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Kill! (1968)
A classic
30 October 2006
This is an example of a near perfect film. It most certainly is a comedy and the blend of serious story and personal conflict makes the light-hearted moments hilarious and touching. I have never seen this kind of humour so effectively portrayed on film and perhaps some of the other reviewers simply have not been fortunate to find themselves in this kind of "pickle". Sometimes events are so unbelievable, or so obviously predictable that you have to surrender yourself to fate and laugh. This movie is about the immensity of fate and how man is but a small raft on the big ocean. He can only paddle to avoid waves and laugh at his fortune as he makes his way towards a distant shore, perhaps never reaching it. It is pure beauty.
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A romantic view of Brooklyn, excellent improvisation.
18 November 2000
Blue in the face might be boring to many because it doesn't follow a standard hollywood paradigm of rising action, climax, resolve. It is more documentary style, although fictitious, and quickly jumps from story to story and character to character. The editing is an interesting component because it successfully brings together disparate themes and characters (who are improvising their lines and stories to some degree). This and some fantastical elements provide a very romanticized view of Brooklyn. Altogether a cohesive piece with some nice performances and some insight into what it is to growup and live in a special loved place.
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