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World of Giants (1959– )
Yes, I do recall...........
26 July 2004
World of Giants.

The scenes which are most vivid for me are the ones in which Arthur Franz carried Marshall Thompson around in a briefcase. Thompson was seated in a little chair inside the case. I remember thinking at the time that was a pretty cool set-up. Thompson could then hop out of the briefcase and do his espionage type work and hop back in before Franz returned to pick him (and the briefcase) up.

Seems that most of the plots had something to do with spying on the deadly red menace (although it was never named as such). But then, this program followed the all-too-real Red Scare of the fifties.

Yeah, Mike, I remember this one. However, I have never seen reference to this show in any form, except here at IMDb. Looks like at least two people saw this show.
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"I arrest you in the name of the Crown."
30 January 1999
With these words, Sergeant Preston and his loyal dog, Yukon king always got their man. Played by Richard Simmons, Sergeant Preston patrolled the western reaches of the Canadian frontier in the 1890s. Action and justice in such locales as Yellowknife, Dawson, and Whitehorse were seen each Saturday morning by the same kids who had just finished watching The Lone Ranger and Sky King.

The series episodes featured stories set against the harsh extremes of the Yukon winter and summers in the Canadian Rockies. To match the climate, Preston would trade his dogsled for his horse, Rex. King was along wherever the good sergeant went.

Simmons was the perfect embodiment of Sergeant Preston, the pride of the Northwest Mounted. To this day (despite Due South) when I picture a's always Sergeant Preston. And of those of who watched the show as kids, who can forget that stirring theme music and the words with which Sergeant Preston closed each episode, "Well King, this case is closed."
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