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Withnail & I (1987)
subtle comedy at its best...
24 May 2002
When first viewing this movie, it comes across as a very realistic, believable, good film. But as the bits of excellent dialogue filter through here and there, the comedy sneaks up on you. It gets funnier and funnier as it goes. There are so many great quotes and great scenes from this movie, that I would venture to say...& this is saying a great deal, that this movie has almost as many great quotes as a Python flick. I think this is Richard E. Grant's role of a lifetime. This is an excellent film on every level - 10/10.
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Moulin Rouge! (2001)
In what year was this supposed to take place?
19 March 2002
Mom always told me: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything." So, here goes...My total disgust while viewing this so called movie (walked out after first 15 or 20 minutes and came back in to watch the dying scene), had nothing to do with the actors, whom I generally admire greatly. Oh what the heck...I'd rather scrub the dirt off my tires with a toothbrush than to sit through this horrendous mess. But to each, their own...
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The real thing...
2 March 2002
One of the most authentic movies I've ever seen. Icon Productions is known for authenticity. Every prop, costume and set was accurate down to the last detail. The audience can really believe this was 1965.

The screenplay, direction and acting was superb, as expected. This is what Vietnam must've been like. This is not some strange "artsy idea" of war, it was real. Real people fighting for their own survival and that of their friends.

And not just the American viewpoint. The North Vietnamese were given a realistic and respectful portrayal.

Another excellent job of acting by Mel Gibson. Sam Elliot, Barry Pepper and Madeline Stowe shined as well in their roles.

After not even being nominated for best actor for Braveheart (Which I will NEVER understand) and with 'We Were Soldiers' and 'Signs' both coming out this year, Mel Gibson has yet two more chances of being ignored by the Academy. When will they come to their senses and acknowledge his acting skills?

This is the most accurate film of modern warfare since 'Saving Private Ryan', and is the DEFINITIVE Vietnam war movie.
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Quills (2000)
9 February 2002
Fabulous screenplay, excellent acting, beautiful locations and sets. One of my favourite movies of all time. Inventive, ingenious dialogue. Perfect casting and direction to boot. How in the Hell did Geoffrey Rush NOT get the Oscar for his performance?
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9 February 2002
This is one of the most intelligent and beautiful movies ever filmed. Excellent screenplay and direction. Perfectly cast; wonderful acting by everyone. How can a film go wrong when graced by the beautiful and exotic Kristin Scott Thomas? The cinematography was exquisite. Beautiful transitions, such as the bird's eye view of the desert sands fading into the folds of the patient's bed sheets. Every scene grips the attention of the viewer. Very few films live up to the phrase 'Art of film'. This film is beautiful art in every sense.
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Greatest French film of all time
6 February 2002
Gerard Depardieu should have won all possible acting awards for this wonderful film. This is his best performance (So far). Brilliant costumes and sets. Perfect dialogue. This is the greatest French film of all time. Certainly the greatest European film I've ever seen. (Not counting films from Great Britain, as Great Britain is not in Europe.) Where the Hell is the DVD?
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Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson's newest masterpiece
20 January 2002
I was interested in seeing this movie because of the great cast. When I found out that it was written by Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson, I knew I had to see it. Having really liked their previous films, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in this one. Man, was I right. This movie is funny as hell. This is by far the best comedy to hit the screen in a loooong time. Oh, and by the way, the acting was great too. Hope the people involved win some awards.
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Peter Jackson, get your Oscar speech ready...
19 December 2001
Wow! Great flick. I went into the theatre today ready to pick this movie apart. I was ready to slice and dice through all the hoopla.

Did they follow the book to a tee (most excellently conceived story of all time, thanx Professor Tolkien...)? No, of course they didn't. They couldn't. It would have taken nine hours to fit it all in, for the Fellowship installment only. The entire Lord of the Rings would have to be at least 27 - 30 hours in all.

Were the special effects the best of all time? Perhaps. They were certainly better than those done in the last installment of the famous "Space" franchise.

The ensemble cast was perfect. The acting was superb.

The direction was absolutely perfect. For example, I'll try not to give anything away to those who don't know the story (are there really people who haven't read the books? What planet are they from?), Peter Jackson is one of very few directors, who even when practically EVERYONE knows the outcome to a particular sequence, can get the tears to well up in the eyes of the most stout emotion-quellers.

Enough said. This is the reason I go to the movies. This is what I have waited for all these years. Oscars will go to this movie, and rightfully so. Peter Jackson certainly deserves one. If he doesn't get one, he was robbed. Sir Ian McKellen should receive one as well.

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Best adaptation I've ever seen.
2 December 2001
My wife read the book over a year ago and told me I would like it. I said, "Yeah it seems interesting, but it's for little kids". I therefore saw it in the theatre without reading the book first. I loved every minute of the film, from start to finish. I haven't enjoyed a movie in the theatre that much since Braveheart in '95. Knowing that books are always better than the movie versions, I realized my wife was right and that by falsely "assuming" it was only for kids, I cheated myself out of sheer enjoyment for quite some time. I purchased the book a week after watching the movie and upon finishing it, I was thoroughly amazed at how well the screenwriters adapted the story to film. Some people say that too much was left out. I say "Hogwash". This was a wonderful story, and the adaptation was as good as it could have been. Most people haven't ever seen a script and therefore don't realize that even a long script is extremely 'abbreviated' compared to a literary narrative. The filmmakers get an A+ on this one or rather, a 10 rating. Also, Thanx J. K. Rowling, for inventing a wonderful world in which people of ALL ages can readily escape.
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