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25 April 2005
I am a seminary student and I thought the movie was biblical.

It is not intended to follow the scripture like a bible-on-VHS like the Gospel of Matthew or The Book of Acts.

But I was impressed with the way the movie deviates or adds things only to assist understanding.

I can't wait to show this movie to my child.

David is a great role-model in the way the movie presents him.

I saw this on TV late at night, and it fixated my attention.

It is shown on TBN occasionally.

I can't find it for sale, unfortunately.
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Fíaskó (2000)
Christian hypocrisy-Again?
12 May 2000
I enjoyed the division of this movie into three loosely related storylines. I really enjoyed the first two storylines. They were concise windows into the human condition. One can't help but feel sympathetic for the grandpa foolishly pursuing a relationship which seems doomed to discord.

Unfortunately, the last storyline really spoiled the movie for me. Aren't we all tired of seeing movies about hypocritical pastors and Christians? The constant harping on this as if it were funny or innovative bores me to death. In addition, the movie portrays a church service as pure group-think crowd hysteria and pastor worship. I suppose there are a few churches like this, but I think people are tired of seeing such ignorant, insulting, and ham-handed "social commentary" about the Church. If you want to tell others how much you hate God or the Church, write a letter to the editor, don't ask us to watch your movie for entertainment.
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Jerusalem (1996)
God and Country
12 May 2000
I enjoyed this mature, wise view of the human existence. The movie is very involving. The story line is critical of a Christian cult, but the last scene was a glorious affirmation of tradition, family and Church. The visuals are pleasingly luminous.
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