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What an excellent film!
28 April 2000
I just saw this film at the Roger Ebert 2000 Overlooked Film Festival, and I want to say that it is most certainly one film that is more than worth seeing. The sheer power, emotion, and heart that this film brings is absolutely incredible. I also got to hear the director comment on the film, and I realized just how much sheer love went into this film. For anyone who is looking for a film that will make you feel good about life, this is one to see.
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Edtv (1999)
A very funny movie
23 March 1999
I went to go see the sneek preview of this movie on March 13, and I was very, very entertained. Although this movie is not exactly a "film" (which you can probably guess because of the cast,) it is extremely entertaining. On the surface, it seems like a comedy rip-off of "The Truman Show," but this movie has a totally different dynamic to it all together. It is meant to be a comedy, and you can tell it right from the beginning. Matthew McConaughey gives another stellar performance, utilizing his great Texan style to make Ed seem like a real average Joe. If anyone is looking for a very funny movie to watch, check out EdTV.
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