wanted to push it, in a full hour of The Outer Limits, but to make this story a complete, full length movie and then expect people to actually pay for it…. HELL NO!

Please, take this review as a warning to all others who see this movie at your local video store, DON'T BOTHER! It's lame, it boring, with a ½ hour left in the movie, my wife turned to me and said this was the worst movie she'd ever scene, she even thought it was worse than Starship Troopers and Pitch Black, and you know what, I felt guilty because it was the truth and we'll never be able to get back that hour and half of hour life.
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The Debut (2000)
not such a Pinoy Pride review
23 April 2001
The Good: This is the first step in hopefully many of Filipino-American movies. It showed the culture in a positive light, with the highs and lows of being a Filipino teen growing up in the states and trying to mesh the two cultures together. We get to see the son who is choosing to break tradition of doing exactly what is expected of a son and instead trying to find his own independent path.

The pacing of this movie was also very solid if not a little predictable. The jokes where also a lot of fun, but mostly if you are Filipino, otherwise they may need a little bit of explanation.

The Bad: I did see things as being a bit glossed over in this movie. I don't think I know of any Filipino family where going against the grain gets accepted as easily as this movie did. Every character except Ben Mercado is a very one-dimensional character. There is the (generic) cute pinay, who's friendly and timid, the (generic) hood-rat pinoy and his two lackeys, and the (generic) FOB, who's accent is way over done, I thought he was from Manila, but he sounded like more like an un-educated peasant. I also thought the ball game between Ben and his sister was getting a little too friendly for a sibling game. This movie is also limiting itself to a very hardcore Filipino crowd, rather than maybe trying to aim it towards a broader audience trying to make others understand the `whys' of the Filipino culture. This movie also adapted a little heavily from your standard American Teenie-Bopper flicks, primarily `Somekind of Wonderful' where you have Eric Stoltz deciding to go to art school against his father's wishes.

The Ugly: I understand that this is a small step in showing the culture, but I think a lot of things got denied in this movie, how many younger Filipino parties have we all gone too and ONLY three thugs showed up, they also made it seem like every teen got along with one another and ignored the cliques that are so common during any party. Why did the Auntie with the white husband also have to have the screwed up kid? Why was Ben, the only one with white friends also the only one who chose to go a different path then what his parents wanted? He's also the only one, it seems like, who didn't get the nice ride from the family, instead we see him getting rides from his friends (and if you say he wasn't the only one, take another look at the parking lot scene and give me a ratio count of cars to teens). Why, when the racer bragged about his Integra, did he just get the speech about how everyone is trying to keep down the pinoy, rather than, something more along the lines of just saying he's spoiled and should maybe try and earn his own?

And the Close: Even though my review may not seem like it, I did enjoy the movie, I just have high demands on any movie showing any culture, I believe movies like this should address issues rather than breeze past them just because they are complicated situations. I don't believe a movie should get high praises just because it shows `Pinoy Pride' any movie including this movie, needs depth too. 6/10

question? comments? complaints?
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A fanboys review
23 April 2001
First, I rented this movie in one of my `Bad Movie Night' moods, so I wasn't really expecting anything. Second, I really knew nothing about the movie except for the fact it had William Shatners face on the front and the title of `Free Enterprise' so I was expecting another `Trekkies' movie. I was happily wrong; this is psychotically a movie I could truly relate with.

This movie had characters, that if you are reaching 30, grew up watching to much cable re-run's of old sci-fi flicks and have a collections of comics and toys that your friends either say `MAN, I use to really want this!' or, `Your place looks like it belongs to a little boy' you could fully relate. This movie isn't for everyone, and if you don't fit into the above category, or you deny that you do, this movie isn't for you. But if you do, and you always felt a little out of place, just for the fact that you DO have a sex life, and you DON'T go around wearing XL black comic t-shirts like everyone else at the comic shop you keep your box at, this is the movie for you.

I've found a new respect for William Shatner, he was actually able to make fun of himself and the whole Star Trek phenomenon, not by insulting the following Star Trek has, but instead, he destroys the myths that so many of his `followers' had about him and the James T. Kirk persona. Primarily: Kirk was a character in a TV series.

The two main characters where both excellent examples of Fanboys that turned their boyhood obsessions into careers, but at the same time not lose site of the fact that there is more out there than just sci-fi and comics. We also got to see: stupid information that actually is useful in everyday life can be partially learned from comics and movies, just don't let others find out how you learned your info.

This movie, truly isn't for everyone, I can understand why so many people who've seen this movie didn't like it. If you can't relate to the characters and the situations, this movie could seem really foreign to a person, but if you grew up a fanboy, maybe even still are a fanboy, but know better than to wear a Star Trek uniform, this movie is for you. 8/10
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The perfect opening to a trilogy
20 April 2001
I'm not too sure what people were expecting from this movie. Maybe something sinister or maybe they've just forgotten the pure simplicity the first series had, especially, `A New Hope'. I personally thought this was a great intro to the prequel series. You have your quick introductions to the characters and the opening to what will lead into a darker/heavier storyline.

The CGI was amazing, but I will have to say that even though effects enhance a movie they do not make the movie. The battle scenes, with the ability to show things that the previous movies could only dream of creating, were amazing.

I love how they showed the full power of lightsabers by slicing a door open and how I got to see fully trained Jedi's in action using the force to bowl down opponents. These are things, that growing up, I always wondered about.

As for the characters, to see a young Kenobi was very cool, seeing how he wasn't always the patient mellow one made him a much more 3 dimensional character. The most interesting person was Anakin, yes, I won't deny, I wasn't too keen on the kids acting ability, but we got to see Anakin's drive to do the right thing, which will make it more interesting for the final blow that pushes him towards the darkside. Also, we got to see what Kenobi meant with a lot of the things he told Luke about his father i.e. `He was a great pilot'. Now for Jar Jar, everyone hates this guy, but I took a totally different look at this character. I didn't see him as Lucas's little show off display of `look at what I can do'. Jar Jar to me served a function, he was the one that initiated the joining of forces, and he also is the one that helped hide the Jedi's. I'll probably get attacked to no end for saying this, but I believe he served a much bigger purpose than Chewie. Don't get me wrong, I loved Chewie, he was the bad-ass of the galaxy, and yes, he's Han's co-pilot, but face it, what did he really do? Plus, I'm also going to have to throw in: Jar Jar isn't in episode 4 - 6, do you all realize what that means? Yup, he's going to die somewhere during episode 2 or 3 he's going to meet his fate. Now before you all jump up and cheer, also remember, Lucas is doing this, he's probably going to do it in such a way, everyone's going to weep for this `annoying' characters death, and all of the sudden he'll be as cute and favorable as an Ewok.

Overall, I'll stick to my guns and say this was a great movie, it's the initial set-up to a heavy duty trilogy that's going to end on a very sour note, unlike the happy Disney-esque ending of Jedi, where going to see Anakin get pushed over the edge when his mom die's and then get his butt kicked and left for dead by Kenobi, which of course will lead into the intro of the Darth Vader suit. Also, it's going to be a slaughter, everyone who wasn't a character in 4 thru 6 I figure is pretty much going to get wiped out somewhere along the line of 2 and 3. Hopefully then, everyone will be satisfied with how the trilogy went.
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saw it for the wrong reasons
12 March 2001
I'm not big on Kevin Costner movies, actually the only good one I've ever seen was Revenge, everything else he's ever done I can do with out. On the other hand I really dig everyone else in this movie and I do mean everyone, from Kurt Russell to Christian Slater, so I was basically going to look over the Kevin Costner part and just hope everyone else works it for me.

I was wrong, I was wrong and I paid full admission for my errors, I was wrong and wasted over 2 hours of my life! this movie was bad, every single women in this movie was nothing more than ignorant trailer trash who got tossed away with the condom. Somethings where so over the top, that my ability to suspend disbelief could not even cover it. And my hopes of being able to ignore Kevin Costner.... I just couldn't!

This movie is Kevin Costner's attempt to break out of his wannabe heroic characters, he so badly wants to be a villain in this movie that it becomes laughable, rather than trying to create his own type of bad guy he just merely borrows Gary Oldman's styles of villains. There is truly nothing creative or intriguing about this movie. Every other actor in this movie is great! You get the Kurt Russell, the Christian Slater, the David Arquette and the Bokeem Woodbine we all know and love. Courtney Cox and her son in this movie... well... if this movie was less plot driven, one of the elvis's should've put a couple of bullets into the back of both their skulls (if you see this movie, you'll understand)

If this movie was made to be taken less seriously it could've been a lot more fun, instead somebody behind the camera was being a bit to serious with this genre and I ended up watching one the worst movies I've ever seen since "Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man".
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stick with the previews.
10 March 2001
From what the previews showed, this was looking to be a really good sci-fi drama, instead this was just another really bad attempt to swipe off of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Except the execution of 2001 was alot more dramatic and solid. M2M made me feel ashamed that I brought so many people with me to watch this movie on an opening night. I really don't recommend the movie to anyone, even if you get to watch it for free on cable or if someone else pays for it, don't bother, you'll just end up wasting a couple hours of your life.
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The Best of all Tenchi's!
3 March 2001
This truly is the best of any of the Tenchi's. I bought this one on a whim, and at the end of the movie my wife couldn't stop crying (which is a good sign for this movie). A few months later we watched it again, and she had the same reaction.

This movie has some top animation and a good solid story. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start to break away from all the generic Mecha stuff being played on cable (the stuff that got old back in the 80's in Japan).
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Lost Highway (1997)
3 March 2001
This movie made no sense to me what-so-ever. I'm glad for all of you people who wrote a review and understood what was going on. I on the other hand didn't! I can describe every seen that went on in full detail but if you ask me what it all meant, I'd just have to give you a blank look.

Sorry, this movie sucked for me.
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Ahead of its time
3 March 2001
Nearly 15 years before the Matrix, there was Big Trouble! Yeah I know it sounds like a goofy match, but really, this movie was one of the premiere american movies to have loads of Kung Fu with a full cast of actual martial art professionals. Unlike all the "Ninja" movies that where coming out at the same time where the only person, generally, who new Martial Arts was the main hero and the villain.

This was a movie that really showed HK influence during a time when every American thought America was the first country to do anything when it comes to cinema, and that's also why it probably did so bad in theaters.

You gotta give respect where respect is due and watch this movie sometime!
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Loads of Fun!
3 March 2001
This movie is a BLAST! with a huge cast of who's who but keeps itself from getting overpowered by the star-studded cast (unlike Batman Forever) and keeps the goofy story moving. Enjoyable by anyone who knows they're a fanboy.
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