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Fun watch. Nothing out of the ordinary though, but the jokes are good and so are the acting performances.
imseeg24 September 2022
A Canadian bankrobber in the eighties managed to rob dozens of banks. How did he do it? And did he get away with it?

The good: this is simply a well made heist movie. Nothing out of the ordinary though, but what makes this movie still worth a watch are the good acting performances. Mel Gibson only has got a small supporting role by the way, so dont expect to see him much than 15 minutes, but in those 15 minutes he does act well being a rough and cunning old crime boss.

But the 2 leading actors are a joy to watch as well, with good actor's chemistry. I was really suprised (and pleased) to see these 2 actors, whom I only knew vaguely, perform so naturally. I always like to see a bankrobber play it cool when he robs a bank and this character is not only cool, but also quite funny, in a understated way!

This is simply a (slowburning) fun watch of a heist movie. Not laugh out loud funny. Nor is it spectacular. But nonetheless entertaining enough to award it with a decent 7 stars.
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surprisingly ...
ops-5253523 September 2022
Well made film about the flying bankrobber of canadian 80's, a ''catch me if you can'' kinda story about a peculiar and ever so impertinent and without any lack of fantasy big time criminal doing banks like it was the local store at the corner, played with bravissimus acts by josh duhamel, supported by elisha cuthbert and mel gibson.

Its not a technically advanced production, but it has thousands of takes and a storyboard that mustve been thick as a encyclopedia, so the editor departments must have had a sweaty job pulling the strings together.

Its a loose biographical action comedy, because the deeds done back then where just jawdropping, and the witty acts of mr duhamel saved at least my day at the laughterfront. A feature has been dealing with this story almost 30 years ago, so some may think this was overkill in the making, but forget that, this is the new version on the silverscreen, and you wont regret a peek in the darkness. If youre able to keep your laughs secret watching this, youre either dead or nearly there. The grumpy old man does not regret the pick, because impertinence ultimately works. So grab a lager and start spinning the rolls...
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Well done bank robber movie (not a Mel Gibson film)
supermellowcali25 September 2022
Mel Gibson has a small role (he's great but his recent movies have been really low B-minus) in this 80s bank hiest story starring Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, and Nestor Carbonell, all of whom do a great job. The plot is a bit bland and too drawn out, but made more interesting with its great cast, fairly realistic scenes of robberies in pre-internet Canada, and the impression that it's a true story (I don't know if it actually is). If you like bank robber movies, this one is pretty fun and well produced. Not much violence, sex or bad language, so it's a good family movie if you need to be saved from a reality show or (argh) a Hallmark movie.
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Bank robbing looked almost too easy.
deloudelouvain23 October 2022
Bandit is based on true events, that's how it starts, and that always makes it more interesting, gives the story a little punch. It's hard to believe though, makes you almost want to rob banks yourself, that's how easy it looked. But that was then, this wouldn't be possible anymore in this time and age. The story is easy to watch, no boring moments, a pinch of humour, and a good cast. Josh Duhamel plays the main character and he made him believable, a charismatic con artist that looks like he could get away with anything. Mel Gibson has a smaller role but for once he wasn't bad, a thing you could not really say for the last past years. If you like the crime genre Bandit is certainly worth a watch.
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A decent one-time watchable true-crime dramedy.
Top_Dawg_Critic27 September 2022
It's an interesting story that as a Canadian, I didn't even know about, but even Duhamel's charm wasn't enough to save the disjointed narrative. There are many small issues that failed this film to be great, instead of just good. One of the issues was the long and dragged out 126 min runtime; it had too much frustratingly bland filler and too little engaging substance to hold the viewer's attention. I was getting impatient in many scenes to "just get on with the story". I don't mind long running times, especially when time flies in the way the story is laid out and told, but in this case, time dragged on and I kept losing interest in between many scenes. I also felt the film suffered an identity crisis - not sure if it wanted to be taken seriously, or make me laugh along the way. Both happened, but not enough of either to keep me entertained in the 126 mins. The funny parts weren't funny enough, and the suspenseful parts were too far in between. I feel this needed to be cut down to a 90-100 min runtime to be more enjoyable. The middle parts of the film just didn't hold my attention very well. Even the narrating felt half completed and question if it needed more, or none at all to get the story going. It all just felt too bland and pedestrian to keep me entertained throughout. Although performances were decent and convincing especially Gibson and Duhamel, and the cinematography and score on point, this could've easily been more fun and suspenseful in the hands of more seasoned filmmakers.
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I found this movie entertaining
DezmoTheMovieMan10 October 2022
Sometimes all it takes is a good story, then the remaining pieces fall into place. Josh Duhamel did a great job portraying Gilbert and carried a strong presence throughout the movie with the accompanying cast. I've always been a fan of Elisha Cuthbert, and felt adequately sorry for her as her character navigated through a complicated relationship.

Nestor Carbonelli was my least favorite character (he played the detective Snydes). He was not my least because he did a bad job, I was more so annoyed with the detectives obsession with catching Gilbert and wanted the bad guy to get away.

I left this movie feeling fulfilled and slept good. It didn't have my running to my friends to tell the awesome story, but it was entertaining and kept me interested the duration of the movie.
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Wholesome, Mel Gibson does well.
itakethesquare29 September 2022
Josh Duhamel is a diamond in the rough -- I wish he were in more film; he's clever funny with a little bit of edge. This is sort of like Catch Me If You Can with the pleasantness as well as robberies. Mel Gibson once again produces and stars in this and you can tell because he plugs in his beliefs which are against the mainstream and does it in a subtle way that it doesn't hurt anybody unlike the other side does. This is a warm film about a thief who is a master of disguises and doesn't harm anybody during the heist. The police are jealous that he can live in luxury while they have to do actual work. Gibson plays a mobster which is fun to see him play parts that he wouldn't be in real life (Father Stu for instance), and is believable. Elisha Cuthbert is lovable as always and plays a really down-to-earth wife who knows her husband is a bank-robber but knows that the money belongs to a corrupt branch of government that forecloses homes.

Fun film, definitely putting it up there with American Made and Catch Me If You Can.
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Very Enjoyable
bobrathome1 October 2022
This is based upon a true story

Very Enjoyable

In 1985 Gilbert Galvan Jr (Josh Duhamel) escapes from a minimum security prison and heads to Canada, where he tries to get a job and pays a homeless man for his identity to get a job and realizes that he would get more money by robbing banks. The homeless man's identity is Robert Whitman and Gilbert is now Robert Whiteman. Robert notices the banks in Canada don't use much security and robbing them is an easy task as he uses disguises and is very friendly with the bank clerks and there is never any violence.

Detective Snydes (Nestor Carbonell) notices all the bank robberies and is set to catch Robert, but he doesn't know who he is. Det Snydes is also after Tommy (Mel Gibson) who runs a nightclub with pole dancing girls and Det Snydes believes Tommy is into criminal activities but can't prove it. Robert meets Tommy who becomes a partner and stakes him for the robberies.

Notables: A very pretty Elisha Cuthbert as Andrea, Robert's love interest, but tells her he is a security representative and needs to fly all over to advise various companies.

The newspapers in Canada called him the Bandit, and Robert Knuckle used the title The Flying Bandit in his book.

There are some surprises along the way and you will be curious to find out what is coming next.

This is a fun movie and laughs are spread around as Robert goes on robbing banks. We see the first one Robert does and the clerk gives out the money, but Robert had forgotten to bring a bag for the money and the clerk gives Robert a bag to help out.

Very Enjoyable story and cast. (9/10)

At the end of the movie you will see the real Gilbert Galvan, Jr and what happened to the major players.

Violence: No.

Sex: No.

Nudity: Yes, briefly the pole dancing girls.

Humor: Yes, at times Language: Yes, maybe too much in the beginning.

Rating: A.
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Surprise: Good Actors Make a Great Movie.
aubie8425 September 2022
You've got Josh Duhamel who's underrated with wit and humor... then the last Genuine man in Hollywood- Mel Gibson doing his thing... and then to see the Stunner, Elisha Cuthbert -our hypercrush from our recent youth (if you're a middle aged man) of 'The Girl Next Door' as a love interest. That foundation alone gives any movie a 6.8-7.0. Add in a good script with known & unknown twists- and you have a real refreshing movie. I enjoyed the feel and pace along with the throwback 1980's timeline. If you are looking for a good movie that'll put you in the mischief, and make you care what happens, I say this is worthwhile. It has a bit of that "X" character that adds to a good film, but when asked- you can't quite put your finger on it. Give it a shot.
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Good solid and enjoyable movie
bbv-6923717 October 2022
Good solid movie about the true story of how a career con man and lucky escape artist stumbles upon how to rob banks and get away with it. Unlike so many other movies these days this is solidly made with good acting and solid direction and a good screenplay.

Mel Gibson is not on camera much, but his scenes hold the movie together very well as things progress in the life of the bandit. Seems that Mel these days is appearing in many of these action movies with a small but critical part. Unlike some others though, the movies he appear in are generally OK - not many duds.

The ending is a bit weak, but that is what actually happened and that was what they had to work with. Overall a very enjoyable movie to watch.
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Slick, bright '80s-based, Canadian true-crime drama that's a must-see for heist-flick fans
danieljfarthing27 October 2022
In '80s-based, true-crime drama "Bandit" Josh Duhamel (excellent) is a small-time American escaped felon who sets up in Canada where with his attempts to go straight faltering & new serious girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert to support, he becomes an unprecedentedly prolific nationwide bank robber sponsored by organised crime boss Mel Gibson (decent)... but the tenacious po-po (led by Nestor Carbonell (good) & Swen Temmel) are on their trail. Kraig Wenman's screenplay is well paced & engaging (if a tad skewed to laud Gibson's character (probably less likeable in real life))) and director Allan Ungar delivers it in slick, bright style. This is a must see for heist movie fans.
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Very good!
ivobg3 November 2022
Based on a true story or not - it was very well executed!!

No flashy CGI effects, very good camera angles, very good actors play, good humor level, and not the last - it was unpredictable - something I rate very high in a movie! I've never heard of this guy and I knew nothing about the story, so maybe that made it more interesting to me.

This movie reminded me very much of the good old times when movies were entertaining and containing intriguing story, accompanied by good acting.

Kudos to the Josh and Elisha for getting in their characters so well - something we don't see often last decade/s from movies.... Talented actors, deserve credit for this performance.

And of course my all-time favorite actor Mel Gibson - despite his not very important role - he is adding more class to the whole product.

Entertaining and enjoyable movie. It's an easy 8/10 from me.
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Steals the time with record personality
TheRadiobox25 September 2022
Bandit was directed by Allan Ungar, written by Kraig Wenman who adapts from a novel by Robert Knuckle, and stars Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, Nestor Carbonell, Swen Temmel, and Mel Gibson. It's about the true story of the Flying Bandit, who robbed 59 Canadian banks while being hunted by a police task force.

The Plot: Plenty of movies have been made about the exploits of criminals working their way through a series of banks and stores for curated jewels and currency, and there will be plenty more for things to come. Wenman's rendition though, has one of those "stranger than fiction" stories that's virtually unequivocal to its brothers in the cinemascape.

Reaganomics has taken its toll on America's lower and middle class, with people like Gilbert Galvan Jr. (Duhamel) opting to go the fraudulent route in life, resulting in their imprisonment - in his case - that gets him only 18 months, but that's too long, for him and the movie to linger on. Bandit has a bit of an issue with breezing past certain moments like this that would've been interesting to get at least a couple minutes to grasp, instead it moves onto Canada, with Gilbert donning the alias of Robert Whiteman.

Energy is had in spades, but the movie is able to slow down to track details with Andrea (Cuthbert), who Gilbert takes up with after his arrival. Some months later, Gilbert has to begin getting money the hard way, starting a spree of robberies that require some help as cops Snydes (Carbonell) and Hoffman (Temmel) start a task force to catch the flying bandit. Crime lord Tommy (Gibson) becomes Gilbert's partner as he goes cross-country on a bewildering and sometimes overstuffed streak.

In a vacuum, the plot is decently above average, but with the knowledge that large parts of what Bandit depicts actually happened, it raises itself another notch ahead of other crooks in the business, structural issues or nay.

The Characters: Motives and personality for the lead is fully realized in Wenman's screenplay, which tracks subplots and dynamics impeccably while rarely dipping into cliche, which mostly resides in the side characters.

Gilbert is immensely charming, but he kind of has to be since his skills are limited and his upbringing troubled. Though he tries to do the right thing for almost a full year with relatively limited success, he can't help but resort to the less than legal once he realizes that his relationship with Andrea is going to change. Creativity is by far his strongest asset though; able to think on the fly by creating a new identity, avoiding confrontation with smooth talking, and selling pitches with ease. He makes mistakes, keeping him human, but retains the larger-than-life personality of the man - largely due to Duhamel's fantastic acting.

Andrea falls fast for Gilbert's (Robert to her) charms. The romance that blossoms between them is a little forced, happening over the course of a handful of scenes together, but one the hurdle is cleared, there's a greater understanding to the character. She's not too different from her new flame since she's been burned the same way by the economic shift of the 80s. Her work at a church hostel comes into play for a little while too, as the movie makes mention of the relationship woes that come from Gilbert's "father" and so forth.

Snydes and Hoffman are a familiar duo. The former is fed up with the skyrocketing robberies in the country, angry at the same system that Gilbert is for drastically different reasons. He's willing to cut corners and take a hit to his income if it means catching culprits, whereas Hoffman is the opposite - a straight man with an odd vocabulary that bounces off of Snydes' sarcastic demeanor. All of these characters make for a colorful roster and are exceptionally performed by a who are clearly having a great time playing them.

The Crime: Surreal doesn't begin to describe the criminal antics of Bandit, which benefits from some of the most baffling and comedic heisting I think I've ever seen put to film. Eventually the point is made and these sequences begin to lose their luster, but watching the bizarre ways that both the robber and the cops work is utterly fascinating.

Charting the rise of the notorious thief is a process pulled off with ease by Ungar, who inches Gilbert towards a path of no return by slowly dropping off potential places of employment while a traditional family life begins to take shape. Audaciousness is present before either cop or robber enters a bank, as Gilbert spontaneously bargains with a homeless man for his ID, winning it for a meager sum and carving out a position for himself in the underworld.

Of course, the larceny is the main attraction, and the movie doesn't disappoint. Nervousness permeates the first crime, Gilbert doesn't really know what he's doing, renting a costume and fake nose while pretending he has a weapon to surprising success. His penchant for disguises is clever and endearing, even though most of them look awful (on purpose in the feature but unintentional in reality), even to those he sticks up for the cash. Bandit does eventually manage to escalate beyond these low-end jobs, taking on jewelers for greater reward, but Gilbert remains the same charisma radiator as before - even managing to win over a few frequent faces.

Project Café takes its time to get approved even as the titular character makes headlines, only making Snydes and Hoffman more eager to stop the crook. Their stakeouts give great insight into what it must've been like to be part of the case; watching as different looking guys who drive the same car arrive at Tommy's place and never being able to place any of the pieces in the right positions. Once the task force starts to grapple with the absurd, their investigation gains momentum, re-upping tension when it loses steam.

Criminal actions are in no short supply, and the novelty lasts for the majority of the film, making Bandit quirky in the right ways, even when some of the subject matter leans into familiar territory.

The Technics: Despite being an indie production, Bandit has plenty of stylistics and competent dressing to match its main character. Though it can waver at times due to some insistence to go overboard, it's a strong piece.

Recognizing the silliness of the premise is the best choice that the people behind the movie could've made in service of entertainment value. A lot of the laughs - and there are many - come naturally, but enjoyably campy makeup effects, nice editing from Ungar and Michael Lane, along with the snappy dialogue from Wenman pair superbly with the feature. In different hands, this could've been a silly subject taken too seriously. Sometimes the score can overplay itself in scenes that would've benefitted from the awkward silence of exchanges, the filmmakers had the right idea.

Pacing does become a problem by the last act, as the movie simply runs out of things to do. Cutting some of the extraneous robberies would not only make each one more memorable, tense and funny, but the runtime would've benefitted too, making the movie resemble Gilbert Galvan Jr. In the speed he gets in and out without a hitch.

Stories like this don't get a lot of attention simply because most people don't know how to handle the material. While Bandit isn't perfect in its execution, it's a fun ride bolstered by phenomenal acting and a willingness to embrace the absurdity of it all.

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I'm emotionally invested!
chanellejholder24 September 2022
The difference between this story and the average heist movie is the raw and vulnerable connection you feel to the characters and their stories. It's not just the excitement of the chase, but it's the why behind the chase and that is so uncommon.

It truly shows the dynamic story telling behind this movie. My heart strings were not just tugged but yanked. I knew why I wanted the lead to win and it was more than just because he was the lead. Not to mention there's so many genuinely funny moments in here. The acting (specifically by the lead) is truly phenomenal and this is a beautiful story that has to be seen!
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A positive surprise
zeki-425 September 2022
Because Mel Gibson has taken the Nicolas Cage/Bruce Willis route, headlining in low-budget not-really-worth-seeing movies, I had very, very low expectations for this one.

But what a great time I had watching this. It actually turned out that Mel was the weakest link, because everything is just spot on. Great script, score and cast. Elisha Cuthbert and Josh Duhamel nailed their part perfectly.

The many small funny moments and nuggets are plentiful. Like when the detective, played by the mayor from the Dark Knight series, complains about losing his '1942' computergame in a bar ('Bandit' takes place in the 80's) and demands that they instead install 'Asteroids.' Or when Mel Gibson complains about the music of Boy George.
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This is the Josh Duhamel I knew existed
kwyusk6 November 2022
Never enjoyed Josh Duhamels movies or roles until now. This movie is great and mainly due to the very charismatic Duhamel. This is his defining tole and he deserves only good scripts and roles from now as he's proved he has got the acting chops to lead and be very entertaining. I had low expectations but only watched it as Mel Gibson was in it and it was a Heist movie. But after watching it it 100% Josh Duhamels movie. Well worth a watch .

Mel is solid as always. The supporting cast does fine work too. It's not cheesy in anyway and the movie moves along very nicely from the very first minute. And based on a true story. Love it .
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Duhamel is charismatic but thin film is stretched out
imdb-2382119 October 2022
Most of these reviews must be related to those involved with the film, the producers, or a movie studio. I'll give you an honest review.

The cast is well chosen and all do a good job acting. Mel Gibson is actually the weakest link and is just OK. Something about him doesn't register as being the character as convincingly as the past. Duhamel has charm but the shtick runs thin after a while as a con man and parts are exaggerated and unrealistic (rob a bank in 3 minutes, including prep and transit?) It doesn't ruin the film but it takes it down a notch and, unnecessarily. And then there are other scenese where there is just a total casualness in what should be a very tense situation.

The real challenge with this film is that it begins with him in a courtroom for a crime and then starts telling you his 4 year tale. It gets repetitive quickly and didn't need to stretch to 2+ hours. There isn't very much about how so many of these banks were hit, you just have to assume that they were really clueless and they were all done the same. There are also some character changes that don't feel 100% consistent, although it's not terrible.

Better than average. Not very revealing at all about the man himself, which would have been much more interesting than paper thin characters and a story you've seen much before.
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Bandit Hits the Mark
willrian17 October 2022
Fun from start to finish. Tropes turned upside-down. Finding and scribing the perfect tone is an ever-elusive target for the action-crime-dramedy. Kraig Wenmen hits the mark here where many before him have missed. We've all seen the difficulties in adapting a true story. They're often over-written at best and fall apart on narrative at worst. Wenman and Ungar create an arc of family-first, wherever you find it, and family-fun bank robbery, which makes the narrative cruise.

Top notch performances by all. Gibson, Duhamel, and Cuthbert all turned in great characterizations of their respective real-life doppelgängers, and seemed to be having a great time while doing so.

Go see Bandit!
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it's a decent real story bright too film
Bryyycers23 November 2022
To tell the truth I was hoping for more. From reading so many reviews I thought maybe it would be more serious, but it plays off as a soft comedy crime movie like Showtime. Which is fine, but can't someone please make a straight laced action movie, crime thriller, anything, please. It's worth a watch, but I usually avoid these immature production styles to film. Well acted on all accounts, just wish it wasn't produced as a crime dramedy. To those looking to a review to judge if they want to watch it, think of this film based on real life events as not being presented seriously, but rather a light fluff piece for the family.
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