Editors' Picks: Our Favorites From the Week of Oct. 14

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IMDb editors sound off on their favorite stuff from the past seven days of pop culture.

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Henry Thomas and Violet McGraw in The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Scream of the Week

Holy crap, are you watching "The Haunting of Hill House"?!? The new Netflix horror series isn't just flat-out terrifying in all the traditional ways. It's also imbued with so much atmospheric dread that it borders on psychological torture (just try to watch all the excruciatingly long takes without wincing). The cast, which includes Carla Gugino, Michiel Huisman, and Timothy Hutton, is outstanding, and creator Mike Flanagan excels at pushing the audience's buttons, creating a world unlike any other. So if you haven't, start binging it today — though be warned: You might never sleep again.

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Making a Murderer (2015)

Stream of the Week

The original "Making a Murderer" created a firestorm when it premiered in 2015, with petitions to overturn the convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey going all the way to the White House. The next chapter, which premieres Friday on Netflix, picks up as the smoke clears, following the families of the convicted and the legal teams still fighting on their behalf. Across 10 episodes, the second "Murderer" takes on the entire legal system, and, sadly, finds it as rigid and resolute as ever.

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Halloween (2018)

Must-See Sequel of the Week

One of the greatest horror films of all time gets the sequel it deserves this weekend, and we're stoked for some Steadicam! That's right, you heard us. Part of what made the original Halloween so effective was its use of music and camerawork to ratchet up the tension of what's essentially a very basic story. If you saw the second trailer for David Gordon Green's Halloween, you know there's at least one great Steadicam shot in store for audiences, and with Green's direction (and the return of Jamie Lee Curtis), we're feeling pretty good about it becoming one of the stronger installments in a franchise that has had its ups and (mostly) downs.

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Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

Royal Rumble of the Week

It's Saoirse Ronan vs. Margot Robbie in the latest poster for royal drama Mary Queen of Scots. The most-recent trailer shows the two award-winning actresses at the top of their games in powerful performances. And we don't have too much longer to wait until the movie is released in U.S. theaters on Dec. 7.

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Natasha Lyonne and Taylor Schilling in Orange Is the New Black (2013)

Farewell of the Week, Pt I

After seven seasons and more than 90 episodes, "Orange Is the New Black" is getting put away for life. It was only the third-ever original series to be launched by Netflix in July 2013 and has proved one of its most popular, winning four Emmys among other accolades. No date has been announced for the seventh and final season but, if it follows suit with recent years, we're expecting it sometime next summer.

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Nathan Fielder in Nathan for You (2013)

Farewell of the Week, Pt II

We were pretty upset when "Nathan for You" was straight-up snubbed by Emmy voters, so imagine how we're feeling now that Comedy Central has confirmed star and creator Nathan Fielder is ending his show after four seasons. From surrealist stunts like "Dumb Starbucks" and "Smokers Allowed" to Season 4's touching two-hour finale, "Finding Frances" (which felt like a series finale, to be honest), there wasn't a more wonderfully weird show on TV. Thanks for all the laughs, Nathan ... we'll always treasure our copy of The Diarrhea Times.

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Olan Prenatt and Ryder McLaughlin in Mid90s (2018)

Nostalgia Trip of the Week

Remember when everything didn't suck? Jonah Hill does, which is probably why he wrote and directed Mid90s, a coming-of-age skateboarding film that seems to have been hermetically sealed in a time capsule. From its use of fisheye lenses to its dingy, DIY aesthetic, the film captures the era when skating started trends and spawned great art; from Spike Jonze pushing boundaries with skate films like Video Days to Big Brother magazine building the "Jackass" franchise, it was a time when the underground pushed things forward. The good news? Mid90s opens in theaters Friday. The bad news? You still have to see it in 2018.

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Bela Lugosi in Dracula (1931)

Netflix Adaptation of the Week

News broke this week that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the dynamic duo behind our favorite Sherlock Holmes reboot of all time, "Sherlock," are creating a joint Netflix/BBC "Dracula" series ... and that has us very excited. Unlike the modern-day "Sherlock," "Dracula" looks to stay closer to the source material, as it's set in Victorian London, and while there's still no word on who will take on the titular role, we'd like to throw Benedict Cumberbatch's name into the ring. Regardless, we can’t wait to see how this one develops!

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Elsie Fisher

Junior High Graduate of the Week

When the state of New Hampshire manages to crank out a cultural phenomenon, they tend to be way left-of-center: comedian Sarah Silverman, singers Ronnie James Dio and GG Allin (maybe don't Google Image him) ... but the Granite State's biggest claim to outsider fame is the musical group The Shaggs, three sisters who came together in the late 1960s to record one mythical album of free, dissonant, non-pop that continues to bewitch listeners 40 years later. There's been a movie about the group in development for a while now, and since this is the year of the musical biopic, the project just found its lead: Eighth Grade discovery Elsie Fisher. Now that's great casting.

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Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet at an event for Beautiful Boy (2018)

Sartorial Splendor of the Week

There are suits, and there are suits. Timothée Chalamet wore the latter to the London premiere of Beautiful Boy, crushing the carpet in an Alexander McQueen single-breasted number blossoming with a "graphic hand-painted red floral motif." Could we wear it? We couldn't even afford it; but it was a nice comeback for Chalamet, especially last month's TIFF bowl cut debacle. We're wearing sweatpants right now, BTW.

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