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Carry on Cleo (1964)
Best Anglo Carry On
9 November 1998
This has to be the best of the earlier (Anglo) carry ons. There are many great moments to this film, with all the team except Hattie Jaques and Barbera Windsor. As usual it is Williams who shines through (as Caeser), but all the team put in top performances, notably Connor (as Hengis). With such lines as "Infamy, infamy , Oh they've all got it in for-me" I say it again Williams is the STAR. We start off in England during a typical summer (RAIN), where Hengis and Horsa are going about their lives (making square wheels and thus inventing the Window Frame) They are captured by the Romans and taken to Rome to be sold as slaves. Eventually Hengis ends up as Caeser's body guard who swaps roles with Caeser to meet Cleopatra. There is simply FUN FUN and more FUN to be had throughout.
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A brave continuation of a great series
6 November 1998
After 14 years since the last Carry On (Emmannuelle), Rogers/Peters decided it was about time they made another. Most of the main stars had died (Kenneth Williams,Charles Hawtrey, Sid James, Hattie Jaques, Petter Butterworth) thus many new stars were required.. Those originals that were still with us were all approached, but often only offered small parts, and thus turned them down (even the role of Columbus was offered to a new star first (Robbie Coltrain) however we do get Jim Dale). Many of the jokes are taken from previous films, but the new actors manage to succesfully deliver them making Columbus much better than the last film (Emmannuelle). Jim Dale shines through out, however my favourite has to be Julian Clary (in a role that would originally have to go to good old Charlie Hawtrey). The only part of this film I do not like is the end. Our "heroes" are left looking rather stupid, having been pawned off with fools gold by the Americans - NOT the way to finish a Carry On film in my opinion. Although lacking the good old "Ooh Matron", Sids guffaws, and Babs' giggles we do get a hint at the good old days in Clary's opening sentence with the classic Hawtrey opening "Oh Hello!" - A good tribute.
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Carry On Jack (1963)
A Good-un - even with few regulars
6 November 1998
Despite only having TWO (albeit the best two) regulars (Williams and Hawtrey) (Dale could not be considerd a regular at this point), this remains one of my favourites. Only Kenneth Williams could pull of the "Throw the book at him" joke. Likewise only the Carry On team could have a cow in tow on a ship without it being TOTALLY stupid. Despite lacking Sid James (possibly as the pirate?) this is very good!
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Wot a mixed up Carry On
6 November 1998
This Carry On does not seem to have a story line- it is more of a series of sketches linked together only by "Helping Hands". However this is a good one, NOT quite what the tagline suggests, but a good one. Most of the main stars (to date) are here, and they all get their own sketches. My fav being the Kenneth Williams/Chimp one (But this could be because KW is the best "Carry On-er"!). Other highlights are the Joan Sims' sketch at a wine tasting party and the end scene whare all the gang demolish a house. Apart from Stanley Unwin (I can't stand the way he talks) this is a good-un.
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Best Ever CARRY ON Compilation
28 October 1998
This remains the best compilation film to date. All the films except England (as this had just been released),Emmannuelle and Columbus (neither made yet) are here. However the best bits are the linking materials by Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor, especially KW's end speech- even though it is RUDELY interrupted by the credits. A MUST for any fan/interested party- Carry On Laughing/What A Carry On/Laugh With The Carry Ons (All compilation series) pale in comparison.
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